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Non-Surgical Jowl Lift for a Defined Jawline

dermal fillers, facial threads & facelifting for jowl lift

Sagging of jowls and formation of marionette lines start in your late 30’s to early ’40s. The descent of facial fat pads and volume loss result in a loss of jawline definition. Usually, a non-surgical jowl lift consists of combinations of treatments aimed at tightening and lifting sagging skin. Alternatively replacing volume can also increase youthful sharpness. A thread facelift provides the most effective non-surgical procedure to achieve a jowl lift.

Jowls & Marionette Lines

Definition Jowl: The jowls refers to the lower part of the cheek especially when it is dropping.
Definition Marionette Lines: refer to the vertical lines that run from the outer corners of the mouth along to the chin.

Both are caused by muscle action over time, pulling and loosening facial connective tissue. Secondly, the pull of gravity allows facial fat pads to move down. Chances are when you look in the mirror and pull your facial skin back you are trying to lift the sagging caused by jowl and marionette line.

Non-Surgical Jowl Lift

The choice of treatments to create jawline definition include:
1. Thread Lift: A thread lift is considered a non-surgical approach to create a defined jawline and lift the jowls. The choice of threadlift depends on your facial concerns. MINT threads provide excellent lower face lifting and jawline definition.
2. Dermal Fillers are used to restoring lower face to create a more balanced and youthful look. Best used in combination with other treatments such as thread lift to restore defined jawline, as dermal fillers cannot lift jowls. Fillers can is used judiciously to plump marionette lines and regain jawline definition.
3. Skin tightening treatments such as radiofrequency (Thermage, eTwo, ePrime), laser and more recently Ultherapy are useful to lift sagging jawline. These provide some benefit. However, you will not achieve the same degree jowl lift as supplied by facial threading.
4. Muscle relaxants used into the neck and lower face (Nefertiti Lift) help create a jowl and neck lift.

Surgical Jowl Lift

Facelifts are the ultimate for advanced jawline disruption.  There are cost and downtime involved with this approach, but when jowls are advanced non-surgical procedures will not provide suitable rejuvenation. We can give a referral to plastic surgeons for surgical jowl lift.

Marionette Line Filler

Treatment for marionette lines involves treating the whole of the mental (cheek area). Restoring volume to the chin as well as under the marionette areas to plump out and lessen their appearance and return an upturn to the sides of the mouth.

Dermal Filler For Jowls

Treatment of jowls with jawline fillers often involves treating the entire area.  It can include filling around the jowl,  but caution should be exercised to avoid creating a more drawn look. It is why combinations of treatments to lift and tighten skin give the best results. So relaxing muscles pulling the facial skin and fat down in conjunction with jawline fillers give the best non-surgical jowl lift.

Which treatments to avoid with Jowl lift?

Most often other face contouring treatments will be recommended. However, some treatments are contraindicated because they exaggerate the jowl area. Treatments which can make sagging worse include jawline slimming with masseter injections. Similarly, excessive use of filler in the area worsens the outcome.

Are you concerned with Sagging Jowls?

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Jowl & lower face lift with threads.
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Non-surgical jowl lift with MINT Threads
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Jowl Lift with Thread Lift
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*Thread jowl lift, threads placed into neckline and lower face.

jawline filler & chin definition.

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Jawline Lift With Filler

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Jowl lift with MINT Threads
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Non-surgical Jowl Lift
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Jawline & chin fillers & double chin injections
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Jowl Lift with Face Threads
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*Thread lift to lower face, lifting jowl and defining jawline.

Marionette line fillers
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Dermal Filler for Marionette & Chin
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Marionette and Lip Filler
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