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Lipodissolve Brisbane

spot fat reduction, cellulite treatment & skin tightening

Lipodissolve is a non-surgical treatment for unwanted fat deposits used for three primary purposes.

  • Spot reduction of unwanted fat It is recommended for men and women who are in good general health.
  • Reduction in cellulite
  • Body sculpting with some skin tightening effect.

How does Lipodissolve work?

Lipodissolve reduces localised fat deposits and causes skin tightening. It does not replace liposuction or weight loss. Instead, it is a spot treatment for body sculpting, treatment of cellulite and correction of post-liposuction deformities. Lipodissolve is primarily made of phosphatidylcholine (PPC), which when injected into subcutaneous fat, disrupts the fat cell.  The fat is then removed via the liver. The PPC used is derived from soybeans and has been used for over ten years in cosmetic medicine for localised fat reduction.

What areas are treated with Lipodissolve?

Virtually any area on the body can be treated as well as double chin and some areas on the face. We have CoolTech fat freezing (cryolipolysis), which is more effective for most spot reduction. However, there are some notable exceptions that we recommend Lipodissolve over cryolipolysis.

  • These mainly relate to legs, outer thighs & high knees.
  • Double chin treatment , jowls
  • More extensive deposits up to a4 size also respond better in some instances.
  • Cellulite – when injected more superficially.

What does Lipodissolve treatment involve?

The steps involved in Lipodissolve treatment;

  1. Initial consultation: 30 minutes; during this, we will make sure you are suitable for the treatment and go over your medical history.
  2. Pre-procedure: We will take before photos, measure you up and apply numbing cream 30 minutes pre numbing
  3. Procedure: 15mintues.  First, the area is cleaned with anti-septic, then injections commence. This is well tolerated as we do numb. However, if you are having larger areas done (maximum recommended is up to a4 size in one session), there can be feeling of nausea.  Sometimes diarrhoea or fever develops. Infection is a possible and rare allergic reaction to the PPC.
  4. Post-treatment expect up to 5 days of swelling, tenderness, redness, feeling hot and even some bruising. You should drink plenty of water and can massage the treated area or apply a cold pack if too uncomfortable.


Results: Lipodissolve provides permanent fat reduction provided you maintain your healthy diet, activity and body weight.


How many Lipodissolve treatments are recommended?

Generally, 3-4 treatment spaced four weeks apart. This depends on individual response and

What to expect from Lipodissolve treatments.

Expect a reduction in the size of the fat deposit and tightening of the skin as the fat is removed. There is a reduction in cellulite. Results are maintained as long as you keep regular activity, diet and body weight. As with all fat reducing treatments, there is a small percentage that it does not work in or only works minimally (approximately 5%).  Currently, we have no way of predicting who will be in this small minority so we cannot provide a guarantee.

Who is a candidate for Lipodissolve?

Men or women in good general health, who have realistic expectations of the outcome and who have localised areas for fat reduction, cellulite treatment of skin tightening.

Contraindications to Lipodissolve include weak liver or kidney function, autoimmune conditions, and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Also uncontrolled high blood pressure or if you have an allergy to any of the components of Lipodissolve.

What you should do before Lipodissolve:

Stop taking supplements one week before the procedure as they increase the risk of bruising. These include fish oil, anti-inflammatory tablets, vitamin E or aspirin.

  • Wear clothing that is loose over the treatment area preferable dark colour.

Rare complications of Lipodissolve include:

  • Sometimes there is a numb sensation in the treated area for up to 6 weeks after, this resolves.
  • Lumps can form due to localised inflammation in the fat and may need to be treated with local steroid injections.
  • Infection is infrequent, however, if you develop a fever, or the area continues to become redder, swollen or hot after the first couple of days, contact us immediately.
  • There is a rare complication of skin necrosis, where you will see a small white or black spot developing. If this occurs, contact us immediately.

How much does Lipodissolve cost?

One Area – $660

Two Areas – $990


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