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Acne Skin Care Program

The basic essential step in treating acne is to adopt a good skin care plan that will address the underlying factors that cause blemishes. In people with mild acne a good acne skin care plan may be all that is required to keep blemishes under control. Once you have moderate to severe acne medical treatment will also be required.

Acne skin care program.

1. A gentle cleanser to remove oil build up, makeup and dirt from the surface of the skin, preparing it for any active product you put on. This should not be overly drying and should ideally be at a ph approximating that of the skin.

2. An exfoliant to accelerate removal of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin that may clog oil glands and cause blemishes. The best exfoliants to use are Salicylic Acids/ BHAs as these are oil soluble and penetrate the pores and clear the dead compacted cells causing obstruction.

3. Sunscreen- a gel based or non-pore obstructing sunscreen

Acne skin care may includes addition of;

• Non-prescription disinfectants benzoyl peroxide or tea tree oil
• Prescription topical antibiotic creams or retinoids.

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