Non-surgical rhinoplasty or nose reshaping

Is used to improve cosmetic appearance of your nose. Nose fillers are used for a range of concerns, including smoothing small nose bumps and lumps or refining asian noses. Dr Shadi and Dr Elsa provide non surgical rhinoplasty with nose fillers.

Non-surgical nose contouring improves:

  • Lumps of Bumps your nose bridge – creating smoother profile
  • Flat bridge of asian nose – lifted to create more height
  • Broad noses – refined to create more definition
  • Crooked nose – made to look straighter or symmetrical
  • Nose droop – tip can be lifted (anti-aging or asian nose adjustment)
  • Post surgery imperfections – irregularities tweaked
  • Previous nose injuries – creating more regularity.
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    How Do Nose Fillers Change My Nose Shape

    Adding small amounts of filler can change the appearance of the nose without surgery. Lifting nose bridge, the nose tip, or plumping out your nose dip is easy to understand. But how can nose filler make your nose look smaller?

    The way light falls onto your face creates the definition and the way we perceive our features. Just with your body adjusting the clothes you wear, changes the how slim you look because it draws the eye to a slimmer point. The same with our noses.

    Can Our Doctors Help Improve Your Nose Concerns

    We offer a free consultation with our Doctors to assess your nose to see if a non surgical approach with help with your nose.

    Most commonly used to hide nose bumps or refine the look of Asian noses nose definition is also being added as anti-aging treatment.

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    What Happens To Your Nose As You Age

    The nose continues to elongate as you age.

    Though the rest of your skeleton stops growing some parts of the body continue to enlarge. The nose is one of these. But the elongation causes a drooping of the nose tip. Simple nose filler treatments can lift this tip.

    The nose continues to broaden.

    As the glands of the tip of the nose enlarge, the tip of the nose can appear more bulbous. This can be extreme in some people. This can be corrected with surgery, laser or other measures to reduce pore size.

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