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SkinRevision Cosmetic Clinic
For Skin Rejuvenation and Body Sculpting

Why Choose Us?

Our Doctors have provided natural looking rejuvenation to our clients (young and less young) for over ten years. We provide a quality, friendly service with  an obligation FREE assessment before you make any decisions. Our team of experienced doctors, nurses and therapists help you understand how to prevent skin ageing, or to sculpt away unwanted fat with the latest fat freezing technology Cooltech.

SkinRevision, a dedicated cosmetic medicine clinic, has been providing skin rejuvenation and body sculpting treatments to Brisbane for over ten years. We offer treatments to look vital at any age. We treat young women, less young women and men. Our speciality is non-surgical rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation – The action or process of making someone or something look or feel better, younger, or more vital. English Oxford Living Dictionaries.

Personalised Skin Rejuvenation

We believe you should take your facial rejuvenation personally. Everyone is unique; your Genes determine how equipped your skin is to fight the signs of ageing and free radicals, how your skin responds to inflammation & (stress) plus many more drivers of your skin cell health. SkinRevision have partnered with FitGenes Australia to develop a SkinDna profile report which decodes your unique skin profile and provides personalised interventions for skin care, lifestyle, supplements and treatments.

Personalised Skin Wellness

It is the most revolutionary breakthrough in skin rejuvenation science in decades. You discover your intrinsic skin strengths (and weaknesses).

Couple this with our team’s industry knowledge to identify and apply skin rejuvenation treatments your skin is in good hands at SkinRevision. We work with you to determine the right treatment and personalise your skin health interventions.

Our custom treatment plans range from medical treatments and in-clinic facials right through to a fully personalised Skin DNA profile reports. Resulting in a rejuvenation of your skin you never thought possible. SkinRevision takes facial rejuvenation to the frontiers of wellness.

Smooth wrinkles and recreate youthful volume.

Our core work at SkinRevision is cosmetic injectables. Addressing wrinkles, sagging skin and volume loss with the emphasis on providing natural looking results. Whether you want to smooth some eye wrinkles or a full cosmetic rejuvenation, our Doctors offer all things non-surgical, including non-surgical eye lift, non-surgical facelift and non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Cosmetic Skin Rejuvenation Clinic.

We provide a range of skin rejuvenation treatments including PRP (Vampire Facial), radiofrequency resurfacing, skin tightening, IPL photorejuvenation, microdermabrasion and peels.

We aim to provide solutions to the things that bother you.

  • Pigmentation, age spots and freckles.
  • Redness, rosy cheeks and broken capillaries.
  • Acne, congestion and hormonal breakouts.
  • Acne scars and scarring.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Open or enlarged pore and blackheads.
  • Finelines & wrinkles.
  • Double chin.
  • Sagging skin, droopy eyelids and under eye bags.
  • & so much more.

    Body Sculpting in Brisbane

    It’s often hard to get stubborn pockets of fat to budge, with a little extra help needed to get the smooth, toned look you desire. At SkinRevision, we provide a range of body sculpting treatments to help tighten, tone and sculpt your body.

    Fat Freezing & Body Sculpting with Vanquish

    SkinRevision offers fat freezing with Cooltech or heating with Vanquish radio frequency. We chose the Cooltech over Coolsculpting as we can provide it to our clients at a more affordable price. Cooltech from $395 per area.

    Our body sculpting treatments can be used to tackle tummy, love handles, inner and outer thigh issues (in fact most body areas including the chin). We offer a free consultation with our team, to start a journey to a more sculpted you.

    HCG Weight Loss Diet

    We have recently expanded out body services to include the medical weight loss, HCG diet. Dr Shadi Khalili consults and prescribes the HCG. The HCG Diet is a rapid weight loss diet, for ladies and men who are struggling with a bit more weight to lose.

    Dr Elsa Delport

    Dr Shadi Khalili

    Dr Victoria Timchik

    Laura Clancy RN

    Victoria Berrigan, Therapist & Cosmetic Tattooist

    Dr Jo Turner


    Welcome to SkinRevision

    SkinRevision was founded in 2006. We are focused on providing excellent service in a friendly environment. We offer a range of face and body treatments to help you look your best at any age. Our team of experienced doctors, nurses and therapists help you understand how best to invest in the preventive science of skin ageing, or to sculpt away unwanted fat with the latest fat freezing technology Cooltech. 



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