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Stretch Marks Treatment Brisbane
Stretch Marks Removal Without Laser

Stretch marks treatment involved combinations of PRP, micro needling, Radiofrequency and compounded Vitamin A creams. However, results are variable ranging from 30 – 80% improvement in the appearance of stretch marks, and depend on individual assessment. Young stretch marks removal is easier than for older stretch marks (striae is the medical term).

Stretch Marks Removal With PRP

It is impossible to remove striae altogether. Improving cosmetic appearance, not stretch mark removal, is the aim of treatment. PRP and micro needling are safe to use on all skin types, have a quick healing time with minimal risk of pigmentation changes to the skin. At SkinRevision We use a Mesotherapy v2 injector gun to administer PRP therapy. This striae treatment combines platelet rich plasma with micro needling and exact dose and penetration into your dermis for enhanced results.

Young Striae Treatment

Young striae that are still red-purple respond to vascular lasers, radiofrequency, PRP, as well as prescription vitamin A cream. Older stretch marks, do not respond to laser.

Why So Much Variation is Response to Stretch Marks Treatments

Striae are difficult to treat, and you should only expect a fading and improved cosmetic appearance. The results are individual and depend on factors like your immune system and systemic health.

Factors that impact positivity on healing include wellness factors: a healthy diet low in inflammatory factors, little stress, regular meditation exercise, etc. Factors that affect negatively are environmental factors that increase inflammation in the skin, smoking, excessive alcohol, or exposure to environmental pollution, stressful life situations, etc.

What Are Striae?

Stretch marks develop because of a tear in the deeper elastin and collagen layers of skin. The tears occur in times of rapid growth or weight gain, your skin cannot keep up with the growth. Teenage growth spurts and pregnancy are the most common causes. They are genetic, so if your mum and dad have them, chances are you will as well, and there is no sure way to prevent them. Striae most commonly appear on hips, thighs, buttocks, tummy and breast. All areas can be treated.

Do Stretch Marks Creams Work?

Unfortunately, you will be wasting your money purchasing the any of the myriads of creams purporting to remove your striae. Neither is there any evidence to support stretch mark cream preventing the onset. Prescription vitamin A has benefits combined with in clinic stretch marks treatment.

Stretch Marks Removal Options

We have two treatment options for improving striae. Prescription Vitamin A cream is used in combination if there is no contraindication.

1. PRP with V2 Mesotherapy Injector gun.
2. Sublative radio frequency with the eTwo

PRP with V2 Stretch Marks Treatment

PRP therapy involves taking your blood, concentrating the platelet rich plasma (PRP) in a centrifuge and injecting this back into your skin. The recommended treatment course is four treatments spaced fortnightly to monthly. Stretch Mark treatment costs $550 for an area approximately the size of your face.

eTwo Stretch Marks Treatment

The eTwo uses fractionated bi-polar radio frequency to penetrate through the skin giving a controlled injury to deeper skin layers stimulating collagen and elastin to be laying down. It also works to reduce blood vessels, so decreases the red/purple appearance of young stretch marks as well as healing the skin layers to improve the overall texture and appearance. Treatment cost is $660 for two treatments (One treatment is an area approximately the size of your face).

4+ treatments are required done at four-week intervals.

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