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Double Chin Treatment Without a Necklift
Chin Fat Cryo-lipolysis & Injections

Double chin treatment is possible without surgery or liposuction. There have been innovative treatments introduced into Brisbane over the last two years. The first was Coolsculpting for the chin, and more recently double chin injections have revolutionised treatment of submental fat deposits.

What causes a double chin?

Double chin is an accumulation of fat beneath the jaw. (Also known as submental fat accumulation). New treatments on the market to target this concern include cryo-lipolysis and injections. We offer a range of treatment methods at SkinRevision, and our team will assess the area and create a personalised treatment plan accordingly.

A double chin can be related to your genes, ageing, hormonal influences or body weight. Reducing weight can lessen the appearance. However, it is often stubborn and difficult to remove. Under chin, fat exaggerates how old you look and can make you look heavier than you are. Submental fat is a concern for men and women. Sometimes a double chin occurs in young people of a healthy weight!

How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

There are surgical and non-surgical approaches to shift submental chin fat. The cost, number of treatments, recovery time as well as how quickly you see a more defined jawline vary.

Cryo-lipolysis For Double Chin

Cryo-lipolysis uses a machine to freeze the area of unwanted fat. One or two treatments are required to reduce under chin fat. Cryo-lipolysis for double chin at SkinRevision costs $590 per treatment. We use the Cooltech as we can deliver the treatment to our clients at a more affordable price than Coolsculpting.

Double Chin Injections

Melt away stubborn chin fat. Innovative new injections introduced to Australia this year. They have been used in America for over 4 years produced under the name of Kybella. We will soon be able to offer double chin injections as an alternative for our clients.

Double chin surgery

This can include liposuction or neck lift surgery. Both can be effective to get rid of chin fat. They are invasive and both have downtime of up to a couple of weeks.

Double Chin Liposuction

Liposuction can be used for isolated chin fat deposits. It is less invasive than neck lift surgery, but it is still a surgical procedure. With bruising, pain and care needing to be taken for weeks after. We can provide referral for liposuction of the chin.


Neck lift surgery will not only remove the double chin, but also tightens sagging neck skin, reduces neck lines and wrinkles. If you have advanced sagging and excessive loose skin combined with double chin surgery would be your best bet for a really dramatic improvement. We can provide referral to excellent Brisbane plastic surgeons for Neck lifts.

All options have their pros and cons and which procedure you decide upon will depend on the results you want to achieve. Our experienced team will be able to let you know if non-surgical double chin treatment is the right way for you to proceed.

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