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Non Surgical Body Sculpting

Treatments are recommended according
to your individual needs, shape and goals.

We come in different shapes and sizes and when we gain weight we have pet areas where the fat likes to accumulate. Pet areas also tend to be stubborn areas. Even when you exercise and eat well your pet area sticks around!

Choices For Treating Unwanted Fat

At SkinRevision we have choices for treating your unwanted fat.

VANQUISH is a radiofrequency treatment that heats your fat cells.

• It treats up to 6 times the area of Cool shaping
• 4 treatments are required spaced weekly
• Takes 30- 45 minutes per treatment
• It works better on medium to larger pet areas
•  You can return straight to work down-time

COOLTECH freezes your fat cells.

• Works better on smaller pet areas or stubborn pets
• Takes one hour per treatment area. (love handles right & left = 2 treatment areas)
• Cooltech best if normal or close to normal weight and have isolated pockets of fat.

For Women

Post Pregnancy Tummy Undesirable bulges and loose crepey skin from weight loss Muffin Tops Love handles Tuckshop / bingo wings on arms Saddle bags/bulges on the thighs Wobbly skin on the inner thigh Back rolls Bra fat/bulge

For Men

belly fat love handles man boobs back rolls undesireable bulges from weight loss

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