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The Biome Protocol

lose weight & reset your age with this gut health diet

The Biome Protocol is a gut health diet developed for weight loss and anti-aging reset. It is a six-week program with two stages. The first focuses on gut healing with a period of rapid weight loss, and the second, which focuses on detoxification and reset.

Why is weight loss so hard, and why is the Biome Protocol Different?

When it comes to health, there are both physiological and external factors that you need to overcome, to lose weight and maintain this long term. These are stronger than you think.  Your body and brain have patterns that they’ve become accustomed to, and when these patterns are disrupted – the body fights.  Add to that the excessive stream of food images and the underlying belief by those around you that there must be something wrong with you if you don’t have that piece of cake – and you’re destined to fail before you even begin!

You need more than enthusiasm to help you reach your goals – you need to re-set your physiology for your body and brain overcome these patterns and resist external influences. This is where our new Biome Protocol can help!

What is the Biome Protocol?

The Biome Protocol focuses on restoring the gut microbiome as the foundation for improving brain health and managing or reversing the drivers and consequences of chronic inflammation in the body.

Inflammation is the hallmark of weight gain, obesity, accelerated ageing, toxicity, mitochondrial dysfunction, hormonal abnormalities, and inflammation in the brain (this is ultimately what stops you from being able to resist cravings) to name just a few.

It is now known that the gut microbiota plays a crucial role in regulating immune function as well as metabolic process, hormonal balance and brain function. A healthy and diverse microbial community is therefore essential for good health and vital in forming new healthy habits.

What symptoms can be caused by an imbalance in the gut microbiome?

The composition of the gut microbiome can be disrupted by processed foods, certain medications, stress, age, hormonal abnormalities and acute or chronic illness.  Disruption to the gut microbiota can cause symptoms such as:

  •             Fatigue
  •             Weight gain or resistance to weight loss
  •             Fluid retention
  •             Cravings
  •             Food intolerances
  •             Brain fog
  •             Allergies
  •             Joint pain
  •             Rashes

And many other common symptoms for which the cause may be unknown.

Many of our patients find that weight gain and resistance to weight loss are the most frustrating of all – because regardless of how little they eat or how much they exercise, their weight continues to rise.  This is because your body cannot effectively release stored fat – or keep it off – unless it is healthy. The longer these symptoms continue, the harder it may be to reverse them without some extra help. And this is where the Biome Protocol can help.

What Is Included in the Biome Protocol?

The Biome Protocol uses specific dietary recommendations alongside pure compounded nutrient formulations to restore gut health and physiological balance. While the protocol focuses on gut health for weight loss, it can be modified for those who are at an ideal weight or those with insulin resistance, autoimmune conditions, food intolerances, allergies, thyroid disorders, mood disorders and many other conditions.  Therefore, the Biome Protocol can also be used by those who don’t necessarily need to lose weight but feel that their body requires a total re-set.

  • Health and weight management are a lifelong commitment, but they come with so many rewards, and the process shouldn’t be one of deprivation.  If you’ve had your fair share of failed fad diets and are ready to let go of bad habits for good finally, then the Biome Protocol is designed to make the process easy.
  • The Biome Protocol aims to produce lasting results, ultimately helping you to feel and function at your best. By restoring these physiological functions, it won’t feel like a diet but rather a way of life – and living well is really what it’s all about.

The Biome Protocol Summary

The Biome Protocol is a six-week program that has two stages, as follows:

Step 1: Restore Gut Health and Reduce Inflammation

Duration: 2 weeks

Diet: Follow the Stage 1 Meal Plan and recommended serving sizes.

  1. Choose foods only from the “Allowed Food List”.
  2. Avoid all foods on the “Forbidden Food List.”
  3. Supplements: Bowel Formula: 1 teaspoon* once a day.

Stage 2: Replenish nutrients, Remove toxins and Rebalance hormones

Duration: 4 weeks

Diet: Follow the Stage 2 Meal Plan and recommended serving sizes.

  1. Choose foods only from the “Allowed Food List”. A
  2. void all foods on the “Forbidden Food List.”
  3. Supplements:

Bowel Formula: 1 teaspoon* once a day

Nutrient Formula: 1 teaspoon* once a day

Detox Formula: 1 teaspoon* once a day

Enbiotic: 1 capsule a day, preferably before bed.


What is the next step?

There is no need for a consultation – we assess your suitability through a health questionnaire.  Your answers to this questionnaire also help us adjust the protocol according to your individual needs. If you would like to get started asap – download the questionnaire attached and return it to drjo@skinrevision.net.au.  Our Biome Consultant will contact you once the assessment has been performed. Alternatively, you can phone 3350 5447 to book a consultation with Dr Sara Bhatti. The cost of the talk is $120, which is deductible from the value of the Biome Protocol.

More Information on Biome Protocol for Weight Loss & Anti-aging

Many patients are seen in anti-ageing, and integrative clinics suffer a range of chronic symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, joint pain, gut symptoms and weight gain. These symptoms are usually due to poor dietary choices and cumulative exposure to various toxins that damage the gut microbiome, resulting in inflammation and accelerated ageing (termed inflammageing).

The underlying pathologies that are driven by inflammation include nutrient deficiencies, altered mitochondrial function, impaired detoxification and metabolism as well as derangements in hormonal and neurotransmitter production and signalling.

Premature wrinkles and weight gain are often the signs that patients most often seek help for. Weight gain is a significant problem mainly because adipose tissue is a large store of inflammation in the body which leads to alterations in metabolic, hormonal and brain function. All of these
perpetuate inflammageing and prevent weight loss, therefore producing a vicious cycle.

The  Biome Protocol was developed to reverse some of the drivers of weight gain and ageing. The  Biome Protocol aims to restore gut microbiome diversity, reduce inflammation and assist the physiological processes responsible for health, longevity and weight management. The program includes specific dietary techniques alongside three nutrient formulations. Each dietary recommendation made, and nutrient added to the formulations, was chosen based on research published in medical journals.



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