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Dermapen Skin Needling Brisbane

acne scar needling, stretch marks & rejuvenation

Skin Needling ( microneedling ) is a recognised treatment option for Acne Scars and other surface skin rejuvenation.  It has been used for over a decade in cosmetic medicine.  Dermaroller was the first innovation in skin needling, being replaced by  Dermapen skin needling and more recently radio frequency dermal stamping. All of these are a form of collagen induction therapy. That is their therapeutic effectiveness comes through stimulating collagen remodelling to reduce the appearance of acne scarring.   At SkinRevision we now recommend more advanced non-laser treatments for acne scar treatment and skin rejuvenation. These include eMatrix radio frequency and PRP for acne scarring. 

Skin Needling can Treat:
Microneedling is most commonly used for acne scars however it can also be used in the treatment of:
• Skin texture concerns, fine lines wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun damaged skin
• Stretch marks
• Chicken pox scars
Scar revision on face or body.

Other treatment options for scar revision including para-medical scar revision & tattoo camouflage.

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Alternatives to Skin Needling for Skin Rejuvenation.

  • Radiofrequency, eMatrix, ePrime
  • PRP Therapy – using growth factors extracted from your blood.
  • Mesotherapy
  • Laser & light therapy

To understand how different treatment works to help reduce acne scars and to understand emerging technologies, so you can make the best decision which treatment is right for you, we discuss the range of acne scar treatment.

*results are individual
2 Ematrix Treatments

*results are individual
2 Ematrix Treatments


*results are individual
EMatrix acne scar treatment.

*results are individual
EMatrix acne scar treatment.

*results are individual

*results are individual

*results are individual

EMatrix acne scar treatment.

*results are individual

EMatrix acne scar treatment.

How Does Skin Needling Improve Acne Scars?

Microneedling produces deposition of woven collagen under the acne scars to improve the cosmetic appearance of the skin. All collagen induction therapy works in a similar way including fractional laser treatments. The first is to break down the scar collagen, releasing growth factors which stimulate fibroblasts to lay down new healthy collagen.

The treatments vary in the degree of effectiveness. Skin needling is an entry level treatment, it works, but there are more advanced treatments that are not only more efficient but also work more rapidly. However, skin needling is more effective than microdermabrasion and superficial chemical peels for treating acne scars.

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Dermaroller vs Dermapen for Skin Needling.

Skin needling was first introduced using the dermaroller, after the observation that needling of scar tissue reduced the scar to give a healthier skin surface. The Dermaroller has been replaced by more advanced Dermapen microneedling techniques. Though the dermaroller is useful, it causes surface skin tearing. With the Dermapen the depth of penetration can be adjusted according to the to scar or skin condition being treated. Dermapen microneedling gives a more accurate and less traumatic treatment.

What Is Involved In Acne Scar Needling With Dermapen?

  • One hour before acne scar needling Topical Anesthetic is applied to numb the area
  • The small needle penetrates through the surface layer of skin
  • With proper numbing, you should feel very little, except towards the end of treatment it can become bitey
  • immediately after treatment your face will be red and feel uncomfortable
  • The surface layers seals and heals quickly
  • day two you can use a suitable mineral or cosmetic makeup
  • Over the next 6 weeks to 3 months, you begin to see the results from the acne scar needling

What To Expect After Dermapen Skin Needling.

• There will be redness and swelling that last 1-2 days after treatment. Some people with more sensitive skin or with a tendency to swelling this can last longer.
• Bruising is rare but occasionally does occur and can take up to 7 days to subside.
• 3-5 days after the acne scar needling there can be flaking or peeling of the skin, depending on the depth of needling.

The surface of your skin seals and heals quickly, after about a week your skin is pretty much back to normal. Under the skin, the process of collagen remodelling starts. The collagen induction peaks at 12 weeks but can continue for up to 12 months.

How Much Improvement Can I Expect With Skin Needling?


  • The results of skin needling are progressive over several treatments.
  • Generally 3- 6 treatments are recommended in a package, spaced 6 weeks apart.
  • The number of treatments depends on your response to treatments.


The results are individual and can depend on factors such as your general skin health as well as your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. Taking Vitamin C & Zinc before treatment can improve results.

What can you do to improve the outcome?


  • Start on prescription Vitamin A cream at least two weeks before treatment.
  • Eat healthy diet with fresh fruit & vegetables.
  • Consider taking Vitamin c & Zinc while you are receiving treatment.


What Are The Side Effects Of Dermapen Skin Needling?

Side effects from skin needling are rare but can include:


  • Infection. If you have a history of cold sores, we ask you to take prophylaxis beforehand.
  • Bruising is rare, this can be lessened by taking arnica before if you tend to bruising, or use of Hirudoid cream once the skin has healed. (after five days)
  • Prolonged/delayed swelling is very rare. Swelling can be treated with an antihistamine.
  • Depigmentation or hyperpigmentation is also very rare, but can occur.

If there are unexpected outcomes after treatment it is important to call us.

How Much Does Dermapen Skin Needling Cost?

Dermapen small area – both cheeks costs 240
Dermapen Skin Needling large areas costs 330

Is Acne Scar Needling or eMatrix Best For You?

We offer you a free assessment with our experienced Cosmetic Doctors, Nurses & Dermal Therapists. We will assess your skin and be able to discuss your treatment options.

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Options For Acne Scar Treatment

There are other options for acne scar treatment. The recommended treatment varies depending on the type of scarring and severity. Please see our acne scar treatment page for more in-depth discussion on acne scar treatments.

Dermapen Skin Needling Quick Facts.

  • Skin needling works by breaking down acne scar and stimulating new collagen to fill under scarred areas.
  • Dermapen skin needling is non-laser fractional resurfacing
  • Skin needling can be used for all skin types (light to dark)
  • No referral is required, you can book in for a free assessment with our therpists.
  • Skin needling works by remodelling collagen under the acne scars

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Dermapen Skin Needling Vs Laser For Acne Scars.

Lasers can achieve superior results with some types of acne scarring and better treatment for old and severe scarring.
The advantages of Dermapen skin needling are:
• Less downtime
• Costs much less from 330 per session.
• Can be used for all skin types.

Dermapen Microneedling Vs eMatrix For Acne Scars.

Dermapen microneedling is a treatment that stimulates your skins natural healing to reduce acne scars. In our practice we now mainly use
eMatrix a sublative radiofrequency for treatment of acne scars. EMatrix costs the same as Dermapen treatment.

EMatrix is another collagen induction therapy, causing controlled dermal damage, breaking down scar collagen and stimulating new collagen production.

Cost Of eMatrix vs Dermapen Skin Needling?

eMatrix costs $345 per treatment in a package of two. Four treatments are generally (Some people do need more). The overall cost of eMatrix is less than Dermapen microneedling. Also, the results are faster and fewer treatments are required.

Dermapen Skin Needling Vs PRP For Acne Scars.

PRP or platelet rich plasma injections using mesotherapy for injection couple the advantages of skin needling with additional growth factors (and sometimes dermal fillers) injected in a controlled and accurate way into your skin.

PRP is a medical treatment, also known as the Vampire Facial. For free

How Does Collagen Induction Therapy Work To Rejuvenate & Repair Scar?


    • To remodel any scar you need:

Firstly to break down the areas of scar collagen and
Secondly to stimulate new collagen to repair the zones of the scars.
Skin needling achieves this by physically breaking down the scar, causing the release of growth factors which stimulate new collagen production.

Dermaroller Skin Needling History

Dermaroller acne scar needling was introduced by South African Plastic Surgeon _______ and founder of Environ skin care. It was a revolt
Skin Needling is a recognised treatment option for Acne Scars. It has been used in Cosmetic Medicine for over a decade.

The original microneedling was performed with a tattoo gun. With evolution the dermaroller was introduced, then Dermapen and other forms of microneedling.

As time progressed other minimally invasive technology and treatment have replaced Dermapen, fractional laser therapy, PRP, radio frequency resurfacing and dermal stamping.

With advances in tattooing techniques and improvement in equipment, there is once again a place for paramedical scar revision and tattoo camouflage.

The first step is a free assessment with our therapist.

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* DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person.