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Melasma Treatment Brisbane

settle your melasma with creams, peels & laser

Melasma treatment requires a combination of treatments including peels, melasma cream and sometimes laser treatment. Understanding melasma causes is important to prevent recurrence. Melasma is a particularly tricky pigmentation to treat and can never be ‘cured’, but there are treatment options that can lighten it to a cosmetically acceptable level. Melasma treatment involves the correct diagnosis of the depth in the skin.

What Is Melasma?

Melasma is a skin pigmentation that appears as map-like brown patches. It occurs most commonly on the forehead. It can also occur on the upper lip, cheeks and other facial areas. Melasma is difficult to treat and requires persistence. Melasma treatment involves reducing pigmentation and preventing it from recurring.

Melasma Causes

A combination of oestrogen and sun exposure causes melasma. There is a genetic predisposition, and though it can occur in men, this is rare. Melasma commonly appears at times of use of the oral contraceptive pill or during pregnancy (called chloasma in this instance) when the oestrogen hormone levels rise.

Good Sun Protection is Essential in Melasma Treatment

Quick Facts

  • The oestrogen changes the way skin pigment responds to sun exposure.
  • Contraceptive pills can worsen melasma
  • Effective sun protection is ESSENTIAL.
  • Prescription lightening agents and superficial chemical peels can be used.
  • There are some suitable slaser for melasma, however, these are not without risks.
  • it is best to trial melasma creams initially.
  • Inappropriate treatment with IPL, lasers, deep chemical peels can worsen melasma.
  • Melasma Treatment

    Step 1. Avoid Melasma Causes

  • Sunscreen and sun protection.
  • Discuss changing OCP with your General Practitioner. It is not always possible to change, but this gives melasma the best chance to settle.
  • Step 2 – Melasma Cream To Prevent New Pigmentation.

    The essential ingredients include Vitamin A PLUS Hydroquinone 4%.
    Even with prescription creams, it still takes up to 4 weeks to notice fading.

    Step 3 – Melasma Removal – Best Peel For Melasma

    Clearing pigmentation from the skin with superficial peels or Fractional Laser. The best peel for melasma is a superficial peel. These can include vitamin A peels or AHA peels such as lactic acid.

  • Chemical peel for melasma work by shedding of the excess pigment.
  • 10- 20% Lactic acid peels or Vitamin A peels.
  • Chemical Peels are performed every 2 to 4 weeks and are well tolerated.
  • There is no downtime with this peeling.
  • Fractionated treatments can give excellent results in resistant cases of melasma. Usually, 2-6 treatments are needed. Laser treatment is NEVER the first line treatment of melasma and only used for cases where other treatments have failed. There can be complications of worsening of pigmentation in some cases.

    Step 4 – Prevent Melasma

    The last step of melasma treatment is to prevent the melasma returning.


    • Ongoing sun protection is essential
    • 2% hydroquinone or niacinamide over the hot summer months.
    • Melasma is never cured so you may need to consider intermittent treatment.
    • Summary Melasma Cream vs Laser for Melasma

      Melasma cream and peels for melasma are the best approaches at the outset. Laser treatment of melasma is reserved for resistant cases only because of the risk of side effects.
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