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Chin Fillers Brisbane

reshape a weak Chin, receding, cleft chin & dimples

Receding Chin Fillers

chin filler & jawline definition.

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Marionette Line Fillers

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Chin fillers for marionette lines

Chin Dimples & Line Filler

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Receding jawline treatment
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Chin ,Jawline fillers & Submental Fat Injections
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Chin, lip & midface filler
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Chin, lip & midface filler
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Chin fillers provide reshaping of the chin without surgery. People seek enhancement of lower face for three main reasons.
1. A weak chin or receding chin and want to return the appearance of a strong jawline.
2. Ageing changes of marionette lines, chin dimples or vertical line.
3. Cleft chin (chin dimple or bum chin). People born with or develop excessive dimple in the centre of the lower jaw.

Chin augmentation

A chin augmentation reshapes a small chin using the injection of fillers. Dermal fillers with volumising properties are selected to change the contour of your lower face to restore a strong jawline.

Who is suitable for chin augmentation?

Chin fillers are suitable for both men and women, over 18 years who want to change the shape of their chin without surgery. Whether your chin has recessed as a result of ageing,  you were born with it or have asymmetry you would like to correct. Creating a strong jawline, chiselled appearance or restoring youthful balance is achievable with chin injections.

Chin Fillers for young men and women

In men, this is about making the chin more chiselled. Filler placed along the jawline adds jawline strength. In women it chin augmentation is to create a balanced facial look, return balance, but keeping the ideal oval shape to the face.

What is involved in chin filler treatment?

Chin augmentation with fillers is an in-clinic treatment. It takes about 45 minutes. Anaesthetic is used in the filler treatment to assist in comfort. There may be bruising and swelling afterwards, but our Doctors will go through all complications during the consultation.

Which Fillers are used for Chin Enhancement?

There are several choices for chin fillers available.  Most commonly it will be a non-permanent volumising filler used for augmenting a receding chin. The technique used is determined by the initial complimentary assessment. It is crucial to assess whether lower face muscle relaxants or fillers are required. When strengthening your profile, a jaw enhancement is commonly performed at the same time.

The time fillers last in lower face varies.  Factors include which therapy is chosen, movement in the area and how fast your body resorbs the product in saying that we expect 12 months for most fillers.

Chin Fillers Cost

The volume and type of filler required determine the cost for chin fillers. We offer an obligation free assessment to meet with you and not only explain what is involved, what to expect but also determine how many MLS is required and the cost.

Eventually, the body absorbs the injected filler, returning the chin to its pre-treatment appearance. For this reason, many patients choose to undergo regularly scheduled injections to maintain their chin’s enhanced appearance.

Combining face slimming injections with chin fillers achieves a more heart-shaped face.

We offer you a free assessment with our Cosmetic Doctors to assess which treatment approach can help with your concern. There is no obligation with this assessment.


Aptos Threads – An Alternative To Fillers

New Aptos thread lifting is providing exciting alternatives to fillers for many areas of facial rejuvenation.  A specialised thread can lift the chin crease and marionette lines without surgery. Providing a non-surgical approach for face contouring across many parts of the face.

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Chin filler for receding chin.
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Chin and lip filler.
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Chin anti-wrinkle injections and filler for chin dimples.
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Small Chin, Receding chin or weak chin

In some cases ladies and men can have a genetic cause, they were born with the receding chin. Up until about ten years ago, the only solution to restore a strong jawline was a surgical chin implant. Most chin augmentation now is achieved with chin fillers, in a lunchtime procedure.

What causes a weak chin?.

The appearance of your chin is genetically determined. Some women and men are born with a chin that they think is unbalanced with the rest of their face. A weak chin can be disconcerting for men and women. Chin fillers restore a strong jawline, making it more prominent and restoring balance to the face.

Weak Chin Fillers

The treatment of a weak chin or receding jawline requires thick fillers with a firm structure. The treatment aim is to recreate the appearance of a strong chin, more in balance with the rest of the face. The second advantage of thick fillers is that they last longer, especially when placed in an area of the face that does not have a lot of movement.

How much does it cost to treat a weak chin?

The cost depends entirely on the amount of filler required. A minimum of 2ml is required and sometimes more. Treatment of a receding chin requires significant volume replacement. The first thing is to book an assessment with our Doctors; they will assess how much filler is required to return a strong jawline appearance.

Cleft Chin or Chin Dimple

Another reason people seek chin fillers is to treat a cleft chin or chin dimples. The term cleft chin refers to a dimple on the chin. It is a y shaped fissure, most commonly caused by incomplete fusion of jaw bone or muscle in utero. However, in some people, it can develop over time because the jawline is longer on one side. Some people consider this attractive and are proud of their cleft, in some cases if it is excessive (rudely referred to as a bum chin) or because of asymmetry, people seek to lessen the appearance. Dermal fillers cannot get rid of a cleft chin, but they improve the cosmetic appearance.



Chin Dimples, chin lines, witch’s chin

Jaw and chin area change as we get less young. Many of these changes can be treated without surgery. Because there is a loss of bone structure, the chin becomes smaller, especially if you had the receding chin to start with, this increases aged appearance. As well as a weak chin, chin dimples develop from overactivity of muscle and can progress to a witch’s chin appearance.

Chin Dimples. (Witch’s Chin)

Chin dimples or the appearance of dimpled skin on the chin (peau d’orange ) develop from overactivity of a muscle on the chin called the submentalis muscles. The submentalis connects the lower mouth to the chin, over time and with age and activity the muscle shrinks and causes the dimpling of the chin. If left untreated this can progress to a witch’s chin. Muscle relaxants can prevent these changes, create a smoother chin and avoid the progression.
The muscle relaxants can be used in combination with chin fillers to restore a more youthful appearance.

Chin fillers for less young women

In less young women, it is an anti-aging treatment, returning the volume to the chin that has been lost naturally over time. Chin fillers are combined with lower face muscle relaxants to restore of the chin and lower face. Softening dimples (submental lift), lifting around jowl and jawline (Nefertiti lift), uplift mouth corners and treating jowls with fillers.


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