Skincare For Cystic Acne

Many people seek a more natural approach to settling cystic nodular acne. Skincare alone, will not settle cystic acne. Neither will dietary changes, nor taking supplements nor essential oils. However, there are more natural alternatives to oral vitamin A and antibiotics to treat moderate to severe, cystic acne. A entirely new blue light activated gel – Kleresca acne treatment.

Skincare for Cystic Acne, however, is essential and mostly the same for all grades of acne. Why? Because the underlying cause of acne is the same and the difference with cystic acne is only the severity and depth. No skin care can penetrate deep enough to impact on the cystic nodular components. So the idea is once the cystic acne is settled with Kleresca to provide skin care to prevent inflammation and acne formation.

Overview of Skincare for Cystic Acne

1.Use an exfoliant, and we do not mean a scrub which can be harsh and irritating. We mean the cosmetic acid exfoliants like AHA’s and BHA’s.
2. Use vitamins A, B & C in skin care. The Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory benefits of these three skincare essentials. Vitamin A & C also stimulate collagen to assist in skin repair and help prevent scarring.
3. Use sunscreen to help reduce inflammation and prevent scarring.

Skin care for Cystic Acne: Details

1. Exfoliate – to unblock pore obstruction and to encourage skin cell turnover. BHA is the best exfoliant because it is oil soluble and penetrates into the pore to help exfoliate at the site of obstruction. Combinations with AHA especially lactic acid can be useful. Avoid physical scrubs as they can be too harsh.

2. Vitamin A, B & C are core ingredients to help clear and prevent acne.

Vitamin A can come in the form of over the counter retinol or prescription retinoids. They have been shown to decrease cell turnover, helping unblock the obstructed oil glands, to reduce inflammation and may help normalise cellular activity. Prescription vitamin A remains the essential ingredient in skincare for cystic acne. It has the added benefit of assisting healthy collagen growth in repairing the injury from nodular acne, helping reduce acne scarring.

Vitamin B in the form of niacinamide has anti-inflammatory properties that make it useful for all skin types but especially for helping settle inflamed acne.

Vitamin C has antioxidant; anti-inflammatory properties so helps settle acne. Like Vitamin A it has the added benefit of assisting new collagen formation and repair to reduce acne scarring.

The critical thing with skincare for cystic acne is the active ingredients that have been shown to benefit. So seeking out skincare that has the correct percentage, is affordable. We offer some in the clinic. For very detailed information on skin that is prone to acne and the best skincare choices, Dr Lesley Bauman provides in-depth skin typing and ingredients according to your skin type.

A Few Skincare tips for Cystic Acne

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can help fight cystic acne by applying a drop or two to affected areas. It is well tolerated on the skin and not only helps reduce P. Acnes bacteria but may also be anti-inflammatory.

Avoid Excess Sun Exposure

Although small doses of the sun may have beneficial effects of killing P. Acne, sun exposure creates free radicals and inflammation in the skin. Sun exposure can worsen post-inflammatory pigmentation and acne scarring. Use a sunscreen containing Zinc daily as well as hats and avoid the harsh direct sun in peak sun periods.

2. Ice It

As a temporary measure, which painful cysts are bugging you, apply ice cubes directly for several seconds to help reduce inflammation. The cooling effects of ice can provide welcome, temporary symptomatic relief.

Summary of a More Natural approach To Cystic Acne

Skin care for cystic acne alone, will not settle this painful condition. If you want a more natural approach to settling moderate to severe and cystic acne, there is a bright shining light in Kleresca. A new acne treatment approach using biophotonics (fancy word for fluorescent pulsating light treatment)

Kleresca was recently introduced to Australia as a medical device with impressive results in helping settle all acne, but especially more severe acne of cystic nodular type. With this new treatment, it may be possible to treat up to 90% of acne without antibiotics and oral vitamin A.,

It requires a course of 12 treatments At $200 per treatment or $2000 for a package of 12. We do provide payment plan options to assist you in affordably obtaining the therapy.

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Can Reducing Inflammation Clear Your Pimples?

Pimple treatment has traditionally used antibiotics in higher doses and for long periods in an attempt to kill skin bacteria. However, the role of inflammation underlying acne and the importance of settling this in treating and preventing acne is a new field of study. A new biophotonic gel, Kleresca, activated by light, works to reduce skin inflammation and is emerging as a promising alternative to traditional antibiotic and oral vitamin A.

Acne is the most common skin condition which causes significant distress both during the active phases and after pimples settle with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.

Acne lesions form when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. This is a perfect environment for overgrowth of bacteria, with Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) being the most common pimple-causing bacteria. It was once believed that pimples and cystic acne were a direct result of inflammation from bacterial infections.

Inflammation Causes Pimples.

Inflammation is the central cause of pimples and cystic acne. And this inflammation is seen in the skin even before a pimple develops. Clogged pores develop inflammation as the sebum is rich in enzymes called matrix metalloproteinases (MMP’s) The bacterial infection then adds further inflammation to form a pimple.

Genetic factors, hormones, stress and high glycemic load foods such as sugar and processed (white) carbs bring on zits because they increase oil production and skin cell turnover and leads to sebum-rich blockage in the pores and an environment for P. acnes to blossom.

Treating inflammation not only helps acne settle but can also help prevent it from developing. It is, in fact, the anti-inflammatory effects of certain antibiotics and not its anti-bacterial effects that are of most benefit in settling acne and preventing acne scarring. Some common antibiotics inhibit the overactivity of the matrix metalloproteinases. So pimple treatment needs to focus on settling inflammation.

The Role of MMP’S Pimple Formation and Inflammation?

Matrix metalloproteinases are enzymes that keep the skin healthy by breaking down old and dying skin structures and building new ones. But when they are overactive they cause damage to the oil gland and cellular matrix (collagen-hyaluronic acid-elastin) with the formation of cystic acne and subsequent acne scarring.

As well as the antibiotics, vitamin A (retinoids) may also act by inhibiting the MMP’s.

Will Acne Settle If The Inflammation is Calmed?

Being able to settle the inflammation will settle the acne and help prevent it.
So what is wrong with the current medical approach? It is not addressing the principal cause – the inflammation. Both conventional higher dose, prolonged antibiotics and retinoids have side effects. Oral retinoids may increase the risk of autoimmune diseases, and antibiotics disrupted gut health and contributed to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Perhaps it is time to rethink pimple treatment.

Kleresca – A New Pimple Treatment.

An alternative pimple treatment without antibiotics or oral retinoids is Kleresca.
Kleresca acne treatment decreases inflammation, normalise cellular activity and address P Acne infection. Kleresca is an entirely new light-based treatment for acne. It is called a biophotonic treatment. Unlike old light-based treatments for acne (which addressed bacteria with blue light, and inflammation with red light therapy), Kleresca involves the application of gel to the acne affected area. The gel, when activated by light, turning the light into a pulsating fluorescent light, that not only kills the bacteria but penetrates deeper into the dermis to reduce inflammation, normalise cell activity and stimulate healthy skin rejuvenation. (reducing acne scar formation.)

It is a more natural alternative for treatment of cystic acne and moderates to severe acne. And because it helps stimulate new collagen and skin rejuvenation it is not only a acne treatment, it also treats acne scarring.



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Double Chin Treatment With Cryo-Lipolysis

Double Chin is an accumlation of fat beneath the jaw. (Also known as submental fat accumlation). New treatments on the market to treat this concern include cryo-lipolysis and injections.

1. Cryo-lipolysis For Double Chin.

Cryo-lipolysis uses a machine to freeze the area of unwanted fat.
One or sometimes two treatments are required to reduce under chin fat.
Cryo-lipolysis for double chin at SkinRevision costs 630 per treatment.

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2. Injection Into The Double Chin.

A new injection called Kybella is designed to treat submental fat. This is not available in Australia currently.

  • The area double chin area is injected directly
  • Two to three treatments may be required

What Causes a Double Chin?

  • Most common contributing factors are aging or genetics.
  • Weight gain and hormone imbalances both contribute to double chin.

Who Is Suitable For Treatment With Cryo-lipolysis

If you are bothered by fat under the chin, you may be suitable for treatment. If you have concerns with submental fat:

  • It makes you look older or heavier
  • You don’t want to have surgery
  • You eat well and exercise, but submental fullness persists

What To Expect When Treating The Chin

  • A cold gel covered cloth is placed over the double chin.
  • The small hand piece is placed under the chin and vacuum is applied.
  • You will feel tightness and cold as the vacuum sucks the submental fat
  • This disappears some minutes after the treatment is initiated.

How Does Cryo-lipolysis Work?

Cryo-lipolysis is a treatment that freezes unwanted fat.

Is The Treatment Painful?

There is some discomfort during and after the treatment.

  • You can return to work immediately.

After the treatment, there can be redness, bruising tenderness or pain, funny sensations to the skin such as pins and needles.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

As well as the chin, abdomen, hips, thighs, abductors, flanks, knees, arms and buttocks can be treated.

How many treatments will I need?
1-3 sessions in the same area every 6-8 weeks. When you have your free assessment the Doctor/ Nurse will be able to tell you how many treatments are required.

How Long Is The Treatment?

It is recommended to proceed during 70 minutes for each treatment.

When Will The Results Be Visible?

This varies with individuals but we recommend 3 months to assess the outcome.
We recommend drinking plenty of water minimum 2 litres

Maintaining Results

We recommend following a healthy low sugar/ carb diet and normal exercising to maintain results.

Who Would Not Be Suitable

Contra-indications to treatment include:

  • Recent surgery to the area.
  • Current infection.
  • Medical condition I the neck area.
  • You have trouble swallowing.
  • Bleeding disorder.
  • You react to cold.
  • You are pregnant or breast feeding.

Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny.


You Inherit Your Predisposition To Health.

Each of us is made up of around 24000 genes which you inherited from parents.
You cannot change your genes.

You Can Change Your Gene Expression

You can turn genes on and off. (up-regulate and down-regulate)

An example of this in nature is bees. All bees have identical genetic material, but their environment & nutrition determine which genes are expressed. The queen bee in a hive becomes the queen because she is fed royal jelly. But all bees have roles workers, drones, nurses etc. It is the environment which determines which of their genes are expressed and who they become.

Human Genes Are Affected By Environment

Simarly with humans changing the environment you and your genes live in. Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes and nutrigenomic treatments can change genetic potential, gene expression or provide cofactors to help your cell health.

SkinRevision is transforming into a wellness centre. From mid July we will be offering gene testing to help you develop your wellness potential.

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However it turned out we only have around 24,000 genes. This is a few more than a chimpanzee or a mouse, but nothing spectacular. Even more surprisingly, scientists discovered that large parts of our genome is made up of DNA that doesn’t code for genes.

#epigenetics #nutrigenomics #wellness #genes #genetictesting

Neck Wrinkles and Necklace Lines, Treatments That Help

Neck wrinkles & lines develop over time from exposure to sun and muscle movement.
The treatment for neck wrinkles and lines depends on the type.

Types Of Neck Wrinkles & Lines.

1. Criss cross & crepey neck wrinkles.

As we get less young the texture of the skin on the neck becomes more crepey or loose. This can be exacerbated by sun damage.

Crepey Neck Wrinkle Treatment

  • Vitamin A creams and antioxidants
  • Resurfacing with eMatrix
  • Fractional laser may also have a place.
  • 2. Neck circular lines or necklace lines

    So called because they look like necklaces. They can occur in younger people. They are caused by movement so can be treated with wrinkle relaxing treatments. Neck line treatment can involve combinations of treatments.

    Necklace Line Treatment

  • Wrinkle relaxing treatments help smooth necklace lines.
  • [caption id="attachment_9038" align="alignright" width="438"] *after eMatrix

    results are individual.[/caption]

  • eMatrix- fractionated rf uses radiofrequency for neck line treatment.
  • Vitamin A Creams & Antioxidants improve overall neck skin texture.
  • 3. Cords that stand out on the neck.

    As some people get less young they notice vertical bands that stand out on their neck. These are called platysmal bands and once again are caused by muscle movement and loss of fat. These develop naturally over time.

  • Best Treated with wrinkle relaxing treatments, called Nefertiti lift.
  • Neck line treatment with wrinkle relaxing treatments does improve the vertical line appearance as well as giving a lift around the jawline area.

    Remember Sun Protection To Prevent Neck Lines

    When considering neck wrinkle treatment always remember preventing further damage is important. The skin on the neck and decolletage often gets more sun than your face. Women often wear makeup or remember to put sunscreen on their face but neglect these two areas. The skin on the neck is also thinner than the face and more susceptible. Wear sunscreen daily on your decolletage and neck to prevent neck lines. You can also extend your vitamin A, exfoliants and other anti-aging active ingredients onto your neck, dec and even hands.

    Some things that do not work on neck wrinkles & lines.

  • IPL & Laser do not help with neck wrinkles & lines. These are good for skin pigmentation or redness.
  • Microdermabrasion & /Peels similarly do not help with neck lines.
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    Look Younger & Live Longer

    Danish research has uncovered a remarkable fact in a study comparing twins. If you ‘look younger’ you ‘live longer’.

    The Reason For This?

    The study does not come up with any conclusions on this and it could be like what came first ‘the chicken or the egg?’

    Happy, confident people live longer.

    wrinkles in mirror

    People With Stressful Unhealthy Lives Age Faster

    On the other hand people who have stressful, hard, unhealthy lives age faster. For example smoking is an unhealthy life choice that adds years to your face by creating free radicals, decreasing oxygen in your blood leading to more wrinkles. It also means you are more likely to die younger.

    Stress also takes a large toll on aging, stress causes chronic inflammation in our skin and bodies. This not only makes us look older but can lead to disease.

    5 Foods To Avoid For Younger Skin

    5 foods that age your skin : So eat in moderation

    Sugar causes wrinkles

  • Red meat
  • Unfermented dairy product
  • Greasy & Processed foods
  • Foods made with white flour
  • Sugar
  • Stay Away From White Foods

    Avoid white bread, pasta, rice, and other refined grain products? They’re quickly broken down into the ultimate white food: SUGAR. This not only causes weight gain, it also ages your face.

    How Does Sugar Cause Wrinkles?

    Once in the bloodstream, sugar binds with proteins and creates advanced glycation end products (aptly abbreviated AGEs), which cause collagen to become inflamed and stiff, leading to wrinkles.

    Focus Your Diet On Whole Foods

    Focus your diet instead on protein & vegetables. Simple unprocessed whole foods will not only help keep unwanted fat away, you will also have less wrinkles.

    Acne Scar Treatment

    By SkinRevision | Published: June 23, 2014
    Acne scar treatment can involve a number of different approaches including fractional resurfacing, lasers, radiofrequency, dermal fillers and Dermapen.

    We prefer new EMatrix radiofrequency because the treatments are well tolerated with minimal downtime. The EMatrix works by stimulating your skins own healing process to lay down new collagen to repair areas of scarring. (Though most people refer to it as a laser, it is in fact radiofrequency which is a newer technology)

    The core of our work at SkinRevision is NON SURGICAL skin treatments, fractional skin resurfacing, acne scar treatment, skin tightening and pigmentation treatments. We offer an obligation free consultation with our experienced Cosmetic Doctors and Nurses for you to discover which treatments will help with your concerns.

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    Radiofrequency Treats Both Acne And Acne Scarring
    Ematrix radiofrequency (RF) is the newest technology for acne scar treatment which will also help settle residual acne. The treatment is painless and the results are progressive. Generally you will need 4-6 treatments spaced every 4 weeks

    Early Intervention Gives Superior Results
    Treating acne scarring early gives superior scar remodelling.
    The radiofrequency is gentler than laser and relies on heating the deeper dermal layers of skin
    Because the EMatrix is fractional is spares the surface skin meaning there is minimal downtime and fast healing.
    Radiofrequency is one of the safest methods to treat acne scars and can be used on all skin types including Asian and Darker skins
    What To Expect From Ematrix Radiofrequency
    There will be skin redness for a couple of hours after treatment.
    The next day you will notice a fine brown grid like reaction on your skin which disappears after about 5 days
    Improvement in the acne scars becomes noticeable after 4- 6 weeks
    We will take photographs so you can assess your progress
    Purchase Your Treatments In Two’s
    At SkinRevision we understand everyone has budgets so we sell the treatments in two’s. You can purchase two treatments for $770. You pay the first treatment and the second is free. That way if you need 4 or 6 treatments you just pay as you go along.

    Free Assessment With Our Team.

    SkinRevision: Your Confident Choice
    Your skin is in good hands at SkinRevision. We offer you a free assessment with our experienced Cosmetic Doctors and Nurses for you to discover your treatment options.

    You gain access to our expert knowledge without any obligation so you can be confident in the quality of your care

    Dermapen Skin Needling

    Skin Needling With Dermapen.

    Dermapen is a skin needling treatment for acne scarring and facial rejuvenation.

    The original skin needling was with dermal rollers. Dermapen gives a more accurate dermal penetration.
    It is best for treating early mild to moderate acne scars. eMatrix or fractional laser resurfacing are alternatives for treating acne scarring.

    Dermapen Skin Needling Quick Facts.

  • Needling works by breaking down acne scar and stimulating new collagen to fill under scarred areas.
  • Dermapen skin needling is non-laser fractional resurfacing
  • Skin needling can be used in all skin types (light to dark)
  • No referral is required, you can book in for a free assessment.
  • Skin needling works by remodelling collagen under the acne scars
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    How Does Dermapen Skin Needling Improve Acne Scars?

    Skin needling was first introduced to cosmetic medicine over 10 years ago. The original dermal rollers provided the first non-laser treatment for acne scars.
    The Dermapen evolved from these, providing precise penetration to the dermis up to 2.5mm.

  • Skin needling works by creating multiple pin point wounds into the skin.
  • The surface seals and heals quickly.
  • The healing then happens under the skin.
  • The needling helps break down acne scar
  • Growth factors are released that cause new collagen to be laid down.
  • Dermapen Vs Laser For Acne Scars.

    Lasers can achieve superior results with acne scarring and a better treatment for old and severe scarring.
    The advantages of dermapen skin needling are:
    • Less downtime
    • Costs much less from 330 per session.
    • Can be used on all skin types.

    What Can Be Treated With Dermapen?

    Dermapen skin needling is most commonly used for acne scars however it can also be used in treatment of:
    • Skin texture concerns, fine lines& wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun damaged skin
    • Stretch marks
    • Chicken pox scars
    • Any body or face scar.

    How Does Dermapen Skin Needling Reduce Acne Scarring?

  • To remodel any scar you need:
  • Firstly to break down the areas of scar collagen and
    Secondly to stimulate new collagen to repair the areas under the scars.
    Skin needling achieves this by physically breaking down the scar, causing release of growth factors which stimulates new collagen production.

    What To Expect After Dermapen Skin Needling.

    • There will be redness and swelling that generally last 1-2 days after treatment. Some people with more sensitive skin or with a tendency to swelling this can last longer.
    • Bruising is rare but occasionally does occur and can take up to 7 days to subside.
    • 3-5 days after the treatment there can be flaking or peeling of the skin, depending on the depth of needling.

    The surface of your skin seals and heals really quickly, after about a week your skin is pretty much back to normal. Under the skin the process of collagen remodelling starts. This peaks at 12 weeks.

    How Much Improvement Can I Expect With Skin Needling?

  • The results of skin needling are progressive over several treatments.
  • Generally 3- 6 treatments are recommended in a package, spaced 6 weeks apart.
  • The number of treatments depends on your response to treatments.
  • The results are individual and can depend on factors such as your general skin health as well as your intake of fresh fruit & vegetables. Taking Vitamin C & Zinc before treatment can improve results.

    What can you do to improve the outcome?

  • Start on prescription Vitamin A cream at least 2 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Eat healthy diet with fresh fruit & vegetables.
  • Consider taking Vitamin c & Zinc while you are receiving treatment.
  • What Are The Side Effects Of Dermapen Skin Needling?

    Side effects from skin needling are rare but can include:

  • Infection. If you have history of cold sores we ask you to take prophylaxis beforehand.
  • Bruising is rare, this can be lessened by taking arnica before if you have a tendency to bruising, or use of Hirudoid cream once the skin has healed. (after 5 days)
  • Prolonged/delayed swelling is very rare. Swelling can be treated with anti-histamine.
  • Depigmentation or hyperpigmentation is also very rare, but can occur.
  • If there are unexpected outcomes after treatment it is important to call us.

    How Much Does Dermapen Skin Needling Cost?

    Dermapen small area – both cheeks costs 240
    Dermapen Skin Needling large areas costs 330

    Dermapen Skin Needling vs eMatrix radiofrequency.

    Dermapen skin needling is a treatment that stimulates your skins natural healing to reduce acne scars. In our practice we now mainly use
    eMatrix a sublative radiofrequency for treatment of acne scars. This costs the same as dermapen treatment.

    eMatrix uses radiofrequency to target the dermal layer under acne scarring. This results in more collagen repair.

    Cost Of eMatrix vs Dermapen Skin Needling?

    eMatrix costs $330 per treatment. Generally 4 treatments are all that is required. (Some people do require more). The overall cost of eMatrix is about the same as Dermapen Skin Needling. However the results are faster and less treatments are generally required.

    Is Dermapen Skin Needling Or eMatrix Acne Scar Treatment Best For You?

    We offer you a free assessment with our experienced Cosmetic Doctors,  Nurses & Dermal Therapists. We will assess you skin and be able to discuss your treatment options.

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    PRP Facial Brisbane , Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment or Vampire Facial

    Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, (PRP facial or ‘Vampire Facial’) stimulates collagen to improve the texture and tone of your skin. PRP is an ideal natural skin rejuvenation treatment. It is safe to use on all areas of the face including the eyes and lips.

    PRP therapy treats acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, ageing skin concerns, hair loss and stretch marks. Though called a facial, PRP addresses all body areas including neck, décolletage, hands, arms, etc.

    PRP known as the ‘Vampire Facial’ after Kim Kardashian first got the treatment and posted it on social media. The treatment has increased in popularity amongst women and men who want to prevent ageing and improve skin concerns such as scarring.

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    Who Has PRP Therapy?

    Platelet Rich Plasma Rejuvenation appeals to clients who seek a more natural approach to skin rejuvenation. Even younger women and men can receive the treatment. Used to treat acne scarring it also is a preventative measure against facial ageing.

    PRP treatment is safe, using your blood which is centrifuged to produce a platelet-rich plasma. The platelets are naturally rich in growth factors, essential ingredients to switch your fibroblasts on to produce new collagen. This plasma is then re-injected back into your skin.

    What Does PRP Facial Treat?

    By the time we are 20, we are losing 1% of our skin’s collagen per year. This slow loss of collagen contributes to facial ageing. PRP therapy is a natural method to replenish your skin collagen stores. Platelet Rich Plasma helps prevent or reverse wrinkles and lines as well as other skin texture concerns.

    PRP injections are used to rejuvenate your skin texture and tone using your own body’s cells. PRP treatment is employed in areas where the appearance of the skin has deteriorated notably sagging, sun-damaged or thinning skin. Platelet Rich Plasma rejuvenation is often used in combination with prescription vitamin A to kick start your skin’s vital repair ability.

    Platelet Rich Plasma In Non-Cosmetic Medicine.

    Treatment of burns, wound healing and treatment of osteoarthritis.

    It requires a series of treatments spaced monthly to achieve maximum results.

    What Areas Are Treated With PRP Injections?

    PRP treats all facial including around the eye. Chest and décolletage, which are traditionally difficult to treat, neck, hands and arms.

    PRP Treatment For Hair Loss

    Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of PRP treatment for hair loss. A course of 4 treatments over 4-8 weeks has been shown to not only stop the progression of hair loss, but also increase thickness of hair and reactive dormant hair follicles.

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    * DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person.