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zzz redirected Treatment Of Chest Lines And Wrinkles

IPL can be used to restore an even skin colour to the chest or décolletage while treatments aimed at stimulating collagen such as vitamin A therapy, fractional skin resurfacing or PRP to helps reduce chest or décolletage lines and wrinkles to restore a more youthful appearance.

Changes To The Chest Area Over Time

The skin on the chest or décolletage changes over time mainly from sun exposure. As women, we tend to be good at protecting our faces and not so good at protecting the chest area. The changes to the décolletage progress slowly over years of repeated sun exposure causing loss of tissue elasticity and pigmentation changes.

Chest Lines And Wrinkles

The appearance of chest lines initially appears worse when you wake in the morning and disappear as the day progresses. (This is caused by sleeping in a position that compresses the skin). With time the lines become fixed and will not disappear during the day. These lines are can also be associated with the gradual change in colour with redness from capillaries or skin pigmentation appearing.

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