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*Results from treatments vary between individuals.
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Wake up with your makeup on.

We feel more confident with a little bit of lip colour and our eyes and brows defined BUT most of us hate applying it every day. Look great 24/7 with Cosmetic tattooing to eyes, lips and brows. Make up that stay in place.

Cosmetic Tattooing To Enhance Your Natural Features

Cosmetic Tattooing is about feeling more confident to go out without makeup. It tends to look more natural than wearing make up because the pigments are in your skin. Especially with the latest 3d brows which involve creating individual hair strokes.

10 Common reasons for cosmetic tattooing.

1. You want defined, perfectly shaped brows! Yes that simple.
2. Very fair complexion: Eyebrow, eyeliner and lip tattooing all enhance your natural features.
*results vary between individuals
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3. You want a natural ‘no’ makeup look. Modern cosmetic tattooing is very natural enhancement of your features.
4. Old waxing or plucking accidents, that have created gaps in the brows that interfere with your best brow line. .
5. Difficulty applying makeup. As you get less young makeup application can become difficult.
6. You are sensitive to makeup. This is especially common with mascara.
(Eyeliner makeup can define your eyes without the irritation.)
7. Tired of makeup smudging or wearing off.
(Lipstick bleeds, mascara that runs in heat, having to reapply lipstick constantly.)
8. Ageing changes, cosmetic tattooing redefines a more youthful look to eyebrows and lip line.
9. Having an active outdoor lifestyle where keeping your makeup in place is an up hill battle.
10. Hair loss from alopecia, trauma or burns.
(Eyebrow tattooing especially for alopecia can increase confidence.)

*results vary between individuals
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Cosmetic Tattooing For Perfectly Defined, Brows, Lips & Eyes

Our Cosmetic Tattooist Vicky offers a free consultation: In this time she will go through what you want to achieve with your enhancement. Vicky has been tattooing for 8 years and specialises in tattooing for all age groups and all areas but she is passionate about brows.
For young women eyebrow tattooing is about achieving perfectly defined, perfectly shaped brows without having to use powders, gels and pencils. As we get less young well defined brows framing the eyes make us look more youthful. Whatever your brow needs Vicky can help.

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*results vary between individuals

What is the difference between a cosmetic and tradition tattoo?

Besides the obvious that a cosmetic tattoo is a semi permanent enhancement of natural features rather than an artistic statement, the
placement of pigment, the machine and type of pigment used are different.

Cosmetic tattooing involves using natural pigments, placed more superficially to create a softer less permanent enhancement.
Cosmetic tattooing is commonly referred to as permanent makeup, however the pigments fade over time and  reapplication is required to maintain the permanent makeup look. Generally you will find the cosmetic tattoo lasts 2-5 years. By this time most ladies will seek to get it redone.

Vicky will lend her professional opinion on the style, shape and colour to enhance your natural features but the choice is ultimately yours.

Free Consultation For Cosmetic Tattooing

*results vary between individuals
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Price For Cosmetic Tattooing

PERFECTION TREATMENT (6 – 8 weeks after treatment) 100

More Before & Afters – Eyebrow Tattoo, Lip Tattoo, Eyeliner Tattoo –

*Results vary between individuals.

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Dr Jo Turner started Skin Revision in 2006 as the first Cosmetic Clinic in Chermside, North Brisbane. In our 10th year, SkinRevision now has a team of Doctors, Nurses, Therapists and reception staff.

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written on 12 September 2008 -

Hi, could you give me a general idea of the cost involved in eyebrow tatooing..?

written on 12 November 2013 -

I am after a rough idea how much eyebrow tattooing is please?

written on 13 September 2008 -

Hi Tracey the cost for eyebrow tattooing with hair strokes is $400. The initial assessment and consultation are free, so call us and come in to see Victoria, she will go through everything at that time. Jo

written on 14 September 2008 -

I’m also looking for a ballpark figure (in $$) to get eyeliner tattooing done. I’m really tired of my eyeliner running off my face, and being wiped off – especially in the warmer months.

written on 16 September 2008 -

Dear Joanne,

I am just wondering what the general cost of tattooing my full lips in a natural looking colour would be, and how many treatments I would need for this? Thanks!

written on 16 September 2008 -

Hi Lucy, the cost for cosmetic tattooing for Lip liner is $400 and lip blend is: $680 which is where the colour is taken onto the lips to give a more natural look. I am not an expert on cosmetic tattooing it is best to call and talk with Victoria or make a free assessment appointment with her. Jo

written on 20 September 2008 -

Hello Joanne, I had my lip tattooing done in Sydney 5 years ago at a Cosmetic clinic, but now live in Brisbane. (I paid much more for my tattooing then, so I am impressed with your prices which are very reasonable.) I have a question though, can you do a dentist block ( I think this is correct term) for the procedure? I had this done last time, and the procedure was really quite ok, I understand without a block the lip tattooing is quite painful, and even with the block I did feel some of the tattooing so I am really keen to find a clinic where I can have this done. Thankyou Jo

written on 20 September 2008 -

Hi Jo, Yes we do have the facilities to give a dental block when Virginia does the lip tattooing. I got Victoria to tattoo my lips this week, and I of course got a nerve block, initially I felt NOTHING, but towards the end as the block started to wear off a little it started to bite , so Victoria put on some of the numbing gel and she finished the rest of the lip tattoo without a bother. Victoria is fantastic, she came really highly recommended to us, and from her work so far i can see why. She is very reassuring during the procedure and very competent. Call us on 33505447 to book for a free assessment. (great name btw) Jo
The nerve block is administered by a Doctor or Nurse with training: not Victoria, and there is an additional charge for this.

written on 20 September 2008 -

There do not seem to be many places in Brisbane that do cosmetic tattooing and I have wanted to get this done for quite a while, so would be keen to get all of the tattooing done at once.I am interested in eyebrows, lips and upper eye liner. I was wanting to know if I could get a discount if I get all areas done at the same time. Also how long would this take? Thankyou Kelly

written on 20 September 2008 -

Hi Kelly, We are located in Chermside North Brisbane, so it is fairly convenient for all of North Brisbane and further afield. I am sure that Victoria would come up with a package price for you if you got all three areas tattooed on the same day, or paid for all the treatments upfront. It is perfectly ok to get all of the cosmetic tattooing done at once, but I would talk about this with Victoria before hand, she will also be able to tell you how long to expect it will take. Call us on 33505447 to book a free consultation with her. Jo

written on 8 November 2008 -

Dear Joanne,

I had my eyelids tattooed yesterday but unfortunately they couldn’t finish them because I could not stand the pain. I have zero pain threshhold! Now I’m left with 1 eyelid half done and the other untouched. Yes, they used a lot of Emla cream. Is it possible to have this done under anaesthic?


written on 8 November 2008 -

Hi Lauren, You must be quite distressed about this. I had Victoria tattoo my upper eyelids and lips. After the first pass with the eye lid tattooing the pain level drops to negligible as another numbing cream is applied that can penetrate deeper into the tissue. Like you when Victoria did the first pass I thought if this continues I do not think I will be able to handle it, but the second and third pass though not pleasant were not painful. It is not possible to do it under anaesthetic. I do not know who did your eyelids and if you would feel comfortable to go back to them but believe me you actually felt the worst. If you wanted to come and see Victoria she may be able to walk you through the procedure, so at least then you can get your eyelids balanced again. Jo

written on 19 January 2009 -

I had my lip liner tattooed. It was really painful, but during the procedure you get used to the pain and very soon you become thoroughly numb. Dear Lauren, just find some strength in you and try to ignore the pain. Don’t worry!

written on 4 February 2009 -

Hi Rea,
You would need to come in to see Vicky to get a quote on this. The cost for cosmetic tattooing for stretchmarks is highly variable depending on the area involved. However the consultation is free so it will cost you nothing to find out what you are looking at. I am sorry I could not help you more at this point. Call us on 33505447 to book a free consultation at the outset.

regards Jo
Dr Jo Turner

written on 4 February 2009 -

Hi joanne,
All this seems very painfull.. But i was wondering can i get my upper eye lids and bottom eyelids done. and how much would this cost.. also with the stretchmark comment above, can u do this!
thank you

written on 5 February 2009 -

Hi Jade,
What do they pain no gain (smile). I have now had my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips cosmetically tattooed (By Vicky, so I can personally recommend her…she is fantastic). I only had the upper eyeliner done initially and plan next Friday to get my lower eyeliner done because I think it will define my eyes so much more. None of it was pleasant but it has made such an enormous difference to how I look (I have very fair features and you could not see my eyes and lips looked pale and washed out without makeup…and I really hated having to apply it all of the time). Though I am dreading the process again…I am going back because I know how much difference it has made to me. I guess this is what you have to weigh up. I know I really wanted the permanent makeup and I guess you have to weigh this up in your mind. The cost for upper and lower together is around $670.

With stretchmarks, paramedical cosmetic tattooing is used for all types of scars to improve not only the colour of the skin (to make them less noticeable), but also improves the texture. The cost for scar/stretchmark repair depends on the area and is highly variable, the best thing is to book in for a free consult if you are interested in finding out more about this and costs.

Call us on 33505447 to book a free consultation at the outset.

regards Jo
Dr Jo Turner

written on 5 February 2009 -

Hello Joanne,
I had my eyebrows tattooed approx 12yrs ago & have since had two touch ups. The lady that performed this was from Brisbane??? & visited a salon where I lived on the Central Coast in NSW, therefore she did my touch ups. I now live in Hervey Bay & I am wondering if you do touch ups or would I have to pay the full cost please. Thanks


written on 6 February 2009 -

Hi Kay,
The cost for a further touch up is not as exspensive as a full treatment. However how much it costs depends on many factors and Vicky has to assess what needs to be done before she can quote.
The full cost is $440. Vicky only does hairstrokes tattooing (which most tattooists do not offer), and the cost of the touch up depends if there has been colour change to the original tattoo and if this has to be lightened before she can reapply etc. Basically the cost is less but the exact cost depends on the amount of work required. The best thing is to book with Vicky for a consulation (this is free) she will look at your eyebrows and be able to work out an exact quote. Vicky is very particular about eyebrows, which is reassuring.

She works alternate Fridays and Saturdays if this helps. Call us on 33505447 to book a free consultation at the outset.

regards Jo
Dr Jo Turner

written on 2 April 2009 -

Hi Vicki,
Our cosmetic tattooist is away on Maternity leave at present and I am not sure at all what would cause the greenish colour as I do not know why this would have been used as a pigment base. Vicky uses quite natural pinks, nude colours generally, sometimes women go for darker brown bases and maybe there is a green base to these. However it certainly can be fixed and your next door neighbour should have gone back to get it corrected.

I think this highlights why it is important to get a good tattooist who is prepared to follow up on their work and do touch ups or corrections if needed (which Vicky certainly is and does). I think with cosmetic tattooing it is never best to go with the cheapest price but the best tattooist. And yes eyeliner tattooing can be done. After eyebrows eyeliner tattooing is the next most popular.

What I would recommend is to come in for a free assessment consultation with Vicky once she gets back from Maternity leave on the first of May. There is no obligation with the assessment and you can discuss all of this with the expert. Call us on 33505447 if you wish to book an assessment consultation.

regards Jo

written on 7 April 2009 -

I just had a quick question about the lip tattooing. Does the colour ever bleed out, making the outline of the lips look fuzzy and smudged? I’m really interesting in getting this procedure done, but want to know if this has ever occurred.
If you could let me know, that would be great.

written on 8 April 2009 -

Hi Steph,
No the pigmentation stays where it is placed, so in fact it creates a really defined lip line. The best thing if you are interested in the procedure is to come in for a free assessment consultation with our Cosmetic Tattooist Vicky Berrigan, she will explain the whole process and how it works to create a defined lip line. Call us on 33505447 to get an appointment. regards Jo

written on 27 November 2009 -

I had my eyebrows tattooed many years ago and one is starting in a different spot to the other and I need it to be tattooed out back to skin colour do you do this?

written on 3 December 2009 -

Hi Judy, you will have to come and see Vicky, but she does have the skill to repigment skin colour. She does scar repigmentation, treats scarring and performs the full range of paramedical tattooing procedures as well as the straight cosmetic tattooing. Her area of expertise is eyebrow tattooing. The best thing is to come in for a free assessment consultation with Vicky by calling 33505447. regards Jo

written on 4 December 2009 -

How much ballpark to get eyeliner tattooing done? Thanks

written on 9 December 2009 -

Hi Aspen, the cost for single (upper or lower) eyeliner tattooing is around $390 and for both done in session cost is around $680. These are ball park as I do not have the menu of prices in front of me. If you are interested come in for a free assessment consultation by calling 33505447. regards Jo

written on 12 January 2010 -

Hello Dr Joanne,

I am considering having my eyebrows tattooed, however all of the brows I have seen look terribly fake and drawn on. How natural do the hairstrokes look? Do you have any before or after pictures?

Kind regards,

written on 25 April 2010 -

Can someone get the lipliner tattoo after having juvederm a month ago? Will it affect the juvederm impact?

written on 5 May 2010 -

Hi JS, yes you can have lip liner tattooing once the lip filler has stabilised. It has no impact as the filler lip filler is put deeper into the lip and the lip tattooing is placed in the skin surface. The treatments compliment each other beautifully.

regards Jo

written on 26 March 2014 -

Does your business do training or apprenticeships for the art of tattooing

written on 19 May 2014 -

Hi Linda, no currently we do not offer an apprenticeship for the cosmetic tattooing.

written on 25 April 2014 -


I had my lips, eyeliner and eyebrows done at your clinic about 6 years ago and although the line work has not faded that much, I’m interested in getting a touch up. Not sure how much this would cost (probably would leave out the lips for now) and whether you offer a payment plan option? Thanks

written on 19 May 2014 -

Hi Stephanie we have a new cosmetic tattooist now who does very good work in fact over the years the standard of treatment has increased, but you would need to have an appointment with the new tattooist for her to assess what would be required to rejuvenate your cosmetic tattoo. Call us on 33505447 to book with Rebecca Schippani.

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