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redirected Non Surgical Eye Lift – Lift a Droopy Eyelid and Brow Without a Blepharoplasty.

Create a more open appearance with your eyes and smooth the surrounding area with our non-surgical eye lift treatment at Skin Revision. Lifting the eyebrow creates a younger more refreshed look. Once upper eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty was the only option, however, now cosmetic injectables are an option for a sagging brow and droopy eyelid.

A non-invasive, easy eye-lift procedure

Non-Surgical eye lifts work to create an open eye look by lifting the brow’s position. Using a combination of cosmetic injectables can help achieve a smoother eye area and openness without surgery.
The result is not as dramatic as the eyelid surgery but can be useful option for women with early hooded eyes. We expect to achieve up to a 1-2 mm eye lift with wrinkle relaxing injections, and more definition and outer brow lift with dermal fillers.

We offer a free assessment to evaluate the area, and determine your suitability of our non-surgical eye lift. Sometimes blepharoplasty is the only answer, but if you are not ready for this, you may achieve enough of an eye lift without surgery. You get to discuss your options before you decide.

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Hooded Eyes and Droopy Eyelids Develop Naturally

Over time, the area around your eyes becomes less defined and brow sagging creates a hooded look. This is caused by gravity over time, loss of elasticity in skin and volume loss around the eyes. The result – less ‘open’ eyes, along with distracting lines and wrinkles.

Wrinkle relaxing injections not only smooth eye wrinkle and frown lines if used correctly they can contribute to a 1-2mm brow lift. The approach to modern cosmetic injecting is directed at this – opening the eyes.

Dermal fillers used around the brow (above or under) can create a brow arch and brow lift.

Note: Ptosis is the medical term for droopy eyelid. Most commonly in adults sagging eyelids develop as you get less young, as described above. There are some medical conditions that can cause this. If this is the case the sagging tends to occur in just one eye. Our Doctors will assess you fully before prescribing any action.

Non-surgical eye lifts Assessment

Contact Skin Revision today to book an obligation free initial consultation regarding our non-surgical eye lift. All our doctors have advanced training create eye lifts with cosmetic injectables and redefine your droopy eyelid without surgery. They will talk through the results that could be achieved, before you commit to any treatment. If you do require blepharoplasty we will let you know and refer you to a plastic surgeon.
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Jaw Slimming | Treat a Square Jaw or Bruxism with Anti-wrinkle Injections.

Face slimming with anti-wrinkle injections is used to change your facial shape from a square jaw into a more oval or heart shape. Treating a square jaw without surgery involves injections into the masseter muscles. As well as addressing a square jaw, the muscle-relaxing injections also treat bruxism.

Injections For Square Jaw and Face Slimming

The shape of the lower face can become square from overdeveloped muscles. This is a common genetic feature in some Asian ethnic origins or from teeth clenching or grinding known as bruxism.

It is of more concern for women as an oval face rather than square is recognised as more feminine. Squareness of the jaw when it becomes excessive can be treated with injections of muscle relaxants into the masseter muscles to create a slimming of the lower face and softening of the jawline.

Men seek this treatment when they have teeth grinding causing headaches that have not been relieved with more traditional therapies.

What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism is the medical name for teeth grinding or clenching. It commonly occurs at night time when you sleep. Bruxism can be caused or worsened by stress and anxiety. However, the most common underlying cause is unevenness in your mouth bite.

The bruxism is often detected by your partner, or from headaches, face or TMJ (temporal-mandibular joint pain) in the day. If left untreated it can result in worn teeth, disrupted sleep and recurrent headaches, as well as increased squareness of the jaw.

Other Methods For Correcting Teeth Grinding

Correcting the underlying bite problem or use of dental guards are two other common ways to relieve the bruxism and symptoms. However, correcting the teeth grinding will not slim the jaw or change the facial shape.

All our Doctors offer injections to treat square jaw for face slimming as well as treatment to ease bruxism and teeth grinding.

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Smile Lines or Laugh Lines and Face Lines

[caption id="attachment_9966" align="alignright" width="563"] Radiofrequency skin resurfacing with Profound. *results are individual[/caption]

Smile lines are also called laugh lines, cheek, accordion or merely face lines. Non-surgical treatment options include fillers and skin tightening. However, there are limitations with smile line fillers. If there is excessive skin laxity a thread or facelift is required for optimal results.

How do Smile Lines Form?

Smile lines or cheek lines develop naturally over time from a combination of muscle movement, skin laxity and facial volume loss.

Skin laxity occurs from sun exposure and natural ageing. Sun damage causes damage to elastin and depletion of Collagen and hyaluronic acid. Couple this with loss of fat volume and descent of fat pads there is a bunching of excess skin in the mid and lower face.

Lines on Cheek When You Smile?

The smile lines form because of the movement of smiling, causing the skin to crinkle out from the mouth. (This is why laugh lines are also called accordion lines.) Occur naturally over time from changes that occur to the face with repeated movement.

Treatment of Face Lines with Smile Line Fillers

Dermal fillers can be used to restore new volume to deeper layers of skin lessening the appearance of lines on your cheek when you smile. Smile line fillers are generally thicker fillers placed deeply. However thin fillers placed superficially also provide improvement.

If the face lines are more advanced or occur in areas other than the face other treatments may be more appropriate for your concern. These include anti-wrinkle injections or skin resurfacing with laser, radiofrequency or ultrasound.

With advanced skin laxity and sagging, treatment with Thread Lift or Facelift is the only option.

Free Assessment of Face Lines With Our Team.

We offer you a free assessment with our Cosmetic Doctors for you to discuss your concerns and treatment options.

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Vitamin A Peel for Acne, Pigmentation, Sun Damage & Anti-aging.

Vitamin A peel is used to improve skin health and to restore a healthy glow. It is particularly useful for anti-aging and acne treatment (pimples and hormonal breakouts).  And can also be used for blocked pores, congestion, pigmentation, sun-damaged skin, keratosis pilaris and general skin rejuvenation. The peel works by activating cell turnover, to exfoliate the surface cells, helping unclog pores and lift pigmentation. Vitamin A peel is a retinoic acid peel, which we have explicitly compounded for clinic use. It is a medical peel.

Vitamin A Peel

Vitamin A Peel Recommended For:

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • aging skin concerns
  • pigmentation from melasma or sun damage
  • acne breakouts
  • enlarged pores & congestion
  • keratosis pilaris
  • can help stretch marks.

What Does A Vitamin A Peel Involve?

Vitamin A peels are pain-free. Most people tolerate this except in cases of skin sensitivity. (People who have had reactions to vitamin A or glycolic peels are not good candidates.) You cannot have this peel if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Your skin peels two to five days after. So it is best to get the peel Wednesday or Thursday before a quiet weekend.
  • You will also need to stop skincare for a week after treatment.

The Vitamin A Peel Procedure

You face is first cleansed, and light microdermabrasion is performed to prepare the skin.
Our therapist or nurse massages the peel into your face. A second application can be applied if necessary.

  • Your face will have a yellow glow afterwards, so you probably want to go home.
  • 3 hours after application the peel is washed off.

The condition being addressed determines the number of treatments and the frequency. (monthly to 1/2 yearly)

What Does A Vitamin A Peel Cost?

The Vitamin A peel costs $165.

Free Assessment With Our Team.

We offer you a free assessment with our experienced Doctors and therapists for you to discuss your concerns and treatment options. We provide a range of facials including extraction facials,chemical peels microdermabrasion or skin needling.

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