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*Results vary between individuals.

Lip Fillers Price

The price of lip fillers depends on what product and how much is used.
The price varies from 389 to 790 (for specialised product)
This will be discussed in your free consultation.

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Why Enhance Your Lips With Lip Fillers?

Lips are a central feature on the face.
Along with eyes, lips are the important in terms of attraction.
The size and symmetry of lips is important.

    • Younger women choose to have plumper lips.
    • Women who have uneven or asymmetrical lips may have lip fillers to create more symmetry.
  • As we age our lips get smaller, so some women choose to return a more youthful volume.
  • Lip fillers are also used to treat lip wrinkles and lines.

lipfillersformen (002) *results vary between individuals

Lip Fillers For Men

  • Younger men choose lip filler to increase volume.
  • It could be because they have thin lips, or simply want bigger volume.
  • As they age some men choose lip filler for restoration, for a younger look.

liptreatmentbrisbane *results vary between individuals

Which Lips Fillers Are Best?

The choice of filler depends on what you want to achieve.

This also determines how much filler is used.

  • For lip wrinkle treatments 1ml of a thin filler is used.
  • Subtle lip enhancement uses 1 ml of a thin filler
  • If you require a bigger volume  1ml of thicker filler or 2ml of a thin filler.

Women and men of any age may choose to have their natural lip features enhanced.

lip enhancment brisbane
*results vary between individuals

What Is Involved In Lip Filler Treatment?

  • There are many different techniques.
  • In younger women fillers may be used more into the body of lip to create natural volume.
  • If treating lip wrinkles, the filler will be used more in the boarder and under lines.

How Long Does Lip Enhancement Last?

  • Generally lip fillers will last 6-12 months.
  • This depends on the individual and the filler used.
  • With lip wrinkle treatments it is usually best to get a top up treatment around 6 months.
  • After the second treatment you may find the lip treatment lasts longer.

lip injections brisbane
*results vary between individuals

Free Assessment For Lip Enhancements


The first step is a free assessment with our Doctors or Nurse to determine what you want to achieve with your lip enhancement.

There is no obligation with the assessment so call us on 3350 5447 to arrange a free consultation at the outset.

lip enhancement*results vary between individuals

What To Expect With Lip Filler Treatment.

  • A numbing cream is applied 20 minutes before lip injections.
  • The treatment takes 20 minutes
  • You will feel some needle pricking at the starting injection but quickly the lips should feel numb.
  • The swelling takes 1 -2 days to settle.
  • In some people this swelling is more
  • Plan your lip injections 1-2 weeks prior to special events.
  • There is risk of bruising.
  • It is best not to get this treatment prior to an important event.
  • It is best not to drink alcohol or do strenuous exercise after treatment.
  • There is generally some swelling which can last 1 to 2 days.
  • Some people swell or bruise more easily
  • There is risk it can precipitate coldsores, so our Doctors will prescribe prophylaxsis if this is the case.
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