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face fillers & injections for cosmetic enhancement

There are two primary purposes of Dermal Fillers.

1. Facial Enhancement or glamorising.  Examples can be lip fillers to plump lips, cheek fillers to glamorise, nose fillers to correct concerns or chin fillers for stronger or more balanced profile.  Women and men both choose facial enhancement, and not restricted to young clients.

2. Facial Rejuvenation is about the restoring volume loss that occurs naturally over time.  It is about returning the face to a more refreshed appearance.  It can involve facial fillers into wrinkles and lines, cheek fillers, chin fillers or jawline fillers to restore youthful arcs and balance to your face. Our Doctors believe in a natural look replacement NOT an overdone fake look.

Why Choose SkinRevision

Our Doctors have provided natural-looking rejuvenation to our clients (young and less young) for over ten years. We offer a quality, friendly service. Conveniently located in Chermside, we give you an obligation FREE assessment. You feel confident before you make any decisions on the important step of investing in yourself. 

Our Doctors offer an obligation free assessment, to help you decide if cosmetic fillers are suitable for you.

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*cheek filler & lip

*chin, lip & cheek filler

*wrinkle filler & anti-wrinkle injections

*lip wrinkle treatment

Dermal fillers to jawline, cheeks & chin
*results are individual

Cheek & lower face filler
*results are individual

*lip filler

*nose filler

*under eye filler

Lip Fillers, chin fillers and muscle relaxants.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers are products injected into the skin for cosmetic enhancement. Filler injections provide your skin with a natural substance found throughout the body that keeps your skin looking young and healthy. Your skin will be more hydrated, elastic, and voluminous. Dermal fillers are also known as cosmetic fillers, filler injections or face fillers.

The first natural face filler was collagen. Collagen is made by your body and is vital to the health of your skin and cell tissue. Modern face fillers include a range of temporary and semi-permanent fillers. At SkinRevision we offer a free assessment to meet with you and determine which one fits your needs.

Dermal fillers can be used to plump thin lips, so they look full, reduce facial wrinkles, fill in unwanted lines, and enhance features on the face such as cheeks, nose or chin.

Why would I choose Cosmetic Fillers over other treatments?

Different cosmetic procedures that are available on the market provide varied results. However, no treatment or injection does it all. Think of your face as three layers – the surface skin, the muscles and the deeper layers of the face (which includes fat and bone). It is in the lower layers where volume loss occurs over time. Dermal fillers treat this volume loss.

When our Doctors assess you, they will look at all three layers before they recommend treatments. Which treatment is best depending on your concerns, e.g., cosmetic fillers will do nothing to help fade skin pigmentation, but it is excellent to rejuvenate lost volume in the midface. Our Doctors draw up a treatment plan according to your concerns.

Dermal Fillers For Cosmetic Enhancement

Volume loss and wrinkles are concerns as we get less young. Volume loss occurs across several areas of the face. You notice this volume loss by the shadow created in the facial area. Volume loss can make you look tired even though you feel fine. It is at these points that treatment with dermal fillers can make a difference.

  • Cosmetic fillers are used to replace volume loss from deep layers of the face.
  • This is used to treat signs of facial aging.
  • It can also be used in the skin, providing hydration and plumping to wrinkles and lines.
  • It can also enhance volume or glamorise. Lip, cheek, chin or nose enhancement are simply adding to your natural features.

How Long do Dermal Fillers Last?

How long face fillers last depends on what filler injections are used and what part of the face is being treated. If the part of the face is subject to a lot of movement, this tends to break the cosmetic treatment down more quickly.

  • Some filler injections are naturally thicker products and last longer. Whereas very thin dermal fillers break down quickly.
  • Lip fillers break down quicker, because of movement in the lips
  • Nose fillers and undereye fillers, on the other hand, are not subject to movement and last longer.

Where can Face Fillers Be Used?

Filler injections can be used for rejuvenation or cosmetic enhancement. Fillers are also used on the body for hand rejuvenation and neck wrinkles and lines.

What is involved In Filler Injections?

Most face fillers now have local anaesthetic mixed into the filler. However, topical numbing or local anaesthetic is commonly used to make the treatment comfortable.

Typically the results are immediate; you will see the result once our Doctors are finished, and can get on with your day. There is no downtime.

Our Doctors offer a free consultation so they will go through everything you need to know and what to expect with your filler injections.

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Thread Lifting With Aptos – An Alternative To Dermal Fillers

Newly introduced Aptos Threads provide an alternative to dermal fillers for volume replacement and rejuvenation.  These include the Aptos thread facelift and specialised threads for volume replacement and lifting across face, neck and body.

Sometimes surgery is the best approach.

Dermal fillers and thread lifts are excellent for non-surgical treatment of mild to moderate volume loss, wrinkles lines and grooves that appear across the face as we age. It is an alternative, not a substitute, to invasive procedures. Some instances require invasive procedures such as a facelift or eyelift. Cosmetic fillers can be used in conjunction with surgical lifting, but the two treatment approaches are not comparable.

Which Areas Can Be Treated With Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are substances that are injected into the skin to either treat signs of facial aging and to enhance or restore a more balanced appearance to facial features.   As an anti-aging treatment Facial wrinkles and lines can be injected and facial volume loss can be replaced. However, the most common dermal filler areas are more often about natural enhancement rather than strictly preventing aging. 

The 5 Most Common Areas For Facial Fillers.

  1. Lips & Lip enhancement with lip fillers is the number one area for dermal filler treatment.  Lips injections are commonly used as a purely natural enhancement by less young women who want a bigger pout. Lip injections, however, can be a more subtle increase in volume to create more symmetry or to slightly plump lips that have lost volume through aging. Less young women who see treatment for lips wrinkles as facial rejuvenation. 
  2. Nose & Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty. Used to improve the appearance of nose bumps or hooks, flatness of the bridge of the nose or correct asymmetry.  Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgical treatments, so it is no surprise that as soon as injectable rhinoplasty became a thing, it has grown and continues to grow in popularity. Many, but not all nose concerns can be addressed without surgery.
  3. Cheeks & Cheek Enhancement. Cheeks are common areas for facial filler. Cheek enhancement is used to replace volume loss in the cheek area.  It is one dermal filler area that can achieve a remarkable improvement in cosmetic appearance. Cheek augmentation is also used for young when who want to glamorise their appearance. 
  4. Under eye Fillers – young and less young people get fillers under the eye to lessen the appearance of dark circles, under eye bags, under eye hollows or eye wrinkles.
  5. Cheek lines & Wrinkles -unlike cheek enhancement, cheek line fillers are about plumping our facial wrinkles. The lower cheek area wrinkles can also be addressed with skin tightening or plasma skin tightening.

Other dermal filler areas include nasolabial lines, marionette lines, cheek lines and other concerns.

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*results are individual

*results are individual

*results are individual

*results are individual

*results are individual

*results are individual

Dermal filler treatment to lips, nasolabial lines and chin.
*results are individual

Chin fillers and wrinkle injections.
*results are individual

Chin and Lip Wrinkle Filler
*results are individual

Common Procedures With Dermal Fillers

For hollowing of cheeks to restore volume that has been lost naturally over time.

Cheek fillers start from 440 with our Nurse or 580 with our Doctors.

Lip enhancement for purely aesthetic reasons, either for people who have small or asymmetrical lips or those who want to enhance their natural features.

Lip fillers from 389 up to 770 for specialty products. 

Unlike lip enhancement this in not necessarily about increasing volume. But restoring lips changes that have occurred over time. Upper lip wrinkles, thinning of lips, loss of lip definition can be treated with dermal fillers.

Lip wrinkle treatment from 389, may require more than one ml

For treating dark circles under the eyes & Under Eye Bags.
Sometimes surgery is required, however many times we can treat your dark circles and under eye bags using dermal fillers to replace volume that has been lost in the under eye area. This results in a decrease in the depth of tear trough and a lessening of the shadow which is causing the dark under eye circle appearance.

Tear trough fillers generally 770 with our Doctors.

Treats receding chin.
Some people have a receding chin that can interfere with the aesthetic balance of the face. This is a concern for women and men.

Chin enhancement from 580. 

In modern cosmetic medicine there are many treatments available to treat these lines. A consultation with out Doctors is recommended as during the free aesthetic consultation they will consider your whole face and be able to devise the best plan for your facial concerns.

Dermal filler prices from 535 with our Nurse or 580 with our Doctors. 


This depends on which area you are getting treated. 

For lips and more simple line and fold fillers it can be half an hour. 

For more specialised dermal filler treatments such as the cheeks, chin and tear trough filler allow one hour for treatment. 

The time that cosmetic fillers last depends on several factors.
On average it is 6 – 12 months. Temporary fillers are broken down in your skin by a naturally occurring enzyme. The variables that affect how quickly the cosmetic filler is broken down are.

1. The type of filler used.  Thin fillers (typically employed in lines and lips) will be lost faster, than thick fillers designed for enhancement (cheek, chin, and nose.)
2. The amount of movement in the area. Because we use our lips a lot for talking, chewing, kissing, etc. dermal fillers in this area are subject to much more wear and tear. Sectors such as tear troughs (under eye circle treatment) however are not subject to movement. So the same thin filler used in under eye area might last two years or more.
3. The level of the enzyme your body naturally contains. We all have a different level of hyaluronidase. If you have high amounts, you may break down all filler much quicker.  So a filler injection that might last 12 months in one person might last for half the time in a second. Because this is individual until you try the dermal filler injections, it is not possible to determine how long it will last in you.
4. The amount of exercise you get and your metabolic rate. Excessive exercise with high metabolic rate can help keep your body in shape, but in some people, it will also cause your cosmetic fillers to break down faster.


The cost per ml of filler at SkinRevision varies from 389 up to 880 per ml.  The final cost also depends on how many ml’s of dermal filler is required for enhancement.  Come in for a free assessment to get an accurate quote from our Doctors. 


We offer an obligation free assessment with our Doctors. They will devise a treatment plan and give you an exact quote.  You can then go away and think about it before making a decision.

Most modern dermal fillers do have local anaesthetic in the filler.  

However depending on the area to be treated and the dermal filler being used, addition topical numbing creams and even injections may be required.

Our Doctors will discuss this with you at the time of consultation. 


The common side effects of cosmetic fillers are minor and temporary. These include bruising, swelling and local tenderness. There are other more serious side effects that occur uncommonly but need to be considered. The way the treatment is performed and the safety of injecting technique will lessen risk of infection. There is rarer again risk of allergic reactions, formation of granulomas and accidentally injecting into blood vessels.

Our injectors will go over these very rare side effects and the measures we have in place to reduce these.



1. Come in for an obligation free consultation our Doctors devise a treatment plan for you.You will get an exact quote for the dermal fillers, as well as be able to ask any questions.

2. Treatments may need to be repeated after 6 -18 months so it is worth considering the ongoing cost. Our Doctors will indicate how long it is expected to last.

3. Can I get treated the same day as consultation? Generally, we prefer to do the free consultation and book you in at a later date for the dermal filler treatment.This gives you time to make sure you are happy to proceed. Sometimes people have time constraints, or if you have had fillers before, the Doctor may be prepared to proceed with treatment on the day if time allows. Let us know at the date of booking if you need extra time allocated.

4. If there is an important event coming up, get any dermal filler injections performed well ahead of time. Not only does this give time for optimal result, but also any unexpected outcomes (like bruising) have time to resolve.

The results of dermal fillers are immediate. There may be some swelling with does settle over a couple of days. 

Some fillers can take a couple of weeks to see the final result, however by the finish of your treatment you will have a good idea of the outcome. 

Cosmetic injections do hurt but less than most people expect. The pain varies depending on the area being filled and individual factors. (Some people have lower pain thresholds).

For this reason in most areas we will use topical numbing cream, or local anaesthetic to make it more comfortable. Most modern cosmetic fillers have local anaesthetic pre mixed in the product.
Our Doctors and Nurse will discuss this with you at the initial consultation and devise a suitable anaesthetic application according to your own pain tolerance.


1. There is always a risk of bruising with dermal fillers. The risk of this depends on where on the face is being treated. 

Your Doctor will explain with each treatment area how likely this is. 

We advise that you do not get dermal fillers before an important event as even with utmost care there is always the risk of bruising. 

2. The amount of swelling depends on which product is used, where on your face and on how prone you are to swelling. 

Some people react with swelling. If this is you talk with your Doctor before treatment. Cooling pads used after treatment can minimise this. 

Some dermal fillers are more prone to swelling, especially in the lips, but most modern dermal fillers have minimal swelling. 

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* DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person.