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non-surgical lipolysis & non-laser fat removal

Choices For Lipolysis

At SkinRevision We offer two forms of non-laser lipolysis Vanquish ME radiofrequency non-surgical circumferential reduction and Cooltech fat Freezing Cryo-lipolysis. Both are excellent non-surgical body sculpting treatments. Which treatment is best for you depends on an assessment of your body sculpting goals. 

VANQUISH works by selectively heating fat cells, which encourages shrinkage and elimination. It treats up to six times the area of Cooltech. Works best on people with higher BMI for tummy fat and inner and outer thighs. 

COOLTECH works by fat freezing. It works best for spot reduction of stubborn fat pockets. It is best for people with nearly normal BMI. 

VANQUISH Body Sculpting

  • Can be used to treat tummy, love handles, inner & outer thigh.
  • The Procedure takes 30 minutes – 60 minutes.
  • Four treatments are indicated, but some people require more.
  • Treats up to 6 times the area of CoolSculpting per treatment
  • Depending on your body-sculpting needs treatment protocols are adjusted.
  • Cost of treatment is 390 per session for tummy and 490 for thighs.

Free Assessment

We offer a free assessment with our body therapists to help you decide whether Vanquish or Cool Body Sculpting is a better approach to your fat reduction goals.  Our Doctor Shadi also provides free consultations for Liposuction and HCG diet prescription.  So whether it is liposuction or non-surgical liposuction or diet for fat reduction we have many bases covered.

Liposuction Cost  $3950 per area

Cool Body Sculpting  from $330 per area

Vanquish $390 – $490 per treatment

HCG Diet 3 & 6 Week courses available.

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*results are individual

*results are individual

*results are individual

How Does BTL Vanquish Me Work?

BTL selective radiofrequency works on the circumferential reduction of the tummy area or inner and outer thighs. Vanquish works by disrupting fat cells by heating adipose tissue. The heating causes fat cells shrinkage and elimination.

What Is The Vanquish Procedure?

The Vanquish is a non-invasive Selective RF system designed to deliver energy to areas of unwanted fat. It is used to treat the belly, love handle, inner & outer thigh. The results are individual over four treatment session.

Who Is A Candidate For The Vanquish?

The Vanquish is for men and women who have areas of unwanted fat. Both Men and women who desire a circumferential reduction in tummy and thigh areas. Unlike many non-surgical body sculpting treatments, even people with a higher BMI respond.

The Vanquish is not a weight reduction treatment for people who are overweight, liposuction or gastric banding may be more appropriate in these cases. It is used on medium areas of unwanted fat in the belly, love handle, inner & outer thigh area, treating up to 6 times the area of CoolSculpting.

Is Diet & Exercise Required To See Results?

No special diet or exercise regimen is required. However many people decide to live a healthier lifestyle once they’ve received the Vanquish treatments. The only thing needed to prepare your body for procedures is proper hydration. You will be asked to drink plenty of water the day before, the day of and the day after treatments. Hydrated fat cells not only helps with the radiofrequency treatment but also helps get rid of excess fluid and aids in the metabolic process.

How Long Do The Vanquish Results Last?

We believe your results will last as long as you maintain your current weight and lifestyle.



*Results of Vanquish Treatments are Individual.

How Does The Treatment Feel?

You will lie in a comfortable position with the treatment are covered with Vanquish handpiece. The Vanquish is placed over the treatment area. As the therapy progresses, you will feel mild to moderate heat sensation. You can close your eyes and relax or read a magazine. Our therapists will stay with you during the entire treatment.

Is There Pain Or Side Effects With Vanquish?

  • There is no pain associated with treatments.
  • During the therapy, you will feel a mild to moderate heat sensation.
  • Side effects are minimal and include mild redness, warmth or tissue tenderness.
  • After treatments, some people do experience isolated areas of tender lumps which can be painful.
  • Our Team will give you more information on what to expect during and after treatments.

Can I Return To Normal Activities After Vanquish?

Yes, you can return to your usual routine right after your treatment. While you may experience mild redness and warmth after the session, these side effects last only minutes to hours and have no impact on your daily life. Some people do have a more severe local tenderness that does require panadol or pain relief.

Overview of Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatments

Currently, there are four main non-surgical fat removal techniques in cosmetic medicine; radio frequency (RF) lipolysis, Cryo-lipolysis or fat freezing, laser lipolysis or low-level laser therapy (LLLT), and high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). These different technologies are aimed at localised fat removal. Surgical lipolysis includes liposuction.

Radiofrequency Lipolysis with Vanquish Me

BTL has been the leaders in developing non-invasive fat reduction treatments. Their first radiofrequency lipolysis machine the Exilis though useful was limited by heating of skin on contact. They went onto developing the Vanquish, and the upgraded Vanquish ME which relies on no touch creating a radiofrequency field to target subcutaneous fat cells with the aim of bringing about apoptosis. Multiple studies are showing effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

Long-term follow-up on patients treated for abdominal fat using a selective contactless radiofrequency device.

A Clinical Evaluation of a Next Generation, Non-Invasive, Selective Radiofrequency, Hands-Free, Body-Shaping Device

“Hands-Free” Noninvasive Body Contouring Devices: Review of Effectiveness and Patient Satisfaction

Cryo Lipolysis with Cooltech

Cryo- lipolysis is the medical treatment of freezing fat cells. The principal is to cool fat cells to subzero temperatures for non-invasive reduction of fat deposits to shape and contour. As fat is more susceptible to cold than other tissue, this controlled cooling causes apoptosis of fat tissue without harming skin and other tissue. Cryolipolysis is well accepted as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. The cryo lipolysis machines available in Australia include Coolsculpting, Cooltech, Clatuu and MiCool. Multiple studies have been conducted to confirm the effectiveness of cryolipolysis.

Laser Lipolysis or Laser Lipo and Sculpsure

Low-level laser therapy or laser lipo uses a laser to bring about fat reduction. The effectiveness of laser lipolysis has been studied, but the mechanism of action and efficacy are not consistent.

High-intensity focused ultrasound for Lipolysis

Vanquish Before & After Photos

As well as the Vanquish before & after photos above, we have more in the clinic. Call us on 3350 5447 to book a free assessment.

*results are individual
Vanquish to Tummy and Flanks

*results are individual
Vanquish to Tummy

*results are individual
Vanquish Tummy

*results are individual
Eight Vanquish to Tummy

*results are Individual
Vanquish to Tummy

* Treatment results vary between individuals.

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