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How To Get Rid Of Lip Lines & Wrinkles Around Mouth, Without Surgery

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lip wrinkle treatment

Upper lips lines (smoker’s lines) and wrinkles around your mouth can be treated without surgery. We aim for natural rejuvenation so it can be your secret. The biggest fear of women seeking restoration of lip wrinkles with dermal fillers is that we will over plump their lips or make them look like a duck. If you want to have full lips, we can do that too, but for most ladies, it is about rejuvenation to restore a more youthful look.

How Do Upper Lip Lines Form

Upper lip lines form naturally over time from volume loss around the mouth area, decrease in skin collagen and elastin and repeated lip movements. The repeated movement is important, as we use our lips an enormous amount. As we get less young depletion in skin structural elements (collagen and elastin) that support lips and allow our skin to bounce back, means we are more susceptible to damage from movement. It is wear and tear from movement that causes lip lines to deepen and become fixed. Sun damage, smoking and other environmental factors worsen the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth.

Dermal fillers can be used to reduce lip lines, increase lip border definition and return a more youthful appearance.

Are you concerned with lip wrinkles?

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*results are individual

Lip Wrinkles – Treatment Cost

The cost of treating lines around your mouth depending on the depth and number of wrinkles. Most commonly 1ml of dermal filler is required, but sometimes 2ml is required. Cost of filler starts at 389 per ml.

Men Do Not Get Lip Wrinkles

The reason men do not get lip lines is that of moustaches. The hair growth on the upper lip and lower face in general act as structural support. So the repeated movement does not cause creasing in the skin and prevents lines around the mouth. Another factor is the men also have thicker skin overall, so more collagen as a baseline.

Smoker’s Lines Are Not Always From Smoking.

Smokers lines are not always caused by smoking, but it certainly does increase the incidence of lines around the mouth. In particular, smoking increases upper lip wrinkles that lead to lipstick bleeds, and the reason is multifactorial.

*results are individual


Smoking increases systemic inflammation which increases the risk of premature ageing. However, the act of puffing on a cigarette means repeated pursing of lips, creasing the skin in the same spot and increases the risk of developing lines around your mouth.

Best Wrinkle Filler for Lines Around Mouth

The best filler for lines around the mouth is soft fillers rather than a thick filler. There are many choices available, and individual preference can depend on the cost.

We offer you a free assessment with our Doctors for you to discuss your concerns and treatment options.

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written on 24 February 2008 -


I have bit wrinkle on my lips and one big line on my head of the middle. so I would like to improve my lips to rid of wrinkle, also big line in the middle of my head as well.

I live in Rochedale South, Brisbane,Qld.

hope to hear from you soon.


written on 26 February 2008 -

Hi Frances, The best thing is to come in for a free assessment. One of our Doctors will assess what is happening with the wrinkles around the lips and forehead and be able to explain your treatment options. The Doctor will explain what is involved in treatment including possible side effects. There is no obligation with the assessment so it is best to call us on 33505447 to book a free consultation at the outset.

written on 25 March 2009 -


I have a small line on one side of my top lip and would like to know what treatment would be best and approx how much it would be?

Kind regards


written on 26 March 2009 -

Hi Natasha, if you have only one line on the top lip it may be that you are suitable for the quick lip line fix and this costs around $180. The best thing is to come in for a free assessment we will look at what is happening with the line above you lip and can let you know for sure. There is no obligation with the assessment, so call us on 33505447 to book a consultation to find out the best options. regards Jo

written on 26 August 2013 -

Hey! I don’t have lip wrinkles however I have pretty thin lips!
I was wondering if you do lip fillers and how much it would cost to make my lips plumper?
Thanks !

written on 29 August 2013 -

Hi Lizzie, at the moment we have a fantastic special on lip fillers. For only $550 you can have full lips treated. Call us on 33505447 if you are interested in coming in for a free consultation.

written on 12 April 2014 -


I was just wondering how much to get a bit more volume on the sides of my top lip only. My bottom lip and middle part of my top lip are quite big already but I just find the sides at the top are a bit thinner then the rest.

Thank you

written on 19 May 2014 -

Hi Lauren, it is best to come in for a free consultation for the Cosmetic Specialists to assess your lips and find out how they would advise returning a more balanced look to your lips. Lip enhancement can be subtle if you only wish to restore balance but we would certainly want to assess you before we gave an advice on lip fillers. regards Jo

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