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Anti Acne Diet Plan

clear skin diet & foods to avoid that cause acne



It was once wrongly believed that diet did not impact on acne. Over a decade ago groundbreaking research from RMIT University and the Department of Dermatology at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne provided scientific evidence that an acne diet plan can help settle acne.

The full original clear skin diet published by Women’s Weekly can be obtained by following the link above. There are a *few minor changes to current skin care and acne treatment advice which we have developed more understanding of, but the acne diet plan remains a solid intervention to help settle acne.

Acne Diet Plan Summary

  • Reduce sugars and high gi carbohydrates in your diet.
  • Increase protein from meat, fish sources.
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruit.
  • Eat whole grain and low gi carbohydrates.

Foods To Avoid That Cause Acne

  • Avoid sugary drinks, sodas, fruit juice, milk (including in your flat white)
  • Avoid white bread, white rice, pastries etc
  • Avoid biscuits, cakes, lollies, low quality chocolates
  • Avoid processed foods and foods with added sugars (check the labels)

How Long Does Clear Skin Diet Plan Take To Work?

The clear skin diet plan was shown to reduce acne by 50% over 12 weeks. Eating whole foods such as proteins and vegetables, stop insulin spiking caused by sugars and junk carbohydrates. They decrease inflammation and so may also have a role in preventing new outbreaks of acne. So your anti-acne diet plan should be considered an ongoing healthy eating plan. The acne diet has all sorts of other potential health benefits like preventing a host of chronic disease.

Acne Diet Plan As Part Of Treatment Plan

At Skin Revision, we advise adopting the acne diet plan as part of a broader treatment plan. Depending on the type and severity of your acne our team will provide more natural treatment options to settle your acne. The first step is an assessment with our therapist and Doctor. There is a charge to see our Doctor for medical skin conditions, but you get 100 % of this back on Medicare. The cost is generally $ 71.70

Most acne can now be settled without antibiotics or oral retinoids (up to 90%) using more natural light based treatments such as Kleresca acne treatment for cystic, moderate and severe acne, a range of affordable skincare, mechanical treatments or peels and our extraction facials.

The first step is to book in for a consultation with our Doctor or an initial free assessment with our therapist.

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