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Double Chin Treatment Brisbane

double chin removal with liposuction, fat freezing & double chin injections

Double Chin Injection Cost

(1 Area) – Submental or Jowls – $990

(2 Areas) – Submental + Jowls together – $1490


Freeze Chin Fat

Cryo-lipolysis freezes unwanted chin fat.
Two treatments are required (and sometimes more).

Fat in the centre and at the side can be treated.
At SkinRevision, Chermside we use Cooltech

Costs $660 per treatment.

Chin Liposuction

Liposuction remains a quick and effective way to reduce chin fat. This is double chin surgery so you will need to be prepared for the downtime and to wear compression bandage after treatment. Dr Shadi Khalili performs liposuction as well as Kybella and can advise on all options from surgery, injections and cool sculpting of your double chin. 

Chin Liposuction Cost: $3950

Double Chin Injections
*results are individual

2 treatments of 2 vials = 4 vials *results are individual

*results are individual

3 treatments (*2 vials per treatment) = 6 vials

*results vary between individuals

3 treatments (*2 vials per treatment) = 6 vials

*results vary between individuals

Double chin injections combined with dermal filler
*results are individual

chin injections
*results are individual

*2 Chin Coolsculpting

3 Weeks HCG Diet

*2 Chin Coolsculpting
3 Weeks HCG Diet

*2 Chin Coolsculpting
3 Weeks HCG Diet

Double chin treatment is possible with chin injections, liposuction and chin Coolsculpting. We provide all three methods for chin reduction. Recently we added Lipodissolve, which provides a  very cost-effective double chin treatment.

Until a couple of years ago, surgery or liposuction was the only option for submental fat. But there have been innovative treatments introduced into Brisbane over the last three years for double chin reduction. The first was Coolsculpting of the chin, and more recently double chin injections have revolutionised the treatment of submental fat deposits. Cooltech was also introduced as an alternative to Coolsculpting for cryolipolysis.

At Skin Revision, we offer all three alternatives for double chin removal. The treatments vary in their effect, the number of procedures you require, downtime and after impact. Which treatment is best for you is dependent on the amount and position of your unwanted double chin. We offer a free assessment to help you with making your decision.

What causes a double chin?

A double chin is an accumulation of fat beneath the jaw (also known as submental adipose). A double chin can be related to your genes, ageing, hormonal influences or body weight. Reducing weight can lessen the appearance. However, it is often stubborn and difficult to remove. Under the chin, fat exaggerates how old you look and can make you look heavier than you are. Submental fat is a concern for men and women. Sometimes a double chin occurs in young people of a healthy weight!

How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

There are surgical and non-surgical approaches to shift submental chin fat. The cost, number of treatments, recovery time as well as how quickly you see a more defined jawline vary. At SkinRevision we offer fat freezing, double chin injections and liposuction for chin fat removal.

1. Double Chin Injections

The newest method for double chin removal is via injection, with a product that dissolves submental fat. We currently use Lippodissolve as it provides a more cost-effective treatment. All of our Doctors offer chin injections as an alternative for our clients.

2. Coolsculpting Chin

Cryo-lipolysis uses a machine to freeze the area of unwanted fat. A minimum of two treatments is required to reduce your submental adipose, but this is dependent on how fat you have around your neck. We charge $595 per double chin treatment with our Cryo-lipolysis machine. We have chosen to use the Cooltech as we can deliver the therapy to our clients at a more affordable price than Coolsculpting.

3. Chin Liposuction

An alternative for isolated fat deposits is chin liposuction. It is less invasive than neck lift surgery, but it is still a surgical procedure, so expect downtime with bruising and pain for a couple of weeks. The advantage of chin liposuction is that you can expect high impact reduction in any fat deposits with one treatment. Our Dr Shadi consults for chin liposuction, chin injections and fat freezing techniques.

4. Double Chin Surgery Neck Lift

Double chin surgery or neck lift surgery will not only remove the double chin but also tighten sagging neck skin and reduce neck lines and wrinkles. If you have advanced sagging and excessive loose skin, this treatment combined with double chin surgery would be your best bet for a dramatic improvement. We can provide a referral to skilled Brisbane plastic surgeons for neck lifts.

5. Thread Neck Lift

A neck lift without surgery can also be achieved by combining injections or coolsculpting with a neck thread lift. Dr Shadi performs thread lifts.

All options have their pros and cons, and the procedure you decide upon will ultimately depend on the results you want to achieve. Our experienced team will be able to let you know if non-surgical double chin treatment is the right way for you to proceed.

Double Chin Removal Cost

Lipodissolve (1 Area) – $990 (2 Areas) – $1490

Chin Cryolipolysis – $660 per treatment

Chin Liposuction $3950

Thread lift – Starts at $2500


The Details of Double Chin Treatment

What are the ingredients for Chin Fat Injections?

It is a synthetic lecithin type chemical that can disrupt fat cell membranes, so they release the fat content to break them down. We have small amounts occurring naturally in our bodies. The chemical has been compounded in pharmacies for around 15 years for fat reduction, but until recently was not approved.

What happens to treated chin fat?

When the fat cell membrane is disrupted, the contents (free fatty aside and glycerol) leak into the surrounding tissue. The natural body systems remove them to the liver where they are slowly metabolised and released from your body. It is a highly effective treatment, but sometimes you will require a series of treatments. Most people need 2, but sometimes more, depending on the amount of adipose present.

What is involved in the Double Chin Removal procedure?

    1. An Initial Consultation to find out if you are a suitable candidate for double chin injections or if you would be better suited to chin liposuction or chin Coolsculpting. The advantages and disadvantages of each approach will be discussed. We assess your particular submental adipose and can help with recommendations and the cost involved with each.
    2. Topical anaesthetic or local infiltration can be applied to make the procedure more comfortable.
    3. A small injection template is used to facilitate accurate, even injection of doses.
    4. The chin injection procedure takes minutes. So expect your whole process to be about 30 minutes.

How long does it take for the double chin injections to work?

Everyone is different due to the different amounts of submental fat. However, there are some ballpark guidelines we can share. Once we assess your face, we will be able to be more accurate. Although, with all cosmetic procedures, the response is individual, depending on whether you have a single, double, triple or quadruple chin.

The number of treatment sessions varies from one (rare), two, four, or more. Each treatment is separated by one month, and with each treatment, there is a predictable amount of fat cells disrupted and then metabolised. We aim for progressive chin fat reduction with repeated treatments. If you have significant amounts of submental fat, then considering chin liposuction may be a better option.

Can fat-reducing injections be used in other areas of the body?

Yes, we use Lipodissolve to treat many body areas as well as double chin removal.

What is the difference between chin liposuction and injections?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure. It is considered minimally invasive and can occur under local anaesthesia. Chin liposuction is a mechanical process of sucking out excess fat, and more significant amounts of fat can be processed in a single treatment. So there is an immediate removal and an option for people with moderate to sizeable submental fat deposits. As with any surgical procedure, the risks of brushing, swelling and the need to wear compression garments after the procedure, pain etc. need to be factored in, i.e. the downtime.

      • Double chin injections do not have downtime as such, but there can be considerable swelling and discomfort after the procedure.
      • Chin Coolsculpting has some swelling but is perhaps the least invasive. Lateral chin fat can be treated with Coolsculpting.

Do I need to do after the double chin treatment?

      1. There is no particular post-care required after your double chin treatment.
      2. The swelling can persist several days (so do not book your appointment before a vital occasion)
      3. Bruising is not common, but at any injection site, there is the risk of small bruises which can be camouflaged with makeup.
      4. You can return to your regular activity immediately. Be aware of the swelling of any critical events in your work or life calendar. We would not advise strenuous exercise for 24 hours, but a walk after treatment is beneficial.


Are double chin injections painful?

We are using needles and injecting an irritant into your fat, so we do use a local anaesthetic to make it as comfortable as we can. People with high needle phobias should perhaps consider chin Coolsculpting. (if you are suitable)However, we will work with you to make it as comfortable as we can.

What are the side effects of double chin injection?

        • Most people can return to normal activities immediately after double chin treatment.
        • There is a slight discomfort afterwards
        • There is a scarce chance of an ulcer or scar developing on the skin, but our doctors will go over this thoroughly when you have your initial consultation
        • What are the results of double chin injections?

      You should notice a visible reduction in your double chin, as well as a tightening and smoothing of the jawline definition. The results are progressive, and some people will require multiple treatments to achieve the results they need, i.e. a more defined chin and jawline.

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      Double Chin Exercises

      A question we are often asked is about exercises to get rid of a double chin. However, there are no chin exercises you can do that will assist in spot reduction of submental fat. If you undertake an activity, especially HIIT, it will help reduce overall weight and can impact to help slim the neck and chin. However, submental fat is often resistant, a spot treatment to lessen this area will be required if you want a more slim and refined jawline. There is no harm in doing double chin exercises. However, do not expect it is going to help more than standard diet and weight loss measures for double chin removal.

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