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Dermal Fillers in Marionette Lines, Nonsurgical Marionette Line Treatment

[caption id="attachment_9824" align="alignleft" width="300"] Lip wrinkle & marionette line treatment.
*results are individual[/caption]

Marionette line treatment uses fillers to create a more refreshed youthful look. Dermal fillers for marionette lines helps upturn at the sides of the mouth.

What is a Marionette Line?

Marionette lines is a term used to describe changes that occur naturally over time between the mouth and the chin. Sometimes also called ‘mouth frown’ the marionette lines are caused by volume loss in the mid and lower face. As it advances, it gives the face a sad look because the corners of the mouth are turned down.Marionette lines can be treated with a dermal filler to replace your natural volume loss. The results of dermal filler treatments are immediate.

Dermal Fillers for Marionette Lines

There are many choices of dermal fillers for marionette lines, but the best results are obtained using thick fillers that are placed under the mouth and in the chin area to give support for the mouth.

For optimum results marionette line treatments are often combined with lip treatments or chin filler treatments.

[caption id="attachment_10136" align="alignleft" width="300"] Chin and lip filler.
*results are individual[/caption]

Treatments Combined with Marionette Line Fillers?

    • Chin fillers for dimples, chin lines.
    • Jawline fillers for jowls, jawline definition.
    • Lip fillers for lip wrinkles.
    • Cheek fillers for midface rejuvenation.

Alternate Marionette Line Treatments

There are other treatment approaches to marionette lines. When would these be more appropriate? What are the differences between the treatments? The appearance of marionette lines can be improved with skin tightening, surgical threads and facelifting.

Skin Tightening and Marionette Lines

Skin tightening with ultrasound (ultherapy), radiofrequency (eprime, ematrix) and various other technology can provide lifting through lower face to lessen the appearance of not only marionette line but also jowls and cheek lines. Skin tightening can be used in combination with dermal fillers.

Thread Lift To Treat Marionette Line

Lower face threads provide lifting of jowls, marionette lines and cheek pads. Thread lifting is used for mild to moderate laxity and gives 1- 2 years of improvement, depending on the chosen thread.

Facelift for Marionette Line

Once laxity of the face is advanced with significant fat pad descent, the lower face will have jowls, cheek sagging, loss of jawline definition as well as marionette lines. In this case, non-surgical approaches will help, but if you require significant

Summary of Marionette Line Treatment Approaches

[caption id="attachment_9835" align="alignleft" width="300"] Treatment with muscle relaxants and chin fillers.
*results are individual[/caption]
    • 1. Dermal fillers can is used judiciously to plump marionette lines and restore jawline definition. Excessive filler in this area, or inappropriately place filler can cause added heaviness.

2. Non-surgical lower face lifting with ePrime radiofrequency or Ultherapy is another non-surgical approach to returning more definition to your jawline and neck.

3. Surgical thread lifts can be used to address mild to moderate laxity.

4. A facelift is used for advanced laxity to rejuvenate not only marionette areas but all lower face. This surgical approach gives the most dramatic result, but there are downtime and risks associated with surgery.

Are you concerned with Marionette Lines?

We offer you a free assessment with our Cosmetic Doctors to assess which treatment approach can help with your concern. There is no obligation with this evaluation.

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redirectedCheek Fillers Brisbane | Non Surgical Cheek Implants & Cosmetic Cheek Enhancement

Cheek fillers or non-surgical cheek implants are ideal for cheek augmentation, restoring youthful volume and glamorising the face with more definition.

When we are young, our cheeks naturally have more volume. Over time this volume decreases in women and men and can lead us to look tired even when we are not. Cheek fillers are used to restore this volume.

Who Is Suitable for Cheek Fillers?

Cheek enhancement is for women and men who want more defined cheeks.
1. Cheek filler for less young people. Most cheek augmentation is to rejuvenate face for a more youthful look, filling volume that has been lost over time naturally.
2. Cheek filler to restore volume after weight loss. Some people find after weight loss that their face loses fullness. Restoring this volume using non-surgical cheek implant can help balance your appearance.
3. Cheek filler for younger people. For younger people, cheek augmentation is about creating more well-defined cheekbones. that are parallel to your jaw line is an arc of beauty. If your face naturally has less definition, non-surgical cheek implant can help you achieve a different look.

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Cheek Filler Treatment FAQ

We offer an obligation free consultation at the outset. You meet with our Doctor or Nurse and have all your questions answered. They will assess how much filler is required and provide an accurate quote. They will also go over what is involved with non-surgical cheek implant.

How Soon Do I See The Results From My Cheek Augmentation?

As with all fillers, there is an immediate effect. The full results are noticeable by two weeks.

How Long Do Cheek Fillers Last?

We expect you will require a top up at 12 months. This is usually half the volume of the first cheek enhancement. It is individual though, and it is not until we have treated you that we will know how long it lasts. The filler also used impacts on how long the treatment lasts. Some cheek fillers cost less, but may not last as long.

How Long Does Cheek Filler Treatment Take?

The procedure takes about 30 – 45 minutes.

What Is The Down Time With Cheek Enhancement?

Swelling is minimal and bruising with cheek fillers is rare. However, you must expect with all filler treatments that there is the possibility of both. Factor the timing of your treatment so there is no important events for two weeks. Most women feel comfortable to leave the clinic and return to normal life.

Cheek Fillers Cost

How much and which filler is required determines the cost. It varies from 580 up to 2800. We offer a free consultation with our Doctors first to get accurate assessment and quote.

What Is Involved In Cheek Augmentation?

Our Doctors and Nurse will run through the entire treatment and what to expect during and after your cheek augmentation. The cheek fillers cost less if our Nurses perform the procedure. (Doctor supervised clinic)

Do Cheek Fillers Hurt?

There is minor discomfort associated with the treatment. Cannulas used for Cheeks filler injections. The cannula is threaded to where the volume is required after local anaesthetic to numb the area. The dermal filler used for cheek augmentation does contain a local anaesthetic, so as it is injected it helps with comfort.

What Are Side Effects Of Cheek Enhancement?

As will all filler treatment there are side effects. The common ones with cheek augmentation include swelling, bruising and discomfort afterwards.
The risk of infection is small but possible. We ask you not to touch your face afterwards, avoid makeup and skin care.
There are some more serious possible side effects, and our Doctor will go through this at the time of consultation so you can make informed consent.

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Cheek Implants

Non-surgical cheek fillers have largely replaced surgical cheek implants. Filler treatment creates a temporary soft implant. Surgical vs. non-surgical approaches vary in cost, downtime, the risk involved, longevity and efficiency. The non-surgical approach has almost entirely replaced surgical cheek implants.

Not only can treatment be performed without surgery, the downtime and risks associated with this. Because it is temporary, the filler cheek implant can be refreshed to give you a more natural look.

Another significant factor is cost. Cheek fillers cost much less than surgical cheek implants.

Free Consultation With Our Team

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redirected Lip Enhancement From 389 per ml
Cosmetic Lip Injections & Lip Fillers

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Lip enhancement uses dermal filler to enhance the appearance of your lips or to treat lip wrinkles. You choose whether you want increased volume or to restore lips.

Enhancing Your Natural Features

Lip fillers are used to create plumper  lips.

Lips are a central feature of your face. Younger women choose to enhance their natural features. Some women prefer a subtle enhancement while others want a bigger  pout. Our Doctors and Nurses offer a free consultation to find out how you want your lips to look.

lipfillerpoutLip Wrinkle Treatments

To give your lips a smoother border, reduce lipstick bleeds and smokers lines.

Over time with movement around the lips some women develop upper lip wrinkles. These can be made worse by smoking. So called smokers lines are not always caused by smoking. Treatment of lip wrinkles involves placing filler under the lip lines. Sometimes the lip boarder is also treated to give more support. This treatment is not about increasing lip volume.

Lip Enhancement For Less Young Lips

Adding fillers restores volume that has been lost naturally over time.

Over time our lips naturally get thinner.

Lip fillers create a defined boarder, cupids bow, smooth upper lip lines and increase the volume for lip rejuvenation.

[caption id="attachment_8352" align="alignleft" width="300"]*results are individual *results are individual[/caption]

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Lip Fillers For Men

Some men also choose to get fillers for their lips.
This can be about making lips bigger for more fullness.
Men also loose volume from their lips over time.
They do not develop upper lip wrinkles because facial hair and increased collagen content.

Which Filler Is Best?

The choice of filler depends on what you want to achieve with your lip enhancement.

This also determines how much filler is used.

  • For lip wrinkle treatments 1ml of a thin filler is used.

    [caption id="attachment_8269" align="alignleft" width="200"]*results are individual *results are individual[/caption]

  • Subtle lip enhancement uses 1 ml of a thin filler
  • If you require a bigger volume  1ml of thicker filler or 2ml of a thin filler.

What Is Involved In Lip Enhancement

Most lip fillers contain local anaesthetic so you do not require dental block.

  • A numbing cream is applied 20 minutes before lip injections.
  • The treatment takes 20 minutes
  • You will feel some needle pricking at the starting injection but quickly the lips should feel numb.

There will be minor swelling of the area after treatment.

  • The swelling takes 1 -2 days to settle.
  • In some people this swelling is more

There is risk of bruising.

[caption id="attachment_8276" align="alignleft" width="300"]*results are individual *results are individual[/caption]
  • Plan your lip injections 1-2 weeks prior to special events.

How Long Does Lip Enhancement Last?

Generally lip fillers will last 6-12 months. This depends on the individual. With lip wrinkle treatments it is usually best to get a top up treatment around 6 months. After the second treatment you may find the lip treatment lasts longer.

Free Assessment For Lip Enhancements

The first step is a free assessment with our Doctors or Nurse to determine what you want to achieve with your lip enhancement.

There is no obligation with the assessment so call us on 3350 5447 to arrange a free consultation at the outset.

Lip Fillers Cost

The cost of lip fillers depends on what product and how much is used. The cost varies from 389 to 790. This will be discussed in your free consultation.

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redirectedTear Trough Filler Brisbane, Under Eye Fillers and Rejuvenation

Tear troughs fillers or under eye fillers are used to rejuvenate dark circles and eye bags. The tear trough develops under the eye from volume loss in the area. The face fat pads that are present in youth gradually deflate and move south, leading to under eye hollowing, the formation of dark circles and the appearance under eye bags. These factors combine to give a tired and more aged look.

*results are individual and can vary

Generally, this is a process that starts in mid to late 30’s. However, some people have less fat and the appearance of dark under eye circles can appear earlier. Dark circles can also be caused by pigmentation in the area, under eye fillers will not do anything to correct pigmentation. If the appearance of dark circles and under eye bags is from volume loss, fillers can help lift and lessen the appearance. The skin in the tear trough area is quite thin so care and experience are necessary to treat this area to achieve a good result.

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What Are The Best Under Eye Fillers?

The best fillers for under eye rejuvenation depend on what is happening with your face. A thick filler placed deeply is often the best approach and can be used in combination with cheek fillers. However depending on your skin and fat around the eye more superficial fine filler is chosen. We offer an obligation free assessment with our Doctor to discuss this, and its suitability to your desired results.

Another approach to treating dark circles is using collagen stimulating therapy such as PRP. This treatment requires your blood be taken and spun in centrifuge and then re-injected into the areas requiring restoration.

Who Would Benefit from Tear Trough Fillers?

Tear trough fillers are a form of treatment for people with under eye bags who are not ready for surgery. Not everyone is suitable for this non-surgical approach, and your suitability for this procedure will be assessed by our doctors in your free, no obligation consultation. It also could be suitable for people that have the appearance of dark circles under the eye caused from volume loss and shadowing. The procedure is also an option for those who have a tired or drawn look due to the loss of natural volume in the under-eye area, or people with under eye wrinkles

What Is Involved In Tear Trough Filler Treatment?

  • You need to allow up to an hour for the treatment.
  • A needle or cannula is used.
  • Surprisingly this treatment is not that painful. As the skin around the eye is less sensitive than other areas of the face.
  • There is no downtime after under eye fillers, you can go back to work, though most people choose to get this at the end of the day so they can go home as we do not want you putting makeup on the area.
  • There is can be redness and swelling after treatment, although this tends to be minimal.
  • The area around the eye is vascular so there is risk of bruising.

There is small risk of more serious side effects which our Doctors will go over fully in your free consultation. The risk of a small lump of product being visible can be treated by massage or dissolved if persistent.

Over time and are caused from volume loss and changes the mid face region. Under eyes puffiness or bags develop from weakness to the muscles under the eye area.

  • Under eye filler treatment can lessen the shadow appearance of dark circles and generally improve the cosmetic appearance of puffiness or ‘under eye bags’.


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redirected Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Skin pigmentation treatment is tailored to your skin. The two main causes of pigmentation are sun damage and melasma.
Each of these is treated differently.

Diagnosis Of Skin Pigmentation

Pigmentation presents as brown spots on the skin.

  • The most common cause is non cancerous sun damage. (freckles, sun spots or age spots)
  • Hormonal pigmentation is the second major cause.(melasma)

The type and depth of skin pigmentation must be determined to formulate a treatment plan.

Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Once a diagnosis is made of the type of pigmentation there are several treatment approaches including:

  • IPL (intense pulsed light treatment)
  • skin peels
  • prescription skin creams
  • laser treatment

Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Sun Damage Pigmentation

Pigmentation caused from sun damage can be treated with IPL, skin lightening creams, peels, laser.
IPL treatment is effective to restore an even skin colour and for most sun damage.

  • Generally 4 treatments are required monthly.
  • Full face IPL cost 250.
  • After each treatment you see progressive lightening of pigmentation.

Melasma Pigmentation Treatment

Melasma should not be treated with IPL or laser as this can make it worse. Melasma treatment is best approached with skin lightening creams and peels. We recommend Vitamin A peels as an effective approach and prescription treatment from our Doctors.

We offer you a free assessment with our Doctors, Nurses and therapists for you to discuss your concerns and treatment options.

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redirected Acne Scar Needling & Alternative Treatments For Acne Scar Removal.

Skin Needling is a recognised treatment option for Acne Scars. Dermapen skin needling is a treatment that stimulates your skin’s own natural healing ability to remodel collagen to reduce the appearance of acne scars. We have mostly moved over to use radio frequency resurfacing for acne scarring. Called the eMatrix or eTwo it provides consistently better results to provide smoother skin.

To understand how different treatment works to help reduce acne scars and to understand emerging technologies, so you can make the best decision which treatment is right for you, we discuss the range of acne scar treatments.

To fill you in a little on needling for acne scars and how it works.

Dermapen – Skin Needling.

Skin Needling is a recognised treatment option for Acne Scars. It has been used in Cosmetic Medicine for over a decade. The original skin needling was performed with either a tattoo gun or a skin roller.

How Does Skin Needling Improve Acne Scars?

Skin Needling produces deposition of woven collagen, similar to fractional laser treatments but without the side effects and downtime. It is more effective than microdermabrasion and most chemical peels. Skin Needling stimulates collagen growth
under the acne scars to improve the cosmetic appearance of the skin.

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What Is Involved In Acne Scar Needling?

  • Skin needling is performed with the dermapen
  • Topical Anesthetic is used to numb the area
  • The fine need penetrates through the surface layer of skin
  • The surface layers seals and heals quickly
  • The controlled dermal damage result in breaking down of scar collagen
  • Growth factors are released which cause your skin to produce new collagen.
  • In this way the appearance of acne scarring can be reduced.

Dermapen vs Dermal Rollers

Skin needling was first introduced using dermal rollers when it was observed that needling of scar tissue reduced the scar to give a healthier skin surface.
The Dermapen is a newer technology. With the Dermapen the depth of penetration can be adjusted according to the to scar or skin condition being treated.

Options For Acne Scar Treatment

There are other options for acne scar treatment. The recommended treatment varies depending on the type of scarring and severity.

Skin Needling With Dermapen.

Dermapen is a skin needling treatment for acne scarring and facial rejuvenation.

The original skin needling was with dermal rollers. Dermapen gives a more accurate dermal penetration.
It is best for treating early mild to moderate acne scars. eMatrix or fractional laser resurfacing are alternatives for treating acne scarring.

Dermapen Skin Needling Quick Facts.

  • Needling works by breaking down acne scar and stimulating new collagen to fill under scarred areas.
  • Dermapen skin needling is non-laser fractional resurfacing
  • Skin needling can be used for all skin types (light to dark)
  • No referral is required, you can book in for a free assessment.
  • Skin needling works by remodelling collagen under the acne scars


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How Does Dermapen Skin Needling Improve Acne Scars?

Skin needling was first introduced to cosmetic medicine over 10 years ago. The original dermal rollers provided the first non-laser treatment for acne scars.
The Dermapen evolved from these, providing precise penetration to the dermis up to 2.5mm.

  • Skin needling works by creating multiple pin point wounds into the skin.
  • The surface seals and heals quickly.
  • The healing then happens under the skin.
  • The needling helps break down acne scar
  • Growth factors are released that cause new collagen to be laid down.

Dermapen Skin Needling Vs Laser For Acne Scars.

Lasers can achieve superior results with acne scarring and better treatment for old and severe scarring.
The advantages of Dermapen skin needling are:
• Less downtime
• Costs much less from 330 per session.
• Can be used on all skin types.

Dermapen Skin Needling Vs eMatrix For Acne Scars.

Dermapen skin needling is a treatment that stimulates your skins natural healing to reduce acne scars. In our practice we now mainly use
eMatrix a sublative radiofrequency for treatment of acne scars. This costs the same as Dermapen treatment.

eMatrix uses radiofrequency to target the dermal layer under acne scarring, releasing the scar tissue and stimulating collagen repair.
This is called collagen induction therapy.

Cost Of eMatrix vs Dermapen Skin Needling?

eMatrix costs $330 per treatment. Four treatments are all that is required. (Some people do need more). The overall cost of eMatrix is about the same as Dermapen Skin Needling. However, the results are faster and fewer treatments are required.

Dermapen Skin Needling Vs PRP For Acne Scars.

What Can Be Treated With Dermapen?

Dermapen skin needling is most commonly used for acne scars however it can also be used in the treatment of:
• Skin texture concerns, fine lines& wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun damaged skin
• Stretch marks
• Chicken pox scars
• Any body or face scar.

How Does Dermapen Skin Needling Reduce Acne Scarring?


  • To remodel any scar you need:


Firstly to break down the areas of scar collagen and
Secondly to stimulate new collagen to repair the zones of the scars.
Skin needling achieves this by physically breaking down the scar, causing the release of growth factors which stimulate new collagen production.

What To Expect After Dermapen Skin Needling.

• There will be redness and swelling that last 1-2 days after treatment. Some people with more sensitive skin or with a tendency to swelling this can last longer.
• Bruising is rare but occasionally does occur and can take up to 7 days to subside.
• 3-5 days after the treatment there can be flaking or peeling of the skin, depending on the depth of needling.

The surface of your skin seals and heals quickly, after about a week your skin is pretty much back to normal. Under the skin, the process of collagen remodelling starts. The collagen induction peaks at 12 weeks but can continue for up to 12 months.

How Much Improvement Can I Expect With Skin Needling?


  • The results of skin needling are progressive over several treatments.
  • Generally 3- 6 treatments are recommended in a package, spaced 6 weeks apart.
  • The number of treatments depends on your response to treatments.


The results are individual and can depend on factors such as your general skin health as well as your intake of fresh fruit & vegetables. Taking Vitamin C & Zinc before treatment can improve results.

What can you do to improve the outcome?


  • Start on prescription Vitamin A cream at least two weeks before treatment.
  • Eat healthy diet with fresh fruit & vegetables.
  • Consider taking Vitamin c & Zinc while you are receiving treatment.


What Are The Side Effects Of Dermapen Skin Needling?

Side effects from skin needling are rare but can include:


  • Infection. If you have a history of cold sores, we ask you to take prophylaxis beforehand.
  • Bruising is rare, this can be lessened by taking arnica before if you tend to bruising, or use of Hirudoid cream once the skin has healed. (after five days)
  • Prolonged/delayed swelling is very rare. Swelling can be treated with an antihistamine.
  • Depigmentation or hyperpigmentation is also very rare, but can occur.

If there are unexpected outcomes after treatment it is important to call us.

How Much Does Dermapen Skin Needling Cost?

Dermapen small area – both cheeks costs 240
Dermapen Skin Needling large areas costs 330

Is Dermapen Skin Needling Or eMatrix Acne Scar Treatment Best For You?

We offer you a free assessment with our experienced Cosmetic Doctors, Nurses & Dermal Therapists. We will assess your skin and be able to discuss your treatment options.

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5 Areas Treated With Dermal Fillers

Which Areas Can Be Treated With Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are substances that are injected into the skin to either treat signs of facial aging and to enhance or restore a more balanced appearance to facial features.   As an anti-aging treatment Facial wrinkles and lines can be injected and facial volume loss can be replaced. However, the most common dermal filler areas are more often about natural enhancement rather than strictly preventing aging. 

The 5 Most Common Areas For Facial Fillers.

  1. Lips & Lip enhancement with lip fillers is the number one area for dermal filler treatment.  Lips injections are commonly used as a purely natural enhancement by less young women who want a bigger pout. Lip injections, however, can be a more subtle increase in volume to create more symmetry or to slightly plump lips that have lost volume through aging. Less young women who see treatment for lips wrinkles as facial rejuvenation. 
  2. Nose & Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty. Used to improve the appearance of nose bumps or hooks, flatness of the bridge of the nose or correct asymmetry.  Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgical treatments, so it is no surprise that as soon as injectable rhinoplasty became a thing, it has grown and continues to grow in popularity. Many, but not all nose concerns can be addressed without surgery.
  3. Cheeks & Cheek Enhancement. Cheeks are common areas for facial filler. Cheek enhancement is used to replace volume loss in the cheek area.  It is one dermal filler area that can achieve a remarkable improvement in cosmetic appearance. Cheek augmentation is also used for young when who want to glamorise their appearance. 
  4. Under eye Fillers – young and less young people get fillers under the eye to lessen the appearance of dark circles, under eye bags, under eye hollows or eye wrinkles.
  5. Cheek lines & Wrinkles -unlike cheek enhancement, cheek line fillers are about plumping our facial wrinkles. The lower cheek area wrinkles can also be addressed with skin tightening or plasma skin tightening.

Other dermal filler areas include nasolabial lines, marionette lines, cheek lines and other concerns.

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redirected Dark Circles Under Eyes, 3 Causes & Treatment

Dark circles under the eyes are very common. There are three main causes and help is available for each.

Dark Circles – 3 Main Causes

dark circles under eyes
The first two are caused from loss of volume under the eye area. Naturally over time the collagen decreases in your skin. At the same time fat pads in your face lessen and move down.

1. Tear Troughs & Under Eye Hollows

The fat pad under your eyes moves downwards. This causes a hollow or tear trough to form. The dark appearance is from a shadow in the area of the tear trough. Under eyes puffiness or bags develop from weakness to the muscles under the eye area.

Under eye filler treatment can lessen the shadow appearance of dark circles.
Generally filler will improve the cosmetic appearance of puffiness or ‘under eye bags’.

  • Filler can be placed in the cheek area or directly in the tear trough.
  • It can help lessen the appearance of dark circles and under eye bags.


2. Blue To Purple Discolouration.

Because of thinning of the skin blue to purple blood vessels can be seen through your skin.

Lack of sleep makes this discolouration worse as they cause the vessels to dilate. Sometimes pigment ‘hemosiderin’ from the blood vessels seeps into the skin.

Treatment Of Bluish Discolouration

First up, make sure you get enough sleep. Using cold tea bags or cucumbers can help by shrinking the blood vessels. If this does not work, concealer will disguise this. Vitamin K cream can also help break down the pigment.

Vascular lasers can also help and once again dermal fillers can help lessen the appearance by giving the skin more volume.

3. Brown Discolouration From Sun

This is caused from your skin cells producing to much melanin.
You skin naturally produces melanin when exposed to sun. Especially in climates like Brisbane with sun most days of the year it is important to wear sunscreen. If your eye area is exposed some people have genetic predisposition to darking around the eyes from melanin.

The important factor in decreasing these dark circles is wearing concealer, sunscreen, hats and sun protection. It is important to get a non chemical sunscreen as these irritate eyes.

Your first step is assessment.

We diagnose what is causing the dark circles and then can advise which treatments are best

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redirected Melasma

Melasma is a particularly difficult pigmentation to treat and can never be ‘cured’, but there are treatment options that can lighten it to a cosmetically acceptable level. Correct diagnosis of melasma as well as the depth in the skin is essential before treatment can be planned.

Melasma Quick Facts

  • Melasma appears as map like brown patches most common on upper lip, cheeks and the forehead.
  • Melasma is caused from sun exposure + oestrogen which is why it occurs in women and more common while on the oral contraceptive pill.
  • Sunscreen is the most important treatment measure you can take.
  • A combination of superficial peels and prescription lightening agents are effective in fading melasma in a high percentage of women.
  • IPL and other inappropriate treatments can worsen melasma.
  • Newer Fractional lasers can be used but are not recommended as first line treatment.

Skin Revision Treatment of Melasma

We have found that compounded creams containing vitamin A, vitamin C and hydroquinone combined with a series of peels can be effective in achieving lightening of melasma in the majority of women.

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redirected Tear Trough Fillers

Tear troughs or dark circles under the eye are grooves that lie beneath the lower eyelids. Sometimes the tear trough is exacerbated by a puffy lower eyelid.

Bagginess under the eye cannot be removed without surgery. Filling the tear trough can sometimes reduce the dark circles and improve the cosmetic appearance.

Treatment Of Midface Frame Impacts On Under Eye Area

Sometimes treatment of volume loss in the midface area improves the appearance of dark circles without treating tear trough area. Without assessing your face we cannot give an opinion on what will help with specific cosmetic concerns.

Dermal filler injections to treat dark circles under the eye.

Not everyone is suitable for tear trough fillers and you will need to assessed by one of our Doctors to determine if your concern can be helped.

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* DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person.