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Décolletage Treatment Brisbane

chest wrinkles, chest redness & broken capillaries on chest

Neck & Decolletage treatment is designed to create more even skin tone, texture and colour. Changes to the neck and décolletage are mainly due to sun damage or photoaging. The sun damage changes can be broken down into discolouration, changes in texture or reduced tone. These result in the appearance of common skin concerns. These include a red neck, red chest, broken capillaries on the chest, chest wrinkles (decolletage wrinkles), neck wrinkles and sagging neck.

Discolouration of the Neck & Decolletage.

The most common hyperpigmentation of the neck and décolletage is called poikiloderma. Poikiloderma is a combination of sun damage changes that result in red, white and brown spots on the neck and chest. Most often when people talk about a red neck or red chest skin, it is, in fact, poikiloderma, and is more common in skin types 1.2 & 3. there is a second cause of red chest appearance which results from broken capillaries on the chest. Broken capillaries on the chest can occur in any skin type. Rarely broken capillaries appear on the neck.

Changes to texture & tone of Neck & Decolletage.

Changes to surface and tone of the neck and chest include the appearance of chest wrinkles, neck wrinkles and saggy neck skin. The wrinkles and lines and the sagginess both result from changes to the skin structure. With time & sun damage collagen depletion and elastin damage cause reduced skin integrity to create the wrinkles and skin sagging.

Décolletage Treatment

The décolletage shows signs of ageing first. The skin on the chest or décolletage changes over time mainly from sun exposure. As women, we tend to be good at protecting our faces and not so good at protecting the chest area. The changes to the décolletage progress slowly over years of repeated sun exposure causing loss of tissue elasticity causing chest wrinkles and pigmentation changes. Treatment of chest wrinkles and pigmentation requires different therapy approaches.

Chest wrinkles 
The appearance of chest wrinkles initially appears worse when you wake in the morning and disappear as the day progresses. (This is caused by sleeping in a position that compresses the skin). With time the chest wrinkles or lines become fixed and will not disappear during the day. These décolletage wrinkles are can also be associated with the gradual change in colour with redness from poikiloderma or broken capillaries on the chest.

Chemical peels can also be used to reduce skin pigmentation. These include TCA peels and Vitamin A peels

Chest Wrinkles Treatment

Décolletage wrinkles require a rejuvenation treatment to stimulate new collagen and elastin production. In the early stages, chest wrinkle pads can be worn at night. The pads for chest wrinkles help lessen the appearance by hydrating the skin and preventing skin compression. The chest wrinkle pads, however, will not affect ongoing skin damage and textural changes. To effectively rejuvenate chest wrinkles requires resurfacing or other collagen stimulating therapies such as a laser, or collagen stimulating injections.

Décolletage Treatment with Laser

Laser décolletage treatment provides effective rejuvenation for chest wrinkles or pigmentation treatment. However chest wrinkles and pigmentation or broken capillaries on the chest require a different laser. Chest wrinkles can be treated with fractional co2 lasers or erbium lasers. Poikiloderma and pigmentation can be treated with IPL photo rejuvenation or combination vascular & pigment lasers. Broken capillaries on the chest require either IPL or vascular laser procedure.
décolletage treatment with collagen stimulating therapies

   Decollete Treatment by Collagen Stimulation

There is a range of collagen therapies that treat décolletage wrinkles. They do little to address the discolouration. These include PRP injections, skin needling, fractional laser resurfacing, and injection of collagen stimulating fillers.

Neck Wrinkle, Hyperpigmentation and Sagging Treatment.

The treatment approach to neck wrinkles, hyperpigmentation is nearly the same as for décolletage treatment. A skin tightening neck lift requires a different approach.

Décolletage Treatment with IPL or Laser

IPL or vascular and pigmentation lasers can be used to restore an even skin colour to the chest or décolletage.

  • Sun damage
  • Sunspots
  • Unwanted freckles
  • Pigmentation
  • Wrinkles and lines (including sleeping crinkles)
  • Broken capillaries on the chest.

 Collagen Stimulating Decolletage Treatment

Treatments aimed at stimulating collagen such as vitamin A therapy, fractional skin resurfacing or PRP to helps reduce chest or décolletage wrinkles to restore a more youthful appearance.

  • Décolletage wrinkles
  • neck wrinkles & lines


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