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redirected Chemical peels: to improve skin colour, texture and quality.

A chemical peel removes surface layers of skin cells to bring about rejuvenation.

What is a chemical peel?

Vitamin A Peel
A chemical peel involves applying a solution to the skin to peel outer layers. This refreshes the skin to remove rough patches, reduce pigmentation, settle acne and improve skin texture.

Superficial peels include AHA (glycolic and lactic acid), BHA (salicylic acid), vitamin C and Vitamin A peels. Medium level peels include TCA peel. These cosmetic acids are used in varying strengths to rejuvenate sun damaged skin and pigmentation as well as clear acne.

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redirected Treatment of Jowls, Dermal Fillers, Facial Threads & Facelifting to Lift Jowl

‘Jowls’ is a common term used to describe changes to the jawline area that develop from changes to the face naturally over time with volume loss.   Both non-surgical and surgical approaches can be used, depending on the desired outcome.

Dermal fillers can address many areas of concern to restore more youthful jawline definition, however, if more advanced facial tightening, facial threads or facelifting are required to obtain significant outcomes.

What Does The Term Jowls Mean?

‘Jowls’ is a common term used to describe changes to the jawline area that develop as facial fat pads are pulled down with gravity. Traditionally surgery was the only option to improve jawline definition. Sometimes surgery is still required, depending on how advanced. There are now some non-surgical options that contribute to enhancing jawline definition.

Treatment Of The Jowl Area

1. Treatment of Jowls with Dermal fillers: Fillers can is used judiciously to plump marionette lines and restore jawline definition. Excessive filler in this area, or inappropriately place filler can cause added heaviness.

2. Non-surgical lower face volumising with ePrime radiofrequency is another non-surgical approach to returning more definition to your jawline and neck.

3. Thread lifts can help ease jowls and increase jawline definition by lifting the lower face. This can be used in combination with a neck lift, midface or forehead lift to successfully rejuvenate your appearance.

4. Facelifts are the ultimate for advanced jawline disruption.  There are cost and downtime involved with this approach, but when jowls are advanced non-surgical procedures will not provide the suitable rejuvenation.

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