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Kleresca® for acne, rosacea and skin rejuvenation solutions. Using fluorescent light technology to calm, heal and rejuvenate with powerful results.

Kleresca® Acne Treatment

Kleresca® Acne Treatment addresses the underlying cause of acne – inflammation. Also, it helps kill the p. Acnes bacteria that are responsible for pimples and cysts. Capable of treating, even more, severe cystic acne, most forms of acne can be settled without prescription meds.

Cost $249 per treatment or 50% Off in a package of 12.

Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment

Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment reduces skin inflammation associated with this common skin problem. Presenting as redness that flares with various  ‘triggers’, rosacea often worsens if left untreated. Kleresca rosacea treatment can be used alone or combined with IPL, laser and LED light therapy as well as specialised rosacea skincare.  Ask for a free assessment with our Kleresca specialist Alice to devise a treatment plan for you.

Cost $299  per treatment or 50% off in a package of 6.

Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation Treatment is a unique treatment approach to skin rejuvenation. Shown to increase skin collagen up to %400 in 4 treatments it can improve an array of skin concerns.  A non-invasive light-based technology that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity,  pore size and improves overall skin texture. Communicating at a cellular level, kleresca skin rejuvenation will enhance the outcome of just about any cosmetic treatment.

Cost $399 per treatment or 50% off in a package of 4

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