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Dermal Fillers Enhance Your Natural Appearance.

Free Consultation With Our Doctors & Nurse

Dermal Filler Treatments

For hollowing of cheeks to restore volume that has been lost naturally over time.

Cheek fillers start from 440 with our Nurse or 580 with our Doctors.

Lip enhancement for purely aesthetic reasons, either for people who have small or asymmetrical lips or those who want to enhance their natural features.

Lip fillers from 389 up to 770 for specialty products. 

Unlike lip enhancement this in not necessarily about increasing volume. But restoring lips changes that have occurred over time. Upper lip wrinkles, thinning of lips, loss of lip definition can be treated with dermal fillers.

Lip wrinkle treatment from 389, may require more than one ml

For treating dark circles under the eyes & Under Eye Bags.
Sometimes surgery is required, however many times we can treat your dark circles and under eye bags using dermal fillers to replace volume that has been lost in the under eye area. This results in a decrease in the depth of tear trough and a lessening of the shadow which is causing the dark under eye circle appearance.

Tear trough fillers generally 770 with our Doctors.

Treats receding chin.
Some people have a receding chin that can interfere with the aesthetic balance of the face. This is a concern for women and men.

Chin enhancement from 580. 

In modern cosmetic medicine there are many treatments available to treat these lines. A consultation with out Doctors is recommended as during the free aesthetic consultation they will consider your whole face and be able to devise the best plan for your facial concerns.

Dermal filler prices from 535 with our Nurse or 580 with our Doctors. 


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Volume loss and wrinkles are concerns as we get less young.
Volume loss occurs across 8 distinct areas of the face. You can notice this volume loss by the shadows it creates in the facial area. The deficiency in the area can make you look tired even though you feel fine. It is at these points that treatment with dermal fillers can make a difference.

Free Assessment With Our Team

We offer a free assessment with our Doctors, Nurses & Therapist to discuss your concerns and treatment options.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Generally we prefer to do the free consultation and book you in at a later date for the dermal filler treatment. 

This gives you time to make sure you are happy to proceed. Sometimes people have time constraints

or if you have had fillers before, the Doctor may be happy to proceed with treatment on the day if time allows. 

Let us know at the time of booking if you need extra time allocated. 

This depends on which area you are getting treated. 

For lips and more simple line and fold fillers it can be half an hour. 

For more specialised dermal filler treatments such as the cheeks, chin and tear trough filler allow one hour for treatment. 

Most modern dermal fillers do have local anaesthetic in the filler.  

However depending on the area to be treated and the dermal filler being used, addition topical numbing creams and even injections may be required.

Our Doctors will discuss this with you at the time of consultation. 

How long a dermal filler lasts depends on the product used, which area is being treated and individual factors. 

Thin fillers tend to break down quicker, whereas thicker fillers last longer.  Generally the range would be 6 – 18 months.

If a dermal filler is used in an area of the face where there is alot of movement, the movement breaks the filler down more quickly.

The most important factor can be individual. We cannot say for certain how long a filler will last in you until you try it. 

Dermal Filler Treatment

There is some discomfort but we use anaesthetic technique to minimise this. 

There is always a risk of bruising with dermal fillers. The risk of this depends on where on the face is being treated. 

Your Doctor will explain with each treatment area how likely this is. 

We advise that you do not get dermal fillers before an important event as even with utmost care there is always risk of bruising. 

The amount of swelling depends on which product is used, where on your face and on how prone you are to swelling. 

Some people react with swelling. If this is you talk with your Doctor before treatment. Cooling pads used after treatment can minimise this. 

Some dermal fillers are more prone to swelling, especially in the lips, but most modern dermal fillers have minimal swelling. 

The results of dermal fillers are immediate. There may be some swelling with does settle over a couple of days. 

Some fillers can take a couple of weeks to see the final result, however by the finish of your treatment you will have a good idea of the outcome. 

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