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Face sagging from volume lose becomes noticeable in our late 30’s to 40’s and prominent by our 50’s. Natural aging causes tissue laxity and loss of soft tissue, muscle and bone volume. Gravity has a significant impact as it starts to pull facial fat pads and ligaments downwards. (Charming I know!)

Loss of soft tissue causes hollows and gauntness (cheek flattening, under eye circles, temple hollowing) and fat pad slippage cause unwanted tissue folds and grooves in the mid to lower face: nasolabial lines, marionette lines and jowls are all caused from fat pads slipping down the face. There are two non-surgical approaches we use to treat facial sagging.

The first is skin tightening & lifting. The most effective non-surgical approach is a thread lift. Alternatively, non-surgical skin tightening can be achieved with radiofrequency, laser skin tightening or ultrasound (ultherapy).

The second approach is to replace the volume loss with dermal fillers or collagen stimulating injections.


Volume Replacement with Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to restore youthful volume to cheeks, plump out nasolabial, marionette lines and enhance jawline definition to lessen the appearance of jowls. There is a range of dermal fillers used for volume loss and the cost of treatment depends on the product used, the area treated and extent of volume loss. Dermal fillers cannot lift facial sagging as such, but often replacing volume can create the illusion of lifting.

Non-Surgical Lifting For Face Sagging With Threads

Aptos threads provide the latest non-surgical lifting techniques for not only facial sagging but also volume replacement. They are new to Australia but have developed advanced techniques with over 20 years of use across Europe. The can be used for forehead or brow lift, midface or cheek lift, lower face sagging for jowl lift and neck lift.  The thread lift is usually supplemented with dermal filler treatments to address the facial volume loss.

Skin Tightening  for Facial Sagging

Radiofrequency offers a non-surgical approach to a lifting of face sagging. There is a range of radiofrequency skin tightening treatments and these include the eMatrix, Profound & Thermage.  Ultherapy utilises ultrasound and especially indicated for lower face sagging. They are all useful technology used for skin tightening and lifting, however, do not expect the same degree of lifting that can be achieved with thread lift or surgical facelift.  As with all lifting and tightening procedures, dermal fillers may be required to address facial volume loss.

Surgical Facelift for Advanced Facial Sagging

Once facial volume loss and sagging has progressed to a certain point, surgical facelifting becomes the best option.  A surgical approach does require more downtime and increased risk. It provides excellent lift of lax facial tissue, however, it will not replace the facial volume loss. You may require a fat transfer or dermal filler in addition to surgery.

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