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Tear Trough Filler Brisbane
Under Eye Fillers and Rejuvenation

Tear troughs fillers or under eye fillers are used to rejuvenate dark circles and eye bags. The tear trough develops under the eye from volume loss in the area. The face fat pads that are present in youth gradually deflate and move south, leading to under eye hollowing, the formation of dark circles and the appearance under eye bags. These factors combine to give a tired and more aged look.


The volume loss is a process that starts in mid to late 30’s. However, some people have less fat, and the appearance of dark under eye circles can appear earlier. Dark circles can also be caused by pigmentation in the area, under eye fillers will not do anything to correct pigmentation. If the appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags are from volume loss, fillers can help lift and lessen the appearance. The skin in the tear trough area is quite thin, so care and experience are necessary to treat this area to achieve a good result.

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What Are The Best Under Eye Fillers?

The best fillers for under eye rejuvenation depend on what is happening with your face. A thick filler placed lower is often the best approach and can be used in combination with cheek fillers. However, depending on your skin and fat around the eye, a more superficial or thin filler can be chosen. We offer an obligation free assessment with our Doctor to discuss this, and its suitability to your desired results.

Another approach to treating dark circles is using collagen therapy such as PRP. This treatment requires your blood be taken, spun in centrifuge and then re-injected into the areas requiring restoration.

Who Would Benefit from Tear Trough Fillers?

Tear trough fillers are a form of treatment for people with under eye bags which are not ready for surgery. Not everyone is suitable for this non-surgical approach.  It also could be ideal for people that have the appearance of dark circles under the eye caused by volume loss and shadowing. The procedure is also an option for those who have a tired or drawn look due to the depletion of natural volume in the under-eye area, or people with under eye wrinkles.

What Is Involved In Tear Trough Filler Treatment?

  • You need to allow up to an hour for the treatment.
  • A needle or cannula is used.
  • Surprisingly this treatment is not that painful, as the skin around the eye is less sensitive than other areas of the face.
  • There is no downtime after, under eye fillers, you can go back to work, though most people choose to get this at the end of the day so they can go home as we do not want you putting makeup on the area.
  • There can be redness and swelling after treatment, although this tends to be minimal.
  • The area around the eye is vascular, so there is a risk of bruising.

There is a small risk of more severe side effects which our Doctors will go over comprehensively in your free consultation. Massage can treat the any small lump of the product being visible or dissolved if persistent.

Over time and are caused by volume loss and changes the mid-face region. Under eyes, puffiness or bags develop from weakness to the muscles under the eye area.

  • Under eye filler treatment can lessen the shadow appearance of dark circles and improve the cosmetic appearance of puffiness or ‘under eye bags’.


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