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Stretch Mark Cream

creams for treating & preventing stretch marks

There are several stretch mark removal creams on the market that claim to prevent stretch marks or fade them once they are present. However, there are only two stretch mark creams that have evidence to show they work. These are Stratamark stretch mark cream and prescription vitamin A. Stratamark cream can be used to help prevent pregnancy stretch marks and treat all kinds of stretch marks once they are formed. Whereas Vitamin A cream is used only for stretch mark removal once they have developed. Stratamark does not entirely prevent pregnancy stretch marks, and no cream or treatment can fully treat stretch marks.

Stratamark stretch mark cream and prescription vitamin a cream is commonly used together and in combination with other stretch mark treatments. The outcome of all stretch mark treatments, including laser stretch mark treatment, skin needling and, PRP are improved by adding a stretch mark cream. Once you understand the action of these creams, it becomes obvious why combining them with clinic treatments improves stretch mark treatment.

The two stretch mark creams that work to treat and prevent stretch marks.

Stratamark is a silicone gel cream that is used to treat and prevent stretch marks. It has a novel mode of action as the silicone gel forms a protective barrier that maintains the moisture and seal which speeds normal healing. This protective sheet encourages normal collagen production.

No matter what the cause of the stretch mark it is best to start early with treatment.

  • Red-purple stretch marks respond better than white stretch marks.
  • Combining creams with a vascular laser for stretch marks provides the optimum treatment
  • If the stretch mark is not related to pregnancy or breastfeeding, then prescription vitamin A can be added.

The use of silicone gel to heal and prevent scarring has been extensively known for over 20 years. However, it has not reached the widespread recognition of stretch mark creams that do not work. This is purely a function of marketing.

Stratamark safe to prevent pregnancy stretch marks.

Stratamark stretch mark cream is an inert gel containing no chemicals or products that could be harmful. It is not absorbed through the skin making it the only stretch mark cream that is safe to use after the first trimester of pregnancy.  It is recommended that you start in second-trimester pregnancy in an attempt to heal and prevent as many stretch marks as possible. Though Stratamark will not prevent stretch marks entirely, it can avoid a large percentage forming. It can also be used during growth spurts or excess weight or muscle gain. To prevent stretch marks, it is best to use it for at least 90 days.

Prescription vitamin A for stretch mark treatment.

Prescription vitamin A (retinoid) has long been used for many types of skin rejuvenation. Originally used for the treatment of acne, but it was soon noticed that it improves acne scars by generating new collagen in the skin. It was then adapted to use as an anti-wrinkle cream and other scar creams. It was the first cream shown to fade stretch marks. However, its action is not as dramatic as Stratamark. Once again beginning treatment early for red or purple stretch marks gives the best outcome. Retinoids are not safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. This limits its usefulness for prevention and treatment of pregnancy-related stretch marks. However, it is considered safe for adolescents and can be used for stretch mark removal in growth spurts, weight gain and muscle gain. Retinoids are often combined with Stratamark, and with active stretch mark treatments.

Summary of Stretch Mark Cream Treatment Approach.

  • There is no miracle cure for stretch marks
  • Start early with all stretch mark treatments
  • Combine stretch mark creams with medical procedures.
  • Best to have stretch mark prevention plan for pregnancy
  • Red-purple stretch marks respond better than white stretch marks.
  • Combining creams with a vascular laser for stretch marks provides the optimum treatment
  • If the stretch mark is not related to pregnancy or breastfeeding, then prescription vitamin A can be added.

Stratamark stretch mark cream summary.

  • The gel-cream normalises collagen production helping them to heal
  • Applied twice daily
  • It works for new and old white stretch marks; however, the outcome is significantly better for early red stretch marks.
  • Start in second-trimester pregnancy to prevent stretch marks
  • Safe to use after the first-trimester pregnancy.
  • Apply twice per day.
  • Can be continued after pregnancy
  • Combine with laser stretch mark removal for an optimal result (delay applying for two days after  laser)

Which stretch mark creams do not work?

Several stretch mark creams have achieved widespread recognition to prevent stretch marks. However, they do not work. These creams are primarily used to try and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. The best known of these is bio-oil, Palmer’s stretch mark lotion and peptide lotions for curing stretch marks.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream for Stretch Marks

Palmer’s stretch mark lotion does not contain any ingredients that will actively prevent stretch marks. It is an excellent moisturising cream containing shea butter but claims that rubbing it three times per day into areas prone to stretch marks will prevent these have never been proven. It is generally available fairly cheaply would be a good moisturiser, but its value in preventing or treating stretch marks is zilch.

Bio-oil for stretch marks.

Bio oil is another product marketed for scar and stretch mark removal. It is advised to rub in a circular motion three times per day for at least three months. The ingredients of bio oil for stretch marks include a little retinyl palmitate however despite its claims there is no reason why it should work. The central part is mineral oil (think baby oil).

Peptide lotions for stretch marks.

Several peptides have been shown to be useful to stimulate collagen synthesis, so theoretically peptide lotions may help fade early stretch marks. But once again there is little research that substantiates this. You are better sticking to Stratamark stretch mark cream, laser, PRP, and vitamin a which have proven ability to improve the appearance of striae.




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