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Author: Dr Jo Turner

redirected Treatment of Jowls, Dermal Fillers, Facial Threads & Facelifting to Lift Jowl

‘Jowls’ is a common term used to describe changes to the jawline area that develop from changes to the face naturally over time with volume loss.   Both non-surgical and surgical approaches can be used, depending on the desired outcome.

Dermal fillers can address many areas of concern to restore more youthful jawline definition, however, if more advanced facial tightening, facial threads or facelifting are required to obtain significant outcomes.

What Does The Term Jowls Mean?

‘Jowls’ is a common term used to describe changes to the jawline area that develop as facial fat pads are pulled down with gravity. Traditionally surgery was the only option to improve jawline definition. Sometimes surgery is still required, depending on how advanced. There are now some non-surgical options that contribute to enhancing jawline definition.

Treatment Of The Jowl Area

1. Treatment of Jowls with Dermal fillers: Fillers can is used judiciously to plump marionette lines and restore jawline definition. Excessive filler in this area, or inappropriately place filler can cause added heaviness.

2. Non-surgical lower face volumising with ePrime radiofrequency is another non-surgical approach to returning more definition to your jawline and neck.

3. Thread lifts can help ease jowls and increase jawline definition by lifting the lower face. This can be used in combination with a neck lift, midface or forehead lift to successfully rejuvenate your appearance.

4. Facelifts are the ultimate for advanced jawline disruption.  There are cost and downtime involved with this approach, but when jowls are advanced non-surgical procedures will not provide the suitable rejuvenation.

Are you concerned with jowls?

We offer you a free assessment with our Cosmetic Doctors to assess which treatment approach can help with your concern. There is no obligation with this evaluation.


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Nefertiti Lift, Improve Sagging Jawline, Define Jowls and Neck Tightening.

The Nefertiti Lift achieves a more defined looking jawline and tightens the skin on the neck. It uses advanced techniques injecting muscle relaxants into lower face and neck, creating a jaw lift and neck lift without surgery. The treatment was developed by Dr Phillip Levy in France to provide a lifting around the jaw area. It is useful for a percentage of women and men. However, your facial and neck muscle need to be assessed carefully to see if the treatment will be sufficient for you.

There are other treatments which can help achieve a non-surgical jaw and neck lift or treat lower face sagging. These can lessen the appearance of jowls, help lift chin, fill marionette lines but assessment of your suitability for each is vital. Sometimes surgery is the recommended approach. At SkinRevision our Doctors provide obligation free evaluation and offer an honest opinion on what will and will not help. Call us at 3350 5447 or email any queries.

How Does The Nefertiti Lift Work?

The Nefertiti lift works by relaxing muscles in the jaw, and neck jaw which contributes to a downward pull along the jawline. Once these muscles are relaxed the net effect is an upward pull from facial muscles, creating a neck and jaw lift.

The two main muscles that pull the face down around the jawline are the Platysma muscles of the neck and a smaller muscle called the Depressor Anguli Oris (D.A.O).

What Creates the Nefertiti Neck Lift?

The Platysma muscles come from the face, across the jawline and into the neck. When you clench and project your jaw forward, you see vertical bands running down your throat. These are called the platysmal bands, and these have a net effect of dragging the skin of the jaw and neck down.

The Nefertiti neck lift involves injecting these muscles with a muscle relaxant. Over the next week, these muscles relax and can no longer exert the downward pull, so other muscles which work as elevators can work unopposed, giving a lift to the neck, jawline, jowls and even face.

Nefertiti Lift For Jowls

The second muscle the Depressor Anguli Oris (D.A.O) attaches from the corners of the mouth to the jaw and is responsible for turning the corners of the mouth down. The D.A.O is commonly injected at the same time as the platysmal bands when a Nefertiti lift is performed. However, it is not strictly part of the Nefertiti lift described by Dr Levy. Relaxing this muscle in combination with the platysmal bands adds to the lifting effect, adding increased definition especially a lift for the jowl area.

Nefertiti Lift Cost

The cost of a Nefertiti lift is exceptionally variable, reliant on how much muscle strength and movement there is pulling the neck and face skin down. We offer an obligation free assessment with our Doctors, to first see if you are suitable for this treatment, and then to provide an accurate quote. Call us at 3350 5447 or email any queries.

Other Treatments For Neck Tightening

There is a non-surgical treatment to tighten sagging neck skin, treat necklines, deal with double chins or under chin fat.

  • Neck tightening and sagging jawline treatment the ePrime radiofrequency.
  • Necklace lines and wrinkles and neck tightening eMatrix or eTwo radiofrequency.
  • Improving overall texture, finelines, necklines and wrinkles PRP treatment.
  • Double chin treatment, or under chin fat – Cryo-lipolysis or submental fat injections.

Other Treatments For Chin & Jawline

  • Face slimming to treat a  square jaw and bruxism – muscle relaxing injections
  • Treatment of dimpled chin to prevent witches chin – muscle relaxing injections
  • Jowl lift with dermal fillers

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Lip Tattoo, Lipstick and Lip Liner Tattoo for Permanent Lip Colour

[caption id="attachment_9336" align="alignleft" width="300"] *immediately after lip tattoo[/caption]

Cosmetic lip tattoo (lipstick tattoo or lip liner tattoo) so your lips look great 24 hours a day. It stops the hassle of having to reapply lip liner and lipstick, smudges on glasses and cups and lipstick bleeding. Imagine applying a little lip gloss for your lips to have a perfect shape, colour and pop.

Cosmetic lip liner and lipstick tattoo are the application of pigments to create a more desirable lip shape.

Lipstick Tattoo or Lip Liner Tattoo is Suitable for Young Women and less Young Women :

No matter your age, the reason is the same, though there are subtle differences between young and our less young ladies. For young women, a lip tattoo is about wanting to create a bigger or fuller look, without going down lip filler route and for our less young ladies, recreating the look of volume that has been lost naturally over time. For both it about having lips that look great 24/7 without applying lipliner and lipstick.

Lip Tattoo for Young Women

  • One of the biggest reasons young women elect to get permanent lip colour is they want their lips to look plumper & bigger without having lip fillers. They may be scared they will end up with a fake look from lip fillers, or they have seen a bad result. Lipstick tattoo involves tattooing a defined lip line and then infilling the colour. The colours tend to be natural looking, and Vicky will match to your skin tone and eye colour.
  • A second reason is to achieve increased lip line definition, as their lips do not have defined colour border. Creating a lip line with subtle colour fill will make your lips appear fuller without the addition of dermal fillers.
  • You may just be tired of applying lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss to have your lips pop.
  • Lipstick Tattoo for Less Young Ladies

  • Are tired of applying lipstick
  • Have lost volume naturally over time, lips have become less defined or smaller.
  • Ladies who want to create a perfect shape in lips with asymmetry
  • want a more defined lip shape
  • Ladies who simply want their makeup in place to look great 24/7
  • Lip Tattoo Makeup – what is involved?

    1. Initial consultation with Vicky for you to discuss what you want to achieve with your lip tattoo makeup. Decisions will be made on the colour, according to your preference, with guidance from Vicky according to your skin tone and eye colour.
    2. If you suffer from cold sores, you will be asked to take preventative measures, such as Zovirax.
    2. The numbing gel is applied at least 1/2 hour before commencing so your lips are numb.
    3. During the treatment, anaesthetic can be reapplied if required. (there is the option for a dental block, which needs to be pre-booked as our Doctors perform these)
    4. Vicky will draw up (mark the lip area)
    5. The procedure takes about 90 minutes.
    6. You will be given aftercare instructions and cream to apply to assist healing.
    7. Your perfection treatment is booked for 4 to 8 weeks.

    Lip Tattoo Cost

    Full Lip Tattoo (lipstick tattoo) – $695
    Perfection Treatment – $100

    Dental Block – $90
    Initial Consultation – Complimentary.

    Lipstick tattoo and lip liner tattoo: achieve the lips you want.

    Our cosmetic tattooist Victoria will lend her professional opinion on the style, shape and colour to enhance your natural lip features the choice is ultimately yours.

    Thinking About Lip Tattoo – Call 3350 5447 For A Complimentary With Vicky

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Eyebrow Tattoo – Perfectly Shaped & Defined Tattoo Eyebrows.

A cosmetic eyebrow tattoo is the application of pigments to create a more defined frame for your eyes. Eyebrow shape and colour draws attention to the eyes rather than detracting from them.

What Types Of Eyebrow Tattoo Is Available?

Hairstroke or Featherstroke Tattoo Eyebrows

Hairstroke refers to a precise technique of creating a new eyebrow shape by tattooing individual hairs into your brow. The strands are applied using a microblade tool, as this allows the creation of beautiful hairs. Also called eyebrow feathering, Victoria has developed skill in this technique for over ten years.

Hairstroke brows give a very natural effect, blending into your natural eyebrow. These brows can require a more frequent re-application but are suitable for women of all age.

Powder Eyebrow Tattoo

Powder brows is an eyebrow tattoo technique used for clients who like extra colour depth and definition. The most sort after for women 18 – 30-year-olds. Powder brows are performed in two stages. First, a shadow is created behind the eyebrow, using the tattoo machine. Secondly, a layer of hair strokes is formed with the microblade tool.

Why Choose Eyebrow Tattooing?

  • You want a more defined brow
  • You have fair brow hair that requires constant tinting and shaping to look as if you have any eyebrows
  • You want more fullness of the brows
  • You want to a new brow shape
  • You want to restore brow shape damaged from plucking or incorrect waxing
  • You suffer from alopecia
  • Your brows have thinned

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing: Achieve The Look You Want.

Our cosmetic tattooist Vicky will lend her opinion on the style, shape and colour to enhance your natural brow features, but the choice is ultimately yours. Vicky offers a free consultation for you to meet with her and go through the whole process before you make any decisions.

Eyebrow Tattoo Cost 595
Perfection Treatment 100

Click for the full range of Eyebrow Tattoo Before & Afters

Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

We also provide laser eyebrow tattoo removal for ladies who have had eyebrow tattoo that is poorly shaped, incorrect colour or you have simply changed your mind.  Most often Vicky can work with your existing eyebrow tattoo to create a cosmetically acceptable outcome. However, the best outcome is if a poorly designed eyebrow tattoo is removed with laser first. We have a laser technician, Cath O’Brien who specialises in cosmetic eyebrow tattoo removal.

Do You Want A Free Consultation For Cosmetic Tattooing or Tattoo Removal?

You have three choices to contact us for more information or a consultation.

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Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo

Eyeliner tattoo involves the application of pigments to create a more open and appealing look to the eyes. It has been a makeup trick of women for centuries to create more appealing looking eyes. The variation is cosmetic eyeliner tattooing is enormous, from a subtle natural look; implanting pigmentation in the lash line to create more definition and the appearance of thicker eyelashes, shadowing of colours to enhance the natural eye colour, to bold thicker application of eyeliner for a more exotic look.

Wake up with your eyes looking bright and defined and continue that look all day no matter how active you are without applying eyeline pencil.

Who gets Eyeliner Tattoo?

[caption id="attachment_9291" align="alignleft" width="300"] *results are individual[/caption]
  • have fair eyelashes and want definition to eye without applying makeup
  • want their eyes to look bigger
  • want a simpler makeup routine
  • want a more dramatic look to their eyes
  • have allergies to conventional makeup
  • What Is the Cost Of Eyeliner Tattoo

    Upper Eyeliner – $355
    Lower Eyeliner – $295
    Upper & Lower Eyeliner – $595

    There is a perfection treatment performed at 4- 8 weeks which costs $100.

    What Tools Are Used For Eyeliner Tattoo?

    eyeliner and brow tattooing

    Vicky uses a special cosmetic tattoo gun for application of eyeliner tattoo.


    • The lids are numbed, before the treatment commences + there is a second application numbing after the first pass of the gun
    • The treatment takes approximately 60 minutes from start to finish
    • There is generally significant swelling, and in some ladies this means the treatments will need to be divided into two
    • The makeup lasts 2-5 years, although it is individual, tattooing of the eyelids does tend to last longer than say brows tattoo


    Our cosmetic tattooist Victoria Berrigan will lend her professional opinion on the style, shape and colour to enhance your natural eye features the choice is ultimately yours.

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    redirected Cosmetic Tattooing Brisbane

    *Results from treatments vary between individuals.
    3d featherstrokestattoobrisbane

    Wake up with your makeup on.

    We feel more confident with a little bit of lip colour and our eyes and brows defined BUT most of us hate applying it every day. Look great 24/7 with Cosmetic tattooing to eyes, lips and brows. Make up that stay in place.

    Cosmetic Tattooing To Enhance Your Natural Features

    Cosmetic Tattooing is about feeling more confident to go out without makeup. It tends to look more natural than wearing make up because the pigments are in your skin. Especially with the latest 3d brows which involve creating individual hair strokes.

    10 Common reasons for cosmetic tattooing.

    1. You want defined, perfectly shaped brows! Yes that simple.
    2. Very fair complexion: Eyebrow, eyeliner and lip tattooing all enhance your natural features.
    *results vary between individuals
    featherstroke brow tattooing

    3. You want a natural ‘no’ makeup look. Modern cosmetic tattooing is very natural enhancement of your features.
    4. Old waxing or plucking accidents, that have created gaps in the brows that interfere with your best brow line. .
    5. Difficulty applying makeup. As you get less young makeup application can become difficult.
    6. You are sensitive to makeup. This is especially common with mascara.
    (Eyeliner makeup can define your eyes without the irritation.)
    7. Tired of makeup smudging or wearing off.
    (Lipstick bleeds, mascara that runs in heat, having to reapply lipstick constantly.)
    8. Ageing changes, cosmetic tattooing redefines a more youthful look to eyebrows and lip line.
    9. Having an active outdoor lifestyle where keeping your makeup in place is an up hill battle.
    10. Hair loss from alopecia, trauma or burns.
    (Eyebrow tattooing especially for alopecia can increase confidence.)

    *results vary between individuals
    permanent makeupbrisbane2

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    Cosmetic Tattooing For Perfectly Defined, Brows, Lips & Eyes

    Our Cosmetic Tattooist Vicky offers a free consultation: In this time she will go through what you want to achieve with your enhancement. Vicky has been tattooing for 8 years and specialises in tattooing for all age groups and all areas but she is passionate about brows.
    For young women eyebrow tattooing is about achieving perfectly defined, perfectly shaped brows without having to use powders, gels and pencils. As we get less young well defined brows framing the eyes make us look more youthful. Whatever your brow needs Vicky can help.

    brisbane cosmetic tattooing brows
    *results vary between individuals

    What is the difference between a cosmetic and tradition tattoo?

    Besides the obvious that a cosmetic tattoo is a semi permanent enhancement of natural features rather than an artistic statement, the
    placement of pigment, the machine and type of pigment used are different.

    Cosmetic tattooing involves using natural pigments, placed more superficially to create a softer less permanent enhancement.
    Cosmetic tattooing is commonly referred to as permanent makeup, however the pigments fade over time and  reapplication is required to maintain the permanent makeup look. Generally you will find the cosmetic tattoo lasts 2-5 years. By this time most ladies will seek to get it redone.

    Vicky will lend her professional opinion on the style, shape and colour to enhance your natural features but the choice is ultimately yours.

    Free Consultation For Cosmetic Tattooing

    *results vary between individuals
    featherstrokes eyebrow tattoo brisbane

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    Price For Cosmetic Tattooing

    PERFECTION TREATMENT (6 – 8 weeks after treatment) 100

    More Before & Afters – Eyebrow Tattoo, Lip Tattoo, Eyeliner Tattoo –

    *Results vary between individuals.

    [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="8334,8333,8336,8335,7522, 7519, 7528, 7170,7568,7598,7168,7561"]

    Permanent Makeup

    Wake up with your makeup on

    We all feel more confident with a little bit of lip colour and our eyes and brows defined, but most of us hate applying it every day. More than that, the cost associated with buying makeup is often expensive, with multiple products needed to achieve looks.

    Look great all of the time with permanent makeup, which you can get with us at SkinRevision. Although it carries the term ‘permanent’ in its title, the cosmetic tattooing fades over time, which requires touch up.

    With permanent makeup, people will be able to experience the effects of makeup without the hassle of putting it on and taking it off each day. We have a range of different techniques which will achieve different results and add emphasis to various areas, such as the lips, eyes and brows.

    Permanent makeup: the ‘soft natural look’ is in.

    With today’s beautiful soft palette and new techniques for permanent makeup, a soft natural look is possible. However, many women prefer a bold, dramatic look; the choice is yours. We offer different forms of permanent makeup so that you can

    Eyebrow application.

    With a soft natural look: using ‘hair strokes’ technique you achieve a more natural eye brow look rather than the old ‘nikko pen’ look.

    Eyeliner application.

    With a smudged natural look to define the eyes subtly rather than a block of colour, though some people prefer thicker, more dramatic or exotic look. Shades to enhance eye colour and eyelash enhancement are also very popular.

    Lip Colour, Lip Liner and Lip Blend

    With a soft natural colour palette that looks as if ‘you haven’t got makeup on’ or some ladies prefer a bolder application.

    Permanent Makeup with a Professional

    Our cosmetic tattooist Victoria will lend her professional opinion on the style, shape and colour to enhance your natural features the choice is ultimately yours.

    With our free assessment consultation, you will be able to talk to Vicky to establish the results you would like to reach and address any concerns that you may have.

    Our services also extend into lip filler, and cosmetic tattooing.

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    redirected Skin Rejuvenation: Treat The 7 Signs Of Aging

    Rejuvenation means to ‘renew’: and there are several cosmetic treatments that can assist in treating the 7 signs of aging to give a ‘renewed appearance’.

    As a Cosmetic Medicine Clinic, our core business is skin rejuvenation and treating all the 7 signs facial aging without surgery. We perform a free skin and facial analysis on you to help you understand what is happening with your skin and face and discuss options for treatment of cosmetic skin concerns.

    What are the 7 signs of facial aging?

    1. Skin tone changes: the skin becomes duller or more sallow.
    2. Skin texture changes: the skin becomes dry, rougher, coarser or leathery.
    3. Skin pores enlarge.
    4. Brown marks or pigmentation spots develop.
    5. Redness or broken capillaries appear commonly around nose, cheeks and chin.
    6. Wrinkles and lines develop.
    7. Our face loses volume and sags from gravity!!! Charming I know.

    We offer you a free assessment with our Doctors, Nurses and therapists for you to discuss your concerns and treatment options.

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    redirected Facial Pigmentation Treatment

    Facial pigmentation is caused from increased amounts of melanin deposited abnormally in the skin. Correct diagnosis is essential before treatment is planned.

    Common causes of facial pigmentation.

    1. Sun damage
    Brisbane sun has high UV levels so even with diligent sun protection our exposure is excessive resulting in facial pigmentation, surface capillaries and sun damage.

    Freckles, liver spots, age spots and sun spots are common terms to describe pigmentation caused from the sun.

    2. Hormonal
    Hormal pigmentation results from a combination of increased oestrogen and sun exsposure. Melasma or chloasma caused by pregnancy or the pill has a maplike appearance common on the upper lip, cheeks and forehead.

    Treatment of facial pigmentation depends on the cause.

    • Pigmentation from sundamage can be treated with IPL – intense pulsed light treatment, laser treatment, TCA or AHA peels and prescription creams.
    • Hormonal pigmentation responds better to skin lightening treatments combined with a series of AHA peels or fractional laser treatments.

    We offer you a free assessment with our Doctors, Nurses and therapists for you to discuss your concerns and treatment options.

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    redirected Treating Nose Veins

    Nose veins, Spider Veins are common terms used to describe thin surface vessels that become visible at the side of the nose but can affect the entire nose, cheeks and chin.

    Treatment Of  Nose Veins With Intense Pulsed Light.

    Spider veins around the nose tend to appear as faint lines that streak onto the cheek whereas veins on the nose tend to be more like a web giving the nose a diffuse red appearance. Intense Pulsed light treatment can be effective to treat these vessels.

    We have a Cutera IPL system that is effective for treating nose veins up to 2mm, diffuse redness, facial capillaries and rosacea.

    We offer you a free assessment with our Doctors, Nurses and therapists for you to discuss your concerns and treatment options.

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    * DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person.