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Scalp Micropigmentation & Hairline Tattoo Treatment

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Scalp tattoo treatment is a process of replicating tiny hair follicles onto your scalp using tattooing with micro pigments. At SkinRevision scalp micropigmentation is only one of the treatments we offer for hair loss.

Scalp Tattoo or Hair Micropigmentation

The idea of a Scalp tattoo is to place pigment in areas where your current hair is thinning or bald; this creates a cosmetic thickening effect. Used as a hair loss treatment when baldness or thinning is advanced, the hair can be shaved, or in early stages the tiny hair like marks are tattooed into the scalp, creating the illusion that there is an increased density of hair.

Our Cosmetic tattooist Vicky has used micropigmentation for feathering eyebrows, eyeliner and lipstick tattoo for ten years. Specialised tattoo equipment is employed in this precise treatment to apply the ink into hair like images on the scalp.

What Is Involved in Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation takes 3-5 treatment sessions, progressively shadowing balding areas, then filling and blending into your natural hair line.

  • Numbing ointment is applied one hour before treatment
  • Once the scalp is numbed you will feel very little discomfort
  • Each treatment takes 2-3 hours depending on the area requiring scalp micropigmentation
  • Hair Micropigmentation Colour Match

    Vicky uses a mix of inks to colour match to your natural hair. When shaving the hair tattoo looks like stubble of your natural hair, it gives a more youthful appearance.

    Hairline Tattoo

    With the new hairline recession, it may only be necessary to tattoo the hairline back, placing it between remaining hairs to give the appearance of thicker hair without the baldness.

    Who is Suitable For Hair Micropigmentation

    Men and women with androgenic alopecia (pattern baldness) or alopecia areata patchy or totalis. People with alopecia areata also elect to get eyebrow micropigmentation.

    Hair Tattoo To Disguise Scarring Post Hair Transplant Surgery

    Hair tattooing can also be used to disguise (and help improve) scarring post-FUE and FUT surgery as well as hair loss from other forms of scalp scarring.

    Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

    Scalp micropigmentation cost starts from $2000 depending on the area requiring hair tattoo. Book in for a free consultation and accurate quote.

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    Who Is Suitable For Hair Tattoo

    Men and women both elect for hair tattoo or hair micropigmentation. It is used for thinning and receding hairline as well as baldness. Most commonly recommended for male and female pattern hair loss. Once the scalp is bare, and follicles have been destroyed it is not possible to use methods to regrow hair, so hair transplant or hair tattoo to cosmetically enhance the appearance are the only options.

    Hair transplant is possible, but often the results of hair transplant are disappointing and can leave scarring. Surveys suggest 65% of men undergoing hair transplant are not happy with the result.

    Scalp tattoo provides an excellent cosmetic alternative, providing the look of a full head of hair that has been shaved. Results in increased confidence, and more youthful look.

    2. Early hair loss, a hairline tattoo can disguise early thinning, or hair micropigmentation to fill in thin areas to give the appearance of more hair. Hair micropigmentation can also be combined with hair loss treatments. Such as LED light therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy and topical treatments. At SkinRevision our Doctors diagnose and prescribe hair loss treatments.

    3. Alopecia Areata with prolonged or permanent hair loss. Patches of hair loss or extensive areas of balding are restored with scalp micropigmentation.

    How Is The Hairline Tattoo Marked?

    A hairline tattoo is marked to replicate the natural line where your hair started to recede. Vicky performs all treatments over 3 or more sessions, to blend the hairline tattoo, so it blends with your hair.

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    * DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person.