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Liquid Facelift

non-surgical facelift using MD Codes™ by Mauricio de Maio

A liquid facelift is a term applied to non-surgical facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers and muscle relaxants. It achieves a facelift with minimal downtime and no surgery.

The concept of a liquid facelift was introduced over a decade ago when dermal fillers with sufficient strength to create a cheek and jowl lift where introduced.  However, it was the invention of MD Codes™ by Mauricio de Maio, a Brazilian plastic surgeon in 2015 that ignited a revolution in liquid facelifts.

Liquid Facelift Using MD Codes™

Dr de Maio realised that there where critical points on the face, which when treated with dermal filler could bring about changes to not only the static appearance of facial contours but also change the way the face moved with expression. His concept of dividing the liquid facelift technique into key functional (and treatment) areas created an injecting template. This allows for consistent reproducible outcomes in facial rejuvenation. Dr de Maio realised that the treatment is best performed in a set order. Starting with the foundation codes, then contour codes and lastly refinement for beautification and to achieve a natural balance.

Foundation Codes -Cheek codes which are responsible for face structure and the connection  -between the upper and lower face.
Contour codes -Temple, chin & jawline – are responsible for face shape and harmonise the face.
Refinement codes
  • Around eyes, the forehead, eyebrow and lateral eye areas for improvement of the eye area and relevant for attractiveness & beauty.
  • Around the mouth nasolabial, lip and marionette area for mouth improvement and are relevant for the natural appearance after the whole face has been structured.

Treatment Approach for Liquid Facelift using MD Codes

Treatment occurs in a set fashion. The initial assessment determines what the client wishes from their rejuvenation, to look younger? To appear more attractive, to look more feminine, to look more masculine, to look less sad or angry. This is followed by an assessment of specific areas of deficit, ie volume loss or absence that can be recreated with dermal fillers to harmonise the facial appearance.

The outcome of a liquid facelift using MD Codes is a natural rejuvenation or aiming for optimal beauty based on an understanding of different parts of the face interaction with each other.

Liquid facelift approach.

The liquid facelift treatment sessions are divided into three or sometimes four sessions. Always commencing with the structural codes, then progressing to facial shaping and lastly facial aesthetic refinement. This achieves natural rejuvenation, you will not look overdone, tight but you should start getting comments on your appearance.

How much filler is required to achieve a liquid facelift?

The exact amount depends on what you want to achieve. It may be 8 – 16 ml of filler over 3-4 sessions. Our Doctors will discuss your priorities and also your budget to develop a satisfactory treatment plan. Call us on 3350 5447 to book a complimentary initial consultation.


Dr. de Maio acquired a deep understanding of all ethnicities and cultural aspects in medical aesthetics. This was achieved due to his intensive global exposure in the past 15 years. He has personally interviewed and treated thousands of patients worldwide during educational programs.

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*results are individual

*results are individual

*results are individual

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