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Lip Tattoo, Lipstick and Lip Liner Tattoo for Permanent Lip Colour

*immediately after lip tattoo

Cosmetic lip tattoo (lipstick tattoo or lip liner tattoo) so your lips look great 24 hours a day. It stops the hassle of having to reapply lip liner and lipstick, smudges on glasses and cups and lipstick bleeding. Imagine applying a little lip gloss for your lips to have a perfect shape, colour and pop.

Cosmetic lip liner and lipstick tattoo are the application of pigments to create a more desirable lip shape.

Lipstick Tattoo or Lip Liner Tattoo is Suitable for Young Women and less Young Women :

No matter your age, the reason is the same, though there are subtle differences between young and our less young ladies. For young women, a lip tattoo is about wanting to create a bigger or fuller look, without going down lip filler route and for our less young ladies, recreating the look of volume that has been lost naturally over time. For both it about having lips that look great 24/7 without applying lipliner and lipstick.

Lip Tattoo for Young Women

  • One of the biggest reasons young women elect to get permanent lip colour is they want their lips to look plumper & bigger without having lip fillers. They may be scared they will end up with a fake look from lip fillers, or they have seen a bad result. Lipstick tattoo involves tattooing a defined lip line and then infilling the colour. The colours tend to be natural looking, and Vicky will match to your skin tone and eye colour.
  • A second reason is to achieve increased lip line definition, as their lips do not have defined colour border. Creating a lip line with subtle colour fill will make your lips appear fuller without the addition of dermal fillers.
  • You may just be tired of applying lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss to have your lips pop.
  • Lipstick Tattoo for Less Young Ladies

  • Are tired of applying lipstick
  • Have lost volume naturally over time, lips have become less defined or smaller.
  • Ladies who want to create a perfect shape in lips with asymmetry
  • want a more defined lip shape
  • Ladies who simply want their makeup in place to look great 24/7
  • Lip Tattoo Makeup – what is involved?

    1. Initial consultation with Vicky for you to discuss what you want to achieve with your lip tattoo makeup. Decisions will be made on the colour, according to your preference, with guidance from Vicky according to your skin tone and eye colour.
    2. If you suffer from cold sores, you will be asked to take preventative measures, such as Zovirax.
    2. The numbing gel is applied at least 1/2 hour before commencing so your lips are numb.
    3. During the treatment, anaesthetic can be reapplied if required. (there is the option for a dental block, which needs to be pre-booked as our Doctors perform these)
    4. Vicky will draw up (mark the lip area)
    5. The procedure takes about 90 minutes.
    6. You will be given aftercare instructions and cream to apply to assist healing.
    7. Your perfection treatment is booked for 4 to 8 weeks.

    Lip Tattoo Cost

    Full Lip Tattoo (lipstick tattoo) – $695
    Perfection Treatment – $100

    Dental Block – $90
    Initial Consultation – Complimentary.

    Lipstick tattoo and lip liner tattoo: achieve the lips you want.

    Our cosmetic tattooist Victoria will lend her professional opinion on the style, shape and colour to enhance your natural lip features the choice is ultimately yours.

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6 Comments Published

written on 5 September 2009 -

just wondeirng how much the procedure costs? Roughly? I just want to get my lip line filled in to make it look a little more full and even but I’m not interested in enhancements.
Thank you!

written on 10 September 2009 -

Hi Karen, for lip liner tattoo it costs around $440. Having lip liner tattooing does make the lips look fuller as it defines the lip area. I myself had Vicky do my lip line and have been absolutely rapt with how much it has improved the lip appearance. We women are funny creatures but the fact that I have permanent definition has changed how I feel without makeup dramatically. Vicky does free assessment consultations and there is no obligation with this so it is best to call us on 33504625 to book a free assessment at the outset. Jo

written on 15 January 2010 -

Hi Jo,
I am interested in permanent lip liner to make my lips look fuller but only on the top. Do you have a price for the top only??


written on 11 March 2010 -

hi, can this procedure be used on men with an assymetrical lip line

written on 13 March 2010 -

Hi David, definitely, Diana does treat men. She would need to assess your lips to say for certain that she could help and let you know what can be achieved and explain the process. The assessment is free and there is no obligation so the best thing is to call us on 33505447 to book a free consultation at the outset. regards Jo

written on 5 July 2010 -

Hello Doctor Turner,
I would like my lips tattoo permanently. I have black lips. Your respond is greatly appreciated thank you


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