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Gut Health & Beauty

gut - skin axis & role of the microbiome in skin & body wellness

Gut Health is essential, for beautiful skin and all aspects of wellness and proper immune function. Improving  the diversity of gut microbiome has positive impacts on health and well being by:

  • decreasing inflammation
  • improving the availability of nutrients to support mitochondrial function
  • aiding detoxification
  • improving the synthesis of neurotransmitters
  • improves energy
  • improves skin microbiome

We offer a whole approach to skin health, anti-aging and weight loss with Gut-Healing Protocols. We have two protocols designed to fix leaky gut. The Biome Protocol is designed specifically for weight loss and as an anti-aging resent, whereas the GEMM protocol used by our naturopath Emily Banks to target inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, acne & rosacea.

We stay abreast of the newest information in the fast-evolving field of the skin microbiome, the gut skin axis and the benefit of diet and supplements on skin health and weight management.

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