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Permanent Makeup

Wake up with your makeup on

We all feel more confident with a little bit of lip colour and our eyes and brows defined, but most of us hate applying it every day. More than that, the cost associated with buying makeup is often expensive, with multiple products needed to achieve looks.

Look great all of the time with permanent makeup, which you can get with us at SkinRevision. Although it carries the term ‘permanent’ in its title, the cosmetic tattooing fades over time, which requires touch up.

With permanent makeup, people will be able to experience the effects of makeup without the hassle of putting it on and taking it off each day. We have a range of different techniques which will achieve different results and add emphasis to various areas, such as the lips, eyes and brows.

Permanent makeup: the ‘soft natural look’ is in.

With today’s beautiful soft palette and new techniques for permanent makeup, a soft natural look is possible. However, many women prefer a bold, dramatic look; the choice is yours. We offer different forms of permanent makeup so that you can

Eyebrow application.

With a soft natural look: using ‘hair strokes’ technique you achieve a more natural eye brow look rather than the old ‘nikko pen’ look.

Eyeliner application.

With a smudged natural look to define the eyes subtly rather than a block of colour, though some people prefer thicker, more dramatic or exotic look. Shades to enhance eye colour and eyelash enhancement are also very popular.

Lip Colour, Lip Liner and Lip Blend

With a soft natural colour palette that looks as if ‘you haven’t got makeup on’ or some ladies prefer a bolder application.

Permanent Makeup with a Professional

Our cosmetic tattooist Victoria will lend her professional opinion on the style, shape and colour to enhance your natural features the choice is ultimately yours.

With our free assessment consultation, you will be able to talk to Vicky to establish the results you would like to reach and address any concerns that you may have.

Our services also extend into lip filler, and cosmetic tattooing.

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written on 6 September 2008 -

im interested in the lip enhancer i have small uneven lips and was wondering if they could be made to look bigger and more fuller thanks cheryl

written on 7 September 2008 -

Hi Cheryl, certainly with permanent makeup it is possible to make your lips more even and bigger. It is achieved by redefining the lip outline with permanent lip liner with or without a lip blend.

The best thing is to come in an see Victoria for a free consultation, she will look at your lips and be able to explain the whole process and even draw on the look that is possible. She is very skilled and highly regarded for her work, plus she is very lovely.

Where in Brisbane do you live? Call us on 33505447 to book a free assessment with Victoria.

written on 8 September 2008 -

I had my eyeliner done about six years ago and I would like to have it touched up as it has faded, could you give me an approximate cost please.


written on 10 September 2008 -

Hi Anne, it is very difficult to give a cost for touch up on eyeliner tattoo. Victoria would need to assess it to be accurate because the cost depends on several factors. It will not cost as much as getting the eyeliner tattoo done intiially, which is $380, however the cost depends on how long ago you had the initial tattoo, if there has been any colour changes etc. Just a touch up might cost $80, so to get the eyeliner redone would be inbetween this range.

Call us on 33505447 to book a free consultation with Victoria.

written on 2 February 2009 -

I was wondering if you have any pic of the eyeliner ??? i wear eyeliner eachday and was wondering if it is done how i do it ……



written on 3 February 2009 -

Hi Nicci,

The best thing is to come in and see Vicky she will be able to show you pics of how the eyeliner works out. I had my upper eyeliner done with Vicky (I had a natural eyelash enhancement done, so it is not a thick eyeliner but makes it look like I have thicker lashes and means for me if I don’t wear mascara, you can still see my eyes.) I was a little unsure of getting it done, so I only had the upper eye line done, but next Friday I am getting the lower eyeliner done because it has made such a difference to me.

Vicky most often does the natural looking enhancement, however if you want something more dramatic or exotic she can do this as well. At the outset book in for a free consultation with Vicky, she works every second Friday and Saturday if you work. She will go through everything with you at that time.

I have sent a set of photos of before and immediately after eyeliner tattooing as this is all I have of Vickys work on my computer, bear in mind the immediate after photo is darker than the outcome, this fades over several weeks, at which stage you get a touch up if needed. I personally would not get the entire lower eyeliner done (I am going to get the outer part of the eye).

But as I said it is best to call us on 33505447 to book a free consultation with Vicky as she is the expert in all of this.

regards Jo
Dr Jo Turner

written on 5 February 2009 -

i want my make up done for work, i would like eyeliner, eyebrows and lips how much would this cost me.

written on 6 February 2009 -

Hi Paige,
I will set out the basic costs for the treatments however if you wanted multiple areas done I am sure that Vicky would work out a package price for you. I have had all three areas done with Vicky and so can vouch for the quality of her work. (With cosmetic tattooing I think you want to go for the best rather than the cheapest)

The cost for eyebrow tattooing (hairstrokes) is $440, the cost for Lip line $440 and for eyeliner (upper or lower), $379.50. Vicky does free consultations so the best thing is to come in and discuss this with her before you make a decision and also discuss a price for multiple areas.

Call us on 33505447 to book a free consultation at the outset.

regards Jo
Dr Jo Turner

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