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redirected Dark Circles Under Eyes, 3 Causes & Treatment

Dark circles under the eyes are very common. There are three main causes and help is available for each.

Dark Circles – 3 Main Causes

dark circles under eyes
The first two are caused from loss of volume under the eye area. Naturally over time the collagen decreases in your skin. At the same time fat pads in your face lessen and move down.

1. Tear Troughs & Under Eye Hollows

The fat pad under your eyes moves downwards. This causes a hollow or tear trough to form. The dark appearance is from a shadow in the area of the tear trough. Under eyes puffiness or bags develop from weakness to the muscles under the eye area.

Under eye filler treatment can lessen the shadow appearance of dark circles.
Generally filler will improve the cosmetic appearance of puffiness or ‘under eye bags’.

  • Filler can be placed in the cheek area or directly in the tear trough.
  • It can help lessen the appearance of dark circles and under eye bags.


2. Blue To Purple Discolouration.

Because of thinning of the skin blue to purple blood vessels can be seen through your skin.

Lack of sleep makes this discolouration worse as they cause the vessels to dilate. Sometimes pigment ‘hemosiderin’ from the blood vessels seeps into the skin.

Treatment Of Bluish Discolouration

First up, make sure you get enough sleep. Using cold tea bags or cucumbers can help by shrinking the blood vessels. If this does not work, concealer will disguise this. Vitamin K cream can also help break down the pigment.

Vascular lasers can also help and once again dermal fillers can help lessen the appearance by giving the skin more volume.

3. Brown Discolouration From Sun

This is caused from your skin cells producing to much melanin.
You skin naturally produces melanin when exposed to sun. Especially in climates like Brisbane with sun most days of the year it is important to wear sunscreen. If your eye area is exposed some people have genetic predisposition to darking around the eyes from melanin.

The important factor in decreasing these dark circles is wearing concealer, sunscreen, hats and sun protection. It is important to get a non chemical sunscreen as these irritate eyes.

Your first step is assessment.

We diagnose what is causing the dark circles and then can advise which treatments are best

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