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LED Light Therapy Brisbane

LED facial with yellow, infrared & red Light Therapy

LED - for the best skin glow!

LED light therapy achieves soothing and healing action  by stimulating cellular function and microcirculation.  It is especially useful for acne, rosacea and anti-aging and to promote healing post laser and skin treatments.  For the best skin glow ever! 

We have specialised LED light treatments using Kleresca – a gel that harnesses fluorescent light therapy to magnify LED light affects. 

LED Light Therapy Prices

1. LED light thereapy – $50  ($30 in a package of 4)

2. Kleresca for acne  – $249  (50% off in pack of 12)

3. Kleresca for rosacea – $299 (40% off in a pack of 6)

4. Kleresca for skin rejuvenation – $399  (40% off in a pack of 4)

Post laser, PRP & injectables  LED is a complementary treatment.

LED light therapy uses different therapeutic wavelengths (or colours) of light energy to rejuvenate the skin and settle skin concerns. LED light therapy can be used as a stand-alone treatment such as LED facial or used in conjunction with other therapies (Kleresca gel) to enhance the therapeutic outcome. Blue light therapy was one of the earliest treatments introduced for acne. However, as knowledge of how LED skin therapy works infrared, yellow and red light therapy has become more commonly applied. Led skin therapy is also widely used post-laser, surgery or post-injectable treatments to speed recovery and improve the clinical outcome.


What does LED Light Therapy Treat?

An LED facial uses different colours of light  to target various skin conditions, including:

  • wrinkles & fine lines (red light, infrared, yellow or Kleresca )
  • skin inflammation(red, infrared)
  • rosacea (specialised Kleresca LED)
  • acne (specialised Kleresca)
  • hair loss
  • bruises (yellow light therapy)

LED light therapy is used after the laser to promote healing and enhance the treatment outcome. It is also used after cosmetic injections to speed healing of bruising.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy utilises light at 620 nm and is primarily used for skin rejuvenation and reducing inflammation. It is commonly combined with infrared light which penetrates deeper into the skin and is more effective for settling inflammation. Red light is used for skin rejuvenation, post laser and other procedures.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue Light Therapy utilises light at 415 nm is principally used for acne treatment. However, with the introduction of Kleresca, which is a gel activated by light, providing a much more effective modality to treat even cystic acne, we do not use blue light therapy by itself.  Kleresca gel is used for acne, rosacea and skin rejuvenation. It uses a combination of blue and red light therapy, to help kill the bacteria causing acne as well as reduce skin inflammation which is the driver causing acne.

Yellow Light Therapy

Yellow light therapy has become a favoured go-to since Healite introduced yellow light photo sequencing with their infrared LED light facials. Yellow light works in a very similar way to red light. We always combine yellow light therapy with infrared.

Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light therapy is the most studied of all the LED  skin therapy modes. It penetrates deeper into the skin and provides a reduction in inflammation and can be used not only for aesthetic rejuvenation but also for pain and injury.

How much does an LED facial cost?

A single LED facial costs $55.  Each session lasts about 20 minutes as we need to get a therapeutic amount of light energy into your skin. Sixty joules is considered therapeutic for most outcomes; however, sometimes, we aim for  80 joules.

  • Post laser or post injectables the LED is a complementary treatment.
  • Kleresca for acne with blue light therapy cost $249 per treatment – 50% off in pack of 12
  • Kleresca for skin rejuvenation with red light therapy $399 per treatment 40% off in a pack of 4
  • Kleresca for rosacea with red light therapy $299 per treatment with 40% off in a pack of 6

How many LED light facials are required?

  1. LED light therapy for facial rejuvenation, we recommend a minimum of 4 treatments spaced weekly. However, the more procedures you have leads to continues improvement. You are increasing the health and youthful plumpness of the skin.
  2. For acne Kleresca treatment – 12 treatments required. You need two therapy per week for six weeks.
  3. For rosacea – 6 treatment required weekly.
  4. Skin Rejuvenation with LED & kleresca is more advanced with 400% in collagen over four treatments spaced weekly.
  5. Post laser LED light depends on the laser used. It may be a single session or multiple for something like a CO2 laser or secret rf.
  6. Hair loss – the optimal treatment is weekly & post PRP for hair loss.

How does LED light therapy work?

  • The photons of coloured light penetrate your skin.
  • Your cell powerhouses the Mitochondria absorb the light energy and produce more ATP (cell energy).
  • The increased ATP  stimulates skin cells to act like younger skin cells and increases cell reproduction.
  • The light also increases microcirculation of blood to the area
  • The improved blood circulation and cell renewal generate more collagen & elastin. It is ultimately the increase in collagen and elastin that brings about the therapeutic outcomes of improved healing and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Yellow Light Therapy, Red Light Therapy & Infrared Combinations

Combining yellow+ infrared or yellow + infrared gives an improved outcome.

  • Boosts post-laser  healing
  • Reduces pain, bruising, swelling, redness
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
  • Speeds skin rejuvenation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Stimulates hair regrowth

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