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Using food derived biomolecules
To optimise cellular protection.

Nutrigenomics is the use of food derived biomolecules to optimise cellular function. This has evolved from nutritional medicine.

What Is The Primary Purpose Of Nutrigenomic Formulations?

Nutrigenomic formulations are designed to harness your cells innate protection. They are derived from plant or animal foods and send signals to your DNA to enable the cell to function optimally.

The should be designed to work with Mother Nature not against her.

How Is Nutrigenomics Different From Taking Supplements?

Nutrigenomics involve the use of food derived molecules to ‘turn up’ or ‘turn down’ genes. To be called nutrigenomic the molecules are researched so we know which genes are activated. Supplements such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals may act to assist gut health or act as co-factors to help enzymes work in your body, but they do not necessarily have any impact on gene regulation.

How Do Nutrigenomic Molecules Work?

All of your cells contain sensors to detect when the cells are under stress. This could be increased free radical activity. Your cells then start producing antioxidant enzymes to return balance.

Nutrigenomics molecules like sulforaphane (su-4-a-fane) work by signalling your cells to produce natural antioxidants. This is enhancing your own natural cell defences.

What Is The Cell Defence System?

Our cells protect themselves from threats in many different ways. These threats include inflammatory chemicals produced from poor lifestyle choices:shutterstock_442281094

  • over-eating
  • poor diet
  • smoking
  • excessive alcohol.

Or from things we ingest (knowingly and unknowingly)

  • pharmaceutical drugs
  • pesticide residue
  • heavy metal contamination

There are over 2000 genes making up cellular defence, each one produces a specific protein or enzyme to deal with the toxins and chemicals. However all the genes in the defence system are activated by one switch. This is the Nrf2 ‘switch’. By active the Nrf2 switch the nutrigenomics molecule sulphoraphane activates protective genes to produce protective enzymes, remove toxins and heavy metals. It restores redox balance (antioxidant status). It enhances all cellular defences.

Could You Benefit from Nutrigenomics?

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