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Non-Surgical Eye Lift

brow lift, forehead lift or upper facelift with threads or injections

Non-surgical eye lift refers to a range of treatments with the aim of lifting droopy eyebrows, smoothing wrinkles around the eye or a lower eyelid lift.  It can involve facial treads, cosmetic injections, radiofrequency skin tightening, plasma skin tightening and other non-surgical approaches.

Non-Surgical Eye Lift Options

  1. Facial Threads for a brow lift
  2. Radiofrequency resurfacing
  3. Cosmetic Injections.
  4. Facial Threads for Brow Lift

    Using either facial threads or cosmetic injections can give a brow lift,  upper face or forehead lift or an eyelift without surgery, to create a younger more refreshed look. There are two different approaches. One is focussed on eyebrow lift or upper facelift and the second is eyelift or non-surgical blepharoplasty.

    Though a brow lift can help lift the upper eyelid as well, it is best to consider these separately. The choice of approach for eyebrow lift always includes consideration of opening around the eye area, but there are multiple factors in play and sometimes combinations of forehead thread lift and cosmetic injections are the best option. But as it is complex our Doctors offer a free assessment at the outset to determine the best approach.

    Sometimes surgery is the best option for eyelift and browlift but our Doctors will be able to help in their assessment.


    Browlift, Forehead Lift or Upper Facelift

    Using Facial threads is a non-surgical way to achieve forehead lift without surgery. This is considered for mild, moderate and even severe brow descent. Our Doctors will be able to assist you in the degree of brow lift you can expect from these procedures. We choose to use Aptos non-surgical thread lifting, as they provide multiple choices to forehead and browlift that can be tailored to suit your particular concerns.

    Aptos Threads For Eyebrow Lift & Forehead Lift

    An eyebrow lift can be performed using either threads or with cosmetic injections. If there is considerable brow descent then the best non-surgical approach to brow lift is either a thread forehead lift or surgery.

    Cosmetic Injections For Brow Lift

    The technique of using combinations of muscle relaxants and dermal fillers to create a brow lift is well established. These are advanced techniques and we will refer you to our Doctors who have many years of experience in creating eyebrow lifts.

    Non-surgical Eye Lift

    Create a more open appearance with your eyes and smooth the surrounding area with a non-surgical eye lift treatment. Once upper eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty was the only option.  However, a facial thread lift or cosmetic injectables are both non-surgical options for a sagging brow and droopy eyelid.

    Non-Surgical Eye Lift With Aptos Threads

    Aptos threads provide several different thread techniques to lift the brow,  soften the appearance of eye wrinkles and grooves under the eye. They provide immediate and long-lasting results with a minimally invasive procedure.

    Downtime: 48 hours care, however, can return to most tasks immediately. Expect bruising, swelling and tight feeling up to two weeks or more.

    Cost: Depends on treatment. Upper brow lift $1500

    Lasts: Variable again, but should be 2- 5 years.

    Call us on 3350 5447 to book a free assessment with our Doctors to see if you are suitable for  Aptos face thread lifting

    Non-Surgical Eye Lift With Cosmetic Injections

    Non-Surgical Eye lifts work to create an open eye look by raising the brow’s position. Using a combination of cosmetic injectables can help achieve a smoother eye area and openness without surgery. The result is not as dramatic as the eyelid surgery but can be a useful option for women with hooded eyes. We expect to achieve up to a 1-2 mm eye lift with wrinkle relaxing injections, and more definition and outer brow lift with dermal fillers.

    We offer a free assessment to determine your suitability for a non-surgical eye lift. Sometimes blepharoplasty is the only answer, but if you are not ready for this, you may achieve enough of an eye lift without surgery. You get to discuss your options before you decide.

    Downtime: Nil

    Cost: Variable depending on the filler and area treated.

    Lasts: 4 month to 2 years.


    Non- Surgical Eyelift with Radiofrequency Skin Tightening.

    A non-surgical tightening lifting of the upper eyelid, lower eyelids, brows and wrinkles smoothing around the eye area can be achieved with ablative radio-frequency skin tightening.  Directly over eyelids cannot be treated, so there is the limitation in the rejuvenation possible for an eyelid lift, but effective for smoothing eye wrinkles and lifting of the brow.

    Downtime: Generally around 7 days, however after day 2 barely visible with makeup.

    Last: 2- 5 years.

    Cost: $660 for 2 treatments. Generally 4 treatments required.

Eyebrow lift technique with Aptos Light Lift, minimally invasive with the effect that continues over time.

Brow lift with Aptos Nano Vitis, designed for revitalising, once inserted stimulated new collagen production.

A second light lift thread method with brow lifting.

Hooded Eyes and Droopy Eyelids Develop Naturally

Over time, the area around your eyes becomes less defined, and brow sagging creates a hooded look. Gravity over time, loss of elasticity in skin and volume loss around the eyes contribute to brow and eyelid descent. The result – less ‘open’ eyes and commonly associated with distracting lines and wrinkles.

Wrinkle relaxing injections in addition to smoothing eye wrinkle and frown lines, if used correctly they can contribute to a 1-2mm brow lift. The approach to modern cosmetic injecting is directed at this – opening the eyes.

Dermal fillers used around the brow (above or under) can create brow lift.

Non-surgical Eye Lift Assessment

Contact Skin Revision today to book an obligation free initial consultation regarding our non-surgical eye lift. Our doctors have advanced training for thread lifting or creating eye lifts with cosmetic injectables.  They will let you know what is achievable before you commit to any treatment. If you do require blepharoplasty, we will let you know and refer you to a plastic surgeon.

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Medical Eye Ptosis.

Ptosis is the medical term for the droopy eyelid. In adults sagging eyelids develop as you get less young, as described above. There are, however, medical conditions that can cause this. For medical reasons, the sagging tends to occur in one eye. Rarely this happens in children. Our Doctors assess you thoroughly before prescribing any action. Medical conditions are excluded before considering blepharoplasty or non-surgical eye lift. If the hooded eyes occur on both sides chances are the brow, and eyelid sagging is natural ageing. Advanced ptosis requires surgery.

When is Blepharoplasty Indicated

If the brows and eyelids have drooped to the point where it is obstructing vision, eyelid surgery is indicated. At this point, a non-surgical eyelift will be insufficient. In this circumstance, you may be able to claim a rebate from health funds and Medicare. Your Plastic surgeon will discuss Medicare coverage.

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