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Minimise Enlarged Pores | Reduce Pore Size and Clogged Pores On Face

There are many causes of enlarged or clogged pores, and the best treatment depends on several factors including the depth and diameter of the oil gland, the number of open pores and your skin type.

Prescription vitamin A and BHA are an excellent start to reduce pore size.

What Causes Enlarged Pores?

Acne, enlarged pores, blackheads and whiteheads are all caused by problems with skin pore function and are largely genetically determined. Men and women both get enlarged pores but there is a higher occurrence in men. The underlying predisposition to clogged pores is to do with the amount of oil produced in your skin and susceptibility to the oil gland becoming obstructed.

What Are Enlarged Pores?

Enlarged pores are caused by overproduction of oil and skin cells inside the pore. The pores become clogged with accumulated sebum and dead cells and slowly enlarge. So treatments to minimise pores should address both of these.

Skincare to Minimise Pore Size

Two excellent products to help reduce pore size are prescription Vitamin A cream and over the counter BHA (Salicylic Acid).

Vitamin A works in several ways to help shrink or minimise pore size. Firstly it helps slow oil production, and secondly, it helps stabilise the cell turn over. Both of these help to clear clogged pores.
Salicylic Acid or BHA 2% is an oil-soluble chemical exfoliant. BHA penetrates into the oil in the oil glands, helping exfoliate the pores on nose and face and improve the cosmetic appearance and minimise pore size. We sell a salicylic acid gel that cost $42 for 118ml.

How Long Does Skin Care Reduce Pore Size?

Daily application is required, results are a cumulative and long-term reduction in pore size can be expected. However, these will both need to be applied daily to minimise pore size.

Laser Resurfacing & Other Treatments To Minimise Pores

Several lasers are effective in reducing pore size. Fraxel, ablative erbium and even laser genesis work depending on the depth and skin colour and type. In people with darker skin colour, fractional lasers or radiofrequency such as eMatrix are safer choices. Correct application of skin needling can also reduce pore size. For deeper skin pores TCA peels or TCA cross is indicated.

Radiofrequency resurfacing is the best overall technology for pore shrinking results, although combining treatments give the best approach.

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