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redirected How To Treat Pigmentation Or Brown Marks

How to treat pigmentation? This depends on what is causing it.
Correct diagnosis is essential before planning treatment.

Common causes of skin pigmentation.

Freckles, age spots, liver spots and brown marks are common terms for skin pigmentation.

1. Sun damage
Brisbane sun has high UV levels so even with protection our exposure is excessive. The result is facial pigmentation, surface capillaries and sun damage. This results in blotchy discolouration, dryness and skin roughness.

2. Hormonal
Hormal pigmentation results from a combination of oestrogen and sun. Melasma or chloasma caused by pregnancy or the pill has a maplike appearance common on the upper lip, cheeks and forehead.

How To Treat Pigmentation

  • Pigmentation from sun damage can be treated with IPL, laser, peels and prescription creams.
  • Hormonal pigmentation responds better to skin lightening creams, peels or fractional laser treatments.
  • Skin pigmentation will fade with daily sun protection
  • During winter months is the best time to treat pigmentation.

Free Consultation To Discuss Your Options

There are treatment options available to help reduce pigmentation and return a more even colour to your skin. At SkinRevision we offer medical grade treatments including IPL and prescription peels and creams. The first step is a free consultation with one of our therapists, nurses or doctors. Once the cause of your pigmentation is diagnosed we can help with treatment options.

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